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Not Just About the Price: Tips for Picking the Right Family Hotel

When you next go on a family weekend break or a longer vacation, one of the most important things to keep in mind is choosing the right hotel.

But choosing a hotel can be a lot harder than it seems. With so much choice and so many considerations, how should you decide? Here are some tips to help you look beyond the price and find the right hotel for your needs.


The Right Location

Perhaps the most important factor to consider when you first start looking at hotels is the location. When you go on vacation with the kids, you want to know that you will be staying nearby to all the main attractions.

For example, say you are planning a big trip to South Africa and you’ll be staying in Johannesburg. You want to make sure your hotel is close to the main attractions rather than being miles away, so somewhere like the Marriott Johannesburg Melrose Arch might be suitable.

That way, the journey from the airport will be easier, and you can save time and money every day traveling to see the attractions. Traveling with kids can be challenging, so anything you can do to reduce travel times will help, and a well-located hotel can play a big role in this.


Amenities that Make It Good for Kids

Once you know the area you want to stay in, the next thing is to make sure your chosen hotel will be suitable for families. Some hotels cater more for businesspeople, while some cater for all types of travelers, and you will want to make sure you find one where you will be made to feel welcome.

It doesn’t need to have a kids’ club (though it can be great if it does), but it should at least have some amenities like a good swimming pool, WiFi access, room service, and a breakfast service to make your stay more comfortable.


Good Dining Options

Keeping kids happy means keeping them well fed. While you will probably head out to try the local restaurants, a hotel with a good restaurant can make it a lot easier to feed your family whenever you need to.

For example, after you get back from a day of sightseeing, you might just want to grab something to eat rather than head out again, so this is always a good option.


Types of Rooms on Offer

When choosing your hotel, you should also check the types of rooms that the hotel provides. If you want everyone to stay in the same room, check that this is possible before booking.

If your kids want their own room and they are old enough, make sure you can find two suitable rooms next to each other.


Comfort and Cleanliness

Finally, whatever other amenities your hotel provides, make sure you always choose one that is clean and comfortable. You can often tell from the hotel website and by reading reviews. Also, find a hotel where the staff is kind and helpful because this will help to make your stay more enjoyable.


Find Your Perfect Hotel

Get your family vacation off to the right start by choosing the ideal hotel for your stay. Choosing the right hotel can help to make the experience more enjoyable for everyone, so spend some time researching your options and make sure you find the right one for you.


Finding the Right Artwork for Your Home

Home is where the heart is, but, that doesn’t always mean that we put enough effort into making our house feel like home. This is especially true if you’ve just moved into a new space and have yet to find anything that will help to tie all of your décor together. While it’s completely possible to live in a home or apartment without bare walls, artwork can help to liven up any space and to tie in each element in the room. But, finding the right artwork for your home can be a daunting task.

But, there are a few things to think of when you’re trying to find the right art to help decorate the walls in your home.

Look at art.


Source: www.artssz.net

It may be easier to just pick up anything from the store and call it a day, but you may not be happy with it a day, week, or month down the line. You should take some time in researching what artwork is available in your area or online for you to purchase. If you still aren’t sure about what to purchase, think about which styles seem to speak to you the most so you have a direction to move in when you’re ready to buy.

Pick the size.

Make sure you’re selecting sizes that are appropriate for the space. You want to make sure you are giving your art some room to breathe, ensure that you have some breaks between the art you hang and the color on your walls. You can create some visual interest by selecting a few paintings that tie into one another through theme and color and hanging them together in a staggered on the wall.

Consider color.




Make sure you’re really thinking about the colors in the painting especially if you already have your other décor picked out. Pick artwork that harmonizes with your color pallet well, try not to go overboard with the color pallet as it can create a confusing or chaotic look in the room.

If you’re going to decorate around a painting, try to envision the accessories you can use to pull everything together from the painting. Pick one or two main colors from the painting as your accent colors for the room.

Keep it level.



If you haven’t hung art before, you will quickly learn just how easy it is to make the frame askew when you didn’t mean to. This is especially true if the frame has more than a single hanger on the back. If you don’t have a level, you may want to invest in a laser level, or, you can scan in the back of the frame on your scanner and print out a true-to-size template that you can use to hang the artwork with a traditional level.


Some things to keep in mind when you’re searching for the perfect art for your home are:


  1. Keep an open mind and look at as many art styles as possible to see which suits your personal tastes.
  2. Keep your art framed or well cleaned to preserve the integrity of your room’s focal point.
  3. Choose high resolution images.
  4. Try to pull only a couple of colors from the painting to use as accent colors. Too many can create confusion or a sloppy appearance.
  5. Consider your wall color before purchasing art.
  6. Use the art to brighten up any space and use it in tandem with family photographs.
  7. Keep a theme throughout the house or split up between rooms.
  8. Art can create a mood for the space. Different color pallets will create different moods.
  9. Try to keep artwork light and airy in small spaces to open up the room.
  10. Dark colors may make the room appear to be smaller.
  11. Pick appropriate subject matter to your own personal tastes.




About the Author


Hi I’m Riley – Wife, Mother & Fashion Trend Blogger at RebelsMarket. I enjoy writing about lifestyle, art and travel adventures. When not writing you can find me working on my fruit garden or walking my dog at wee hours of the night.

