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Super Busy Holidays

Hello everyone! My days have been very hectic since the day I arrived in the Philippines. It’s very odd that I had migraine for the last 3 days since I arrived and was practically asleep most of the time. I took advantage of the days that followed when I got better to visit family and meet up with friends. Unfortunately, time is not in my favor so I can’t meet all my relatives and friends. I just get tired easily and the traffic is terrible. Also, people are everywhere in the mall. It’s like half of Metro Manila are in the malls around Metro Manila! Of course, I’m just exaggerating but you get my point.

Well, I think my holiday will be one hectic vacation. I’m just glad that at least, I had time to visit my relatives in Bulacan even for a short while. I hope they enjoyed my visit too.

So, until next vacation break. I hope when that happens, I’m more healthy and don’t have bouts with migraine every time I have to go out. It’s just a bummer. Why can’t I be as healthy as other healthy people? Anyway, c’est la vie.

Lines and connections will be crazy few hours before the New Year’s celebration. So let me take this opportunity to greet everyone a Prosperous New Year!


God bless and may the ushering of the New Year bring so much joy, peace and love to all.

Back From Tokyo

 photo Imperialtokyo1.png

We just got back from Tokyo, Japan yesterday morning and I still feel like I am in Japan. We all loved the place. We are already thinking of our 2nd trip to Japan and hopefully, by early next year when the weather is still cool and breezy.

We enjoyed this short but fun-filled vacation. We haven’t been to places lately except for New York so the trip to Tokyo is refreshing and exciting.

My daughter really had fun. We got tired walking around though, but that’s normal. I even lost 1.5 kgs from continuous walking from morning until evening. Now I don’t wonder why the Japanese are slender people. They are always on the go and they don’t mind walking long stretches to get to the train station. Aside from the rigorous walking stints, the food is amazing. I find the food bland which is what I prefer and their green tea is nice.

 photo e367ab5b-fb87-4c4a-96ae-3a7f82b1f029.png

 photo tokyodisney1.png

I said I will not shop but I ended up buying so many cute or kawaii stuff for my daughter and myself. Even the hubby joined the wagon by purchasing a Voltes V action figure for his collection.

I don’t even want to know how much I have spent on this trip. You don’t put a price tag on family time and fun!

Summer Fun Activities For The Kids

It is already summer in this part of the world. The days are longer and the nights are shorter so this will give us more reason to engage the young ones in healthy, safe and fun activities this summer.

As parents, our primary concern is the safety and at the same time, enjoyment of our litte ones so we try to make the most of what we can afford in summer camp to ensure our kids are getting enough fun and play time with the program they have been enrolled in. While enrolling them in summer camp ensures the endless fun activities the kids will be engaged in, there are also other affordable ways to let our kids have fun without breaking the budget.

Here are super fun things to do at home, at the nearby park or beach resort or community for your kids. Of course, adult supervision will still be required to ensure their safety.

Take them to the public or community library and introduce them to the old fashioned way of reading books. Let’s tap those budding bookworms to embrace continuous learning and feeding their young minds with good ideas from great books like Dr. Seuss’ collection or The Berenstain Bears which has stories with good moral and promoted respect and love for family.

Enroll them to an arts, dance, music or even acting class in the nearby community college. You will be surprised to find out what your little one can actually do in front of a camera, a musical instrument or even on a stage.

Let them run around the park with friends and enjoy their youth.

If they are old enough to care for another creature, take them to a pet store and allow them to pet some animals. You can also visit your nearby petting zoo, if you have one that can let your kid hold or pet small and cuddle animals. This will help your kid develop a sense of compassion to other life forms aside from him/herself and to be responsible in taking care of another creature.

Teach them how to ride a bike, skates or roller blades.

Give them simple tasks to do at home like watering the plants, cleaning the pets’ food and water bowls, sweeping the floor, cleaning their room and keeping their bed.

Take them to the nearby beach area and let them build sand castles and even learn to fly a kite there.

Take them to the museum, art gallery or exhibits to introduce them to History, Arts and Culture.

Ask them to help out in the kitchen when cooking or baking. That will teach them how to be good cooks and bakers and even promote the sense of being responsible.

Let them bird-watch and write down notes about the birds they have seen.

Allow them to take pictures of nature, friends, skyline, and pets. This may tap their inner eye for beauty.

Teach them gardening, stitching, handicrafts and more.

Teach them a new language.

Let them watch their favorite movies and cartoons over and over. That is so much fun!


There are so much more to do and I am sure, the kids will never run out of ideas when it comes to having fun and making the most of the long summer months. Enjoy the time with you will spend with them because it is precious. Have fun!

Walking Around Manhattan

We’ve been to Manhattan several times already but it still has that charm and appeal every time we visit. This time, my mom-in-law is with us so it was nice visiting Times Square with her as she was not able to visit Manhattan thoroughly the first time she visited New York City around 7 years ago.

Walking around in the cold NY spring weather is really a challenge. I keep taking tab of my mom-in-law who is still strong and mighty for a 74-year old woman. She can keep up the pace like any young adults but we need to take into consideration that it is really difficult to walk around the cold, biting and even freezing weather.

Tomorrow, I hope the weather will be accommodating as we plan to visit the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. We are looking forward to see the beautiful plants and blooms of spring.

Spring Break Vacation

We will be travelling to NYC this end of March for our spring break. I am still excited like a giddy goat because I love NYC. It’s one of my favorite cities in the world. Aside from that, my daughter has not seen the cherry blossoms in bloom yet so it will be nice to take her to Brooklyn Botanical Garden or in Central Park to see the beautiful flowers. Also, my mom-in-law will be coming with us so we will be taking her around Manhattan.

What is exciting about this spring break is our side trip to Niagara Falls (US side). We will be staying there for 2 nights to enjoy the scenery and nearby outlet malls. So, our itinerary is quite tight and I will need more SD cards for pictures and some spare batteries for the camera. I will buy aaa rechargeable batteries here before we leave so I don’t miss out taking picture of the beautiful flowers and nature in spring time. I also hope the weather disturbance in East Coast clears up soon or else, I am not sure if the flowers will even be in bloom by the time we get there.

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