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Treat Your Beloved Pup to Something Above and Beyond a Cage

Modern fans of having their own puppies and adult dogs often suffer from trying to decide what the best option is for having them go to the potty at various times and in different scenarios. 

photo not mine

photo not mine

Sometimes it’s so cold out during winter that it is challenging to brave the great outdoors. Additionally, you might simply want an alternative to taking your puppy outside for the times your are working besides having them simply go on paper you’ve laid down in their cage. 

With options you will find when you shop ModernPuppies.com, and companies like theirs, is a way for your pet to roam freely, without caging, throughout the day without having any potty related accidents. These types of devices allow your dog to have the same comfort of having his or her own place to relieve themselves, just like cats have their litter boxes and humans have toilets. 

The beauty of such programs is that they also offer potty training options for puppies, so you aren’t left completely on your own to do the training blindly, especially with a completely new type of product. In a one-bedroom and one-bathroom style apartment, these cages really do act more as a home within your home for your sweet puppy, giving him or her a sense of belonging and personal space that no other type of unit is likely to provide. 

Once your puppy is happy, trained and satisfied with their new little corner of the world, you will find a new sense of satisfaction at how your pet fits within your family.

Pet Friendly Lodging and Accommodation

Dogs should not be left home alone when their owners go away for a short trip that may last several days. There are special facilities that are dedicated towards providing accommodations for dogs of all sizes, ages, characters and breeds. Pet hotels essentially provide a five start treatment with an array of amenities and esential services. For instance, dogs that stay in pet inns are fed multiple times a day with the highest quality dry and wet food. Additionally, treats are given throughout the day. Of course, a bowl of fresh filtered water is always available for dogs to drink in a pet inn.

Lodging for dogs also includes some play time and outside walks. An experienced and friendly staff is in charge of taking out each dog for multiple walks per day. Additionally, special beds and dens are provided for dogs to sleep in. Each canine guest is given its own space that may vary in size. For example, large dogs may be assigned to dens that measure more than 6 x 6 x 6 feet in dimensions. Small dogs may be placed in kennels that are spacious enough for moving around inside.

Young puppies are also more than welcome to stay at dog inns. In fact, dog training is also offered at pet friendly hotels. The staff can teach puppies obedience and other tricks that owners can appreciate. Security deposits are usually required on all dogs that are left overnight at canine friendly inns full of convenient amenities.

Obedient Dog

I wish I can say that to Millie, my 9 year-old adopted Bichon Frise dog. She’s just the most diva-ish dog I have ever had. I got her from a British family who left Dubai to settle back in their home country. They felt really bad about the idea of leaving Millie in a kennel for fear that no one would adopt the cutie fur ball and she would end up being put to sleep. And I was the lucky new mum of Millie for replying on a friend’s forwarded email about her being put to adoption. The rest is history!

Millie had been house trained already by the previous owner. She knows exactly where to do her business as long as there is a rag on the specific place I want her to relieve herself. Normally, it’s in our master bath and I could not complain.

There are just times that I wish I can still teach her some basic tricks or that when I tell her to stop barking she would or even fetch for me. Yes, she doesn’t fetch. She picks up what you throw especially if it is a treat but runs away with the loot. Sneaky little white cotton ball! She’s actually smart. If you actually tell her to go inside the room, she would quietly go inside our master bedroom and sit in her doggie bad. Aside from that, Im afraid that’s the only order she follows from us.

Then I saw this cute video about an obedient Golden Retriever dog named Jackson. His owner, Steve M. leaves him outside a supermarket with a sign saying “Dad told me to wait. -Me waiting.” Dog like Jackson is a dream dog! He just sits there patiently waiting for his master who is just hiding to test Jackson.

I think if we were in a villa, Millie would have been obedient too and follow my orders because I would have enough room to train her. Training school here is very steep and I cannot afford them. So, I will just settle with Millie being her diva self. I love her just the same even if she’s not like Jackson, the very obedient Golden Retriever dog.

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