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Clean Shave And Summer Cut For Your Dogs

The weather in the Middle East during summer months can be unforgiving especially to our four legged pals. It becomes hot, humid and very sticky so imagine the condition of your furry pals when summer comes. Their furs will mat or become clumpy, their paws can get burned from the heat of the sidewalk and sand or the weather can pose other health risks just like the humans’ reaction to the extreme weather.

I want to spare my pooch from the intense heat outside and overheating so I consulted a professional pet groomer whether to have her coat shaved. I trust their professional opinion and have sent my little dog for a shave-down.

Not all shave-downs are great for dogs depending on the breed, type of coat and lifestyle. Since my Millie normally stays indoors and we walk her in a covered parking lot, it is okay for her to have her coat shaved. I also want her coat to grow back again without the stain from her urine, food and tears around the eyes area. She is a Bichon so I want her coat to be like that of a Bichon, white with a small patch of peach fuzz.

See the before and after of my Millie. She looks very different but at least she won’t be feeling very hot due to the extreme temperature here.

(Photo borrowed from my other blog)

So, if you are considering to have your pets shaved for the hot summer months, consider the factors I have mentioned above and speak to your vet or professional groomer if this is advisable.

Hello Summer

The long summer months have finally arrived in the UAE. We are starting to feel the heat again. I am not too keen about this year’s summer because of the weird weather system we have had – the extended winter in other parts of the world, the delayed spring, the extreme heat in Asia in April/May and many more. I can only imagine what it will be like this summer here in the Middle East.

Well, we can’t beat nature. I guess I’ll just have to enjoy what summer brings. At least, the plus factor this summer is that, I can easily sweat and probably use that to my weight loss advantage!

Now that summer has arrived, I may have to take out my costa del mar, sunblock lotion, hat and light long sleeves for cover. We may be in for a very hot and humid summer months. Bring it on!

Hot Weather In January

I find the weather confusing these days. Last week, we had 2 days of really cold weather and now, it is like we are preparing for the coming of summer. We are only pushing to the second week of January and the previous years proved that the same time as now were cold.

I don’t see any reason why we should use warm clothing because the weather is not cold. We did not have any winter I suppose. All those winter clothes showcased in the boutiques and the faux-furs sold in the malls will be quite futile unless you are travelling to Europe or the US where it is cold.

I think there was even a mild sandstorm early today. That can only mean one thing, summer is around the corner. Could these weather changes be the sign of global warming?

Rains And Wet Sand

Ah, welcome cold season! We just love the rain and a day of rain here in sunny Dubai is a respite form the long, humid and hot summer months.

Plenty of Dubaians will be planning on how to spend the long weekend because of the public holiday this Sunday. The government will have longer weekend as they have another extra day off from work on Monday. Practically, it’s still going to be a long weekend for most of us.

The weather is getting cooler and soon it will be cold. Since it rained half of the day today, ┬áthose planned for a picnic in the park or beach or even go dune bashing with their quad bikes and Dirt Bike helmets, the sand will still be wet for some time and it’s not fun sitting on a wet grass too!

People will still look forward to enjoy the long weekend and soon, the sand and grass will dry and everyone will enjoy their leisure time in this kind of weather.

Flood in Metro Manila

There is no typhoon at the moment in the Philippines but only summer monsoon rains have the rains have been pounding Metro Manila for few days now. I have watched the news coverage of my fellowmen wading on neck-deep flood waters to get to higher grounds. Plenty of people have been evacuated by the national government but the rains didn’t stop last night.

It was the same fear I had when Ondoy struck 3 years ago. People are saying that during Ondoy, the rain stopped but this time there was no typhoon. It was just continuous rain. The dams around and on nearby provinces are already reaching the critical level where the dams will have to open gates and release water. So if that happens, the city will become more flooded.

You cannot really compete with Mother Nature.

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