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Hot Weather In January

I find the weather confusing these days. Last week, we had 2 days of really cold weather and now, it is like we are preparing for the coming of summer. We are only pushing to the second week of January and the previous years proved that the same time as now were cold.

I don’t see any reason why we should use warm clothing because the weather is not cold. We did not have any winter I suppose. All those winter clothes showcased in the boutiques and the faux-furs sold in the malls will be quite futile unless you are travelling to Europe or the US where it is cold.

I think there was even a mild sandstorm early today. That can only mean one thing, summer is around the corner. Could these weather changes be the sign of global warming?

Getting Ready for Spring Exercises

Winter has officially ended here last week. We are using the air conditioner unit again. Although the weather is bearable, it gets a bit hot midday and towards the afternoon. Anyway, spring is here and I am gearing myself to some worthy activities to do in the park while the weather is still accommodating.

The nearby park offers free yoga sessions in the evening. All I need to bring is my yoga mat because they don’t provide yoga blankets there. That is okay since the session is free so I can’t ask for more.

I tried to observe the yoga session last year. The session was intermediate but I was not sure then if I could bend like they do. Now I am more confident. Weight-wise, I still have not lost a significant amount but my tolerance level has improved immensely as I still do my regular walk at the park.

I want to welcome Spring with a positive note. I kind of slacked few weeks ago during winter because my mom and mom-in-law were here for a visit. They kept cooking nice stuff so how could you resist that? It would be a shame to miss their home-cooked meals. They are back home so I am back to my regular routine and this time, I’ll kick it up a notch!

Waiting for Winter

Cold season here in the UAE pale in comparison to the winter season in other countries. Although we also enjoy the more pleasant and chilly temperature of winter, the temperature does not go very low. We are lucky if it dips to 12 degrees Celcius. The temperature on most days during winter is between 14 or 15 degrees Celcius to 22 to 26 degrees Celsius at its peak during the day.

Even if the winter season here is not as cold as I want it to be, many establishments install infrared heaters around their area because it still gets a bit chilly at night. The heavy winter clothing is not really required but a beanie and a scarf are worn because of the wind chill and to avoid catching colds and flu.

Many people enjoy this season because it is a comforting break from the extreme heat that we all experience for several months. Winter is just around the bend. The day is shorter now and soon, summer will bid the Middle Easterners good bye as we prepare the coming of autumn and winter.

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