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Spring Break Vacation

We will be travelling to NYC this end of March for our spring break. I am still excited like a giddy goat because I love NYC. It’s one of my favorite cities in the world. Aside from that, my daughter has not seen the cherry blossoms in bloom yet so it will be nice to take her to Brooklyn Botanical Garden or in Central Park to see the beautiful flowers. Also, my mom-in-law will be coming with us so we will be taking her around Manhattan.

What is exciting about this spring break is our side trip to Niagara Falls (US side). We will be staying there for 2 nights to enjoy the scenery and nearby outlet malls. So, our itinerary is quite tight and I will need more SD cards for pictures and some spare batteries for the camera. I will buy aaa rechargeable batteries here before we leave so I don’t miss out taking picture of the beautiful flowers and nature in spring time. I also hope the weather disturbance in East Coast clears up soon or else, I am not sure if the flowers will even be in bloom by the time we get there.

Fun In Provo

The hot weather is slightly easing in Utah. It is not as hot and humid anymore so family can enjoy some fun in Provo. There are plenty of activities for the whole family to do in Provo Beach Resort.

The activities in Provo Beach varies from swimming, indoor flowrider, ropes course, carnival games, arcade, bowling, golf simulators and private celebrations. This entertainment-filled centre is a great place for family fun and family friendly activities from the attractions to the facilities. And another great thing about this place is that, you can all enjoy the fun whole year round.

Places like Provo Beach Resort will be a great addition to any community because of the wide array of exciting things to do for the whole family. It is a good venue for young people as well to keep fit while having a good time. Local government and communities must support this kind of attraction to engage people in worthy activities and promote solidarity, wholesome fun, good health and wellbeing.

Busted International Roaming Plan

My husband and I had so much fun in the beautiful New York City. The weather was inviting, the hotel location was superb, the food was great and the shopping experience was remarkable. A great trip indeed! But, I did not enjoy my mobile phone at all. Before I left Dubai, I loaded it with enough money to last for a week while there. I am so upset that I didn’t get to use it for few hours. My money load was over few hours when we arrived in NYC. How did that happen?

Our friend bought a phone there in Best Buys which you can use while in the country. I should have just done that. There are so many good offers on call plans. I think the residents are even enjoying the plenty of options they have in the communication field. There’s AT and T, vonage world, there ┬áis Verizon and more. How can I have missed those great deals while visiting the US?

Now that I know this, I will certainly buy a phone I can use while roaming the country. I kept borrowing my husband’s phone to check back home because he had a better communication and data plan than I have.

Back Home

The New York trip was amazing. We’ve been there before but it seems like it’s always new to me. I just love the place. It’s the kind of place I want to frequently visit because of the weather, scenery, accessibility and cost. It’s not as expensive as what most people say and think. Of course, you can always stay in a 2 or 3 star hotel and check promo deals in the internet just like we did. We were just fortunate enough of land a good deal in the internet for a 5-star hotel in midtown Manhattan.

I can’t wait to be back. I just feel that there are more to explore in NYC. I love NYC!!!

Travel Perks

It is such a wonderful privilege to be an airline staff of one of the prestigious airline companies in the world. Both my husband and I are working in the biggest airline company in the world. We enjoy the travel perks that go with the territory of being airline employees.

We try to enjoy these blessings every opportunity we have and when the budget allows. We have these numerous tickets to use so it is really a great opportunity for us to travel the world and see places we have only seen in magazines and pictures before.

One of the travel perks we enjoy is the travel itself. We are a family of travelers. We enjoy the outdoors and seeing new places and experiencing culture is one way of learning and grasping everything we see. We love searching the web for potential places to see for our annual family trip. We’re thinking of Florida next.

We have visited some states in the US but not Florida yet. We’re just waiting for the right time because more US routes will be added to our companies network and if the Chicago route opens, we can hop on the next flight there and take an internal connection which will save us money. We need to consider the entry point in Florida as well. My friend lives near Miami so we can stay there and shuttle to other nice places to see in Florida. We can visit or use other entry point like in Fort Lauderdale and shuttle from fort lauderdale airport to port of miami. I have checked several sites regarding the transfers and so far, the Expressshuttlemiami.com offers shared and private transfers. We don’t mind sharing as long as we get to save. We just want to reach our destination without worrying about the transfers. Another thing I like about the site is that it will adjust according to your travel reservation. This is very important to us because we always use staff tickets and we are the least priority to get on board. Sometimes we even get bumped off or have flight delays. And when we get bumped off, we can always rebook our ticket on the next flight to Florida or within the Florida area and the system gets updated and picked up the company. We don’t have to worry about losing our transfers.

It will be nice to stay in one of the beautiful beach hotels in Miami since my husband and daughter love the beach area. We want to experience the Miami seaside hospitality since we have heard nice things about Miami. My friend will be thrilled to have us there and I am sure we will have fun in beautiful Florida. It is certainly in our places to see next.

It goes without saying that traveling is one of the most enjoyable perks we have as airline staff. I may have not become a flight attendant or a doctor but my dream to travel the world has come true. I think I won’t exchange that for any career out there.

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