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Iced Green Tea for Summer


I am tired drinking the same old iced tea available in the market. I even brew my own tea and put freshly squeezed lemon juice and mint leaves on the cool drink. I then remembered that there is a healthier option to drink something refreshing this summer – Ice Cold Green Tea! And why not?

It’s very easy. I just buy those commercial green tea and use at least 3 or 4 bags. I boil water and pour it on a heat-resistant pitcher then put all the tea bags in. I then mix them up until the water turns darker shade and remove the tea bags. Save them for later if you want to make another batch of this refreshing and healthy drink. I don’t put sugar on my tea so it’s more healthy. I add mint leaves for extra taste and skip on the lemon juice. I put ice cubes or shaved ice to make this green tea drink very refreshing. Try it!


Cool Activities For The Family This Summer


The mercury is rising. School is over and It’s hard to be cooped indoors for a long time. Don’t you just hate it when you’re stuck at home and not doing anything aside from eating and sleeping? Not that they are bad to do but it’s healthier to do something fun while your on summer break, right?

Stay cool with your family this summer with these fun and “cool” activities you can do with everyone.  These fun activities not only get you moving and going but it won’t break the bank as well. It is perfect for everybody at home to engage in these fun and cool activities for summer.

  • Play board games
  • Sing along
  • Walk the dog
  • Do arts and crafts
  • Learn to bake
  • Learn to sew
  • Ride the bicycle with your family
  • Read books
  • Learn a new language
  • Start painting
  • Re-arrange your room
  • Paint the fence
  • Camp at your backyard at night with the whole family
  • Volunteer at your nearest pet rescue
  • Volunteer at the home for the elders
  • Solve puzzles
  • Get fit


And yes, there are more activities that you can do with the whole family, and even with your friends this summer. The break from school must not be boring. Fill it with activities and learning escapades that will enhance your skills, bring knowledge, build good values, and foster quality time with the whole family. Happy summer!



Inspiration Board For A Florida Room Theme


Decorating a room has gone from simply putting stuff here and there, painting your walls with bright colours that depict sunny days, or refurbishing old rickety furniture to give way to new ones. Decorating has become better and more inspirational especially for simple homeowners like myself who does not have any flair in interior designing. The many ideas you can pick in the web is enough to create an inspiration board for my Florida Room. But hey, what is a Florida Room anyway? Does it mean I have to be in Florida to actually have a Florida Room? Well, to put it simply, a Florida Room is an inspiration to get ideas from if you want to have a bright, sunny, and pretty colourful rooms. It is a tribute to the sand, sea, and the wind of sunny Florida. And if you like the summer fruits and tropical look of a perpetual sunny place, then you can go for the vibrant but still bright motifs of summer for your Florida Room inspiration.

A Florida Room inspired design will be filled with plenty of natural light coming through the windows, bluish hues around, nautical elements for added beach feel, and a whole lot of white splash or light coloured tones to set the mood.

Having a Florida Room especially if you live in a wintry place where it’s mostly grey and mood-altering, is a quick perk-me-up motivator. It pays to update your decoration or even do a make-over you can afford within your means to install a Florida Room in your abode. It can be a room, a patio, your backyard or all three! Put summer and the beach feel into your home with these ideas. So, are you ready for your Florida Room update?



The usual tones will be somewhere nautical related. If you will ask me, I will be more than happy to throw splashes of other bright colours depicting summer like the warm hues of yellow, orange and even pink for some tropical fling. This depends on what you want to establish with the decor. If you feel like sticking with the sea breeze motif rather than the fruity, summery feel, be my guest!



I am a great believer in DIY stuff. I usually make my own decoration. Since I am not from Florida but I am still exposed to the many sand around me here in the Middle East, I can create a semblance of the see with simple shells, sand, and a glass container to bring the sea into my home.

You can also create decors by combining some of your kids’ toys such as boats and create a collection in one corner for that nautical feel.

How about filling up a big glass jar with various shaped shells you’ve picked up from your last beach escapade?

Are you good in painting? Try some DIY paintings to show your love for the beach and summer.



Attaining that summery feel in your home may require you to get your furniture updated. However, I want you to stick to a tight budget so there is no need to replace those old furniture that you have. You simply update them if you like with throw pillow and blankets like the photos shown below.


I hope you get inspiration