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Missing the U.S.

I just realized lately that we didn’t have our annual family trip last year. I went home in the Philippines for a short vacation and that was it. We didn’t go anywhere.

It is an annual event in my family to travel every year once or twice and explore new countries and experience new culture. I don’t know what happened but I got very busy with work. My daughter’s class had become more demanding. I have plenty of leave left but I didn’t go anywhere at all.

Come to think of it, my husband has traveled several times already in the US and back in the Philippines while I was here in Dubai. He also experienced Thanksgiving in the US. My daughter and I have been dreaming of a Thanksgiving in the US but was unable to go. My husband also went on the Black Friday sale and his cousin brought some coupons.  Now that it’s 2012, I hope I will be able to travel back to the US and experience all the sales and other holidays we don’t have here in Dubai. I also hope my husband’s cousin can get some 2012 sears coupons for us to enjoy and use. Who doesn’t love a sale?

I miss the US. I like to spend longer vacation there next time. I still have plenty of places to see, family and friends to visit and outlet malls to go to! I may squeeze few days for a US trip this April after our Tokyo trip. I hope I get my vacation leave dates approved in my new department as well. US, here I come!

Relaxing Time

I can’t stop talking about our trip back home this month. I’m just overflowing with glee! I am looking forward to have a real good time. On top of that, I am also welcoming the thought of a nice spa session inclusive of massage and the works. My friend recommended some massage therapy program online sites to check. Some of the sites give discounts when booking online. I have not checked the sites yet but will certainly do as soon as I finalize my budget.

My Bags Are Packed

I can’t get over my excitement! Our luggages are packed and tickets are ready. My daughter and I are nor flying to Manila until 17 June but I am making final check on what we must bring home. We do this trip annually but the previous vacations were filled with family problems back home so I wasn’t that keen to go home. This time is a different tune. I am not minding the problems back home. I want to have fun, relax and enjoy the company of the people who really matter to me.

I want it to be 17 June now. I just want to see my mom and have a nice chat with my family and friends. Aside from seeing my immediate family, I’ll be having a mini-reunion with my best buddies back in high school and in my previous office. I’ll be taking plenty of photos on the occasion!

Few more sleep and I’ll be seeing my family again. Yey!  :clap:

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