7 Tips for Traveling With Children

Every new mom could use some tips when it comes to traveling with their kids. As a new mother, it’s not easy to travel with a baby or small child, but it’s often unavoidable. With the right preparation and tools, it can be much less challenging for both mommy and baby.

1. Understand the immense benefits to traveling with your children. You’ll explore places you’ve already been, but this time through the eyes of your child. You’ll be able to enjoy a slower pace, which means you’ll really be able to take in the surroundings.

2. Ask about deals for little ones, on both flights and at Barcelona hotels. Most airlines won’t charge you for a flight if your child is under two years old, for example.

3. Try to book your trip during a normal nap time or bed time. This way, your child will already be sleepy and they may stay asleep during most of the flight. Overnight flights are best if the flight time is long.

4. Reserve seats that are near either the wings or the engine. The white noise will help soothe your child into sleep. Plus, it’ll block out other noise from the other passengers.

5. Try to bottle feed during the take-off and landing. The sucking motion will help your child to ward off air pressure on their ears. If they’re not ready to eat, give them a pacifier to get them to make that sucking motion.

6. Pack plenty of snacks, blankets and familiar toys. Sometimes, kids need a lot of distractions during flights. Bring along whatever’s necessary to keep them happy and busy.

7. If your child seems to like traveling and takes to it well, continue traveling throughout their childhood. They’ll become more and more accustomed to the regular trips, which will make traveling easier overall.

Don’t let your trip get ruined with avoidable frustrations. Take the hard-won advice from moms who have been there and make the most of your first family vacation.

Back From Tokyo

 photo Imperialtokyo1.png

We just got back from Tokyo, Japan yesterday morning and I still feel like I am in Japan. We all loved the place. We are already thinking of our 2nd trip to Japan and hopefully, by early next year when the weather is still cool and breezy.

We enjoyed this short but fun-filled vacation. We haven’t been to places lately except for New York so the trip to Tokyo is refreshing and exciting.

My daughter really had fun. We got tired walking around though, but that’s normal. I even lost 1.5 kgs from continuous walking from morning until evening. Now I don’t wonder why the Japanese are slender people. They are always on the go and they don’t mind walking long stretches to get to the train station. Aside from the rigorous walking stints, the food is amazing. I find the food bland which is what I prefer and their green tea is nice.

 photo e367ab5b-fb87-4c4a-96ae-3a7f82b1f029.png

 photo tokyodisney1.png

I said I will not shop but I ended up buying so many cute or kawaii stuff for my daughter and myself. Even the hubby joined the wagon by purchasing a Voltes V action figure for his collection.

I don’t even want to know how much I have spent on this trip. You don’t put a price tag on family time and fun!

Hidden Hills Getaway Giveaway By Riatravelbug.com

Welcome to Palawan’s Hidden Hills Getaway Giveaway which is hosted by The Travel Bug and in cooperation with What’s Up  |  Henry’s Mom Blogs  |  My Own Travels  |  Sporadic Thoughts  |  It’s My Party  |  Home Is Where The Heart Is  |  Red Lips and Pinky Toes  |  The Bunny’s Review  |  Boracay Resorts Bookings

You can do this when you win in this amazing getaway sponsored by the generous owner of Hidden Hills Exclusive Villa.

Hidden Hills is your exotic vacation home in the Philippines, situated in Puerto Princesa, Palawan. The exclusive villa is a lovely rustic chalet which sits on top of the hill with an additional loft built downhill to accommodate additional guests.

The whole villa is a masterpiece and truly a place to enjoy a quiet time, to de-stress and marvel at Mother Nature’s best! To get more info about the property and view the gallery, please visit: http://www.flipkey.com/puerto-princesa-villa-rentals/p132853/

The Prize:

1 winner will be chosen to avail the 2 nights/3 days free accommodation. The prize is for 2 persons in one accommodation.

Prize includes:

  • Accommodations : Exclusive use of the entire property
  • Welcome Drinks
  • Welcome Pack / Fruit Basket
  • Daily Freshly Picked Flowers From the Garden FREE
  • Unlimited Coffee or Tea&nbsp
  • Mineral Drinking Water
  • Eat-All-U-Can Fruits & Veggies in season whatever grows in the farm FREE!!!
  • Cutleries & beddings / towels/ flip-flops / rain boots / beach mats provided for use
  • ONE BOTTLE OF WINE (Seasonal Welcome Compliments)
  • Cleaning services (daily)
  • Cooking Assistance
NOT INCLUDED: Transport. The winner will shoulder his/her plane/boat/land fare and visa for a foreigner winner must be the sole responsibility of the winner.

Important notes:

  • The dates chosen by the winner will have to be discussed with the owner of the Hidden Hills for the availability.
  • The prize is NOT convertible to cash and is valid for a year upon winning
  • The winner is responsible for his/her plane/boat fare, if applicable. Visa formalities, if required, will be the sole responsibility of the winner.
This will run from 15 January to 15 February 2013 (12:00 a.m. Dubai, UAE local time or +4 GMT and close at 11:59 p.m.), and a single winner will be chosen via rafflecopter.com after all the entries have been verified.
This giveaway is open WORLD WIDE.

Join now and next thing you know, you may just find yourself relaxing in Hidden Hills!


a Rafflecopter giveaway



Home Is Where The Heart Is blog did not receive any payment from the sponsor to host this event.
The prize will be awarded by the owner of Hidden Hills as soon as the entries are verified.

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