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In-Ground Pool

A swimming pool in your backyard is a great addition to your house. It can spike your house’s property value and on a homeowner’s point of view, it can bring endless fun and entertainment to you and your family.

I have been considering constructing a small in ground pool in our property. My daughter loves to swim and having one in the backyard will save the whole family from traveling miles and miles to reach a decent resort. Also, a pool will keep the household quite busy. We can have pool parties, invite families and friends over during summer to relieve the scorching heat and even just relax while sipping our favorite summer drinks.

The only set back I can think of is the cost of building and maintaining a pool. Imagine the amount of water that we will need to fill the pool, chlorine, inground pool pump, cover, net, and gate. I know the cost outweighs the long term benefits of having one but I have to consider the budget we will allocate for the construction of our dream home. If there is enough left to go around then I may consider a small pool, enough to fit in our backyard.

Cold and Warm December

This is quite a cold and warm December. Last year was not that cold but manageable. This December is rather weird. It’s cold during dusk to the wee hours of the morning but just okay during the day. We’re having a tough time deciding what to do because of the weather. One moment the wind is biting your face and the next day it’s a bit warm. Now that the kids are off from school and the whole family are here, we want to make sure they enjoy their stay.

My husband and I are actually thinking of booking hotel suites over the weekend to enjoy the ushering of 2012. We want to watch the fireworks in Burj Khalifa too up close but the kids want to swim. I am checking hotels and some are still available; albeit in a much high price. I also hope if ever we end up booking rooms, the hotel amenities like the pool area has rheem pool heater. The kids want to have fun and so are the adults. I am just happy to see them happy. I also hope we find a good hotel or else we will end up having picnic in the park waiting for the fireworks in downtown Dubai.

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