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Pink and Shabby Chich Christmas Tree Decoration Theme

I am so fascinated with pink, be it pastel pink, light pink, fuchsia pink, hot Barbie pink – anything PINK! That’s why they call me Barbie because I just love pink. So, I am so inspired and really psyched to do a pink Christmas theme next year. I have already started purchasing and collecting pink ornaments for next year’s pink Christmas tree decor theme. I will also buy pink Christmas decors after the holidays so I can get them on sale which I will use for next year.

It’s never too early to buy for next year’s Christmas decor. As a matter of fact, it will save you big time to buy decors few days or after Christmas because they will be on mega sale. And that’s exactly what I will do.

I gathered fabulous pink themed Christmas tree decors from the internet and amongst all the photos I have collected, below are the ones that really tickle me “pink,” pun intended. (Credits to all photos’ owners.)


I imagine our 2015 Christmas tree to be more of a shabby-chic, Victorian inspired one so I will need plenty of these materials if I want to save money and make my own ornaments.

Vintage-Inspired Bathrooms

A bathroom is one of the regularly used place in every home. It is fitting to have a bathroom that a homeowner likes and there are many to choose from.

Bathroom designs and themes vary from modern to classic to rustic to vintage. Some people prefer the antiquated look of yesteryears incorporated in their house designs. The vintage look gives you that warm feeling of the olden times with tones of rose pink, brass and iron-cast fixtures, and ecru or pristine white colored tubs.

If you are in the process of building your dream home and prefers vintage designs, you can take inspiration from these.



Photo credit: bhg.com

Photo credit: bhg.com


Farmhouse Powder Room by Westport Interior Designers & Decorators Olga Adler
Traditional Bathroom by San Francisco Photographers Ed Ritger Photography
Traditional Bathroom by Portland Interior Designers & Decorators Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc.
Traditional Bathroom by San Francisco Architects & Designers Gast Architects
Photo credit: bathrooms-near.co.uk

Photo credit: bathrooms-near.co.uk


Photo credit: yahoo images

Photo credit: yahoo imagesĀ 


Traditional Bathroom by Mill Valley Architects & Designers Mahoney Architects & Interiors



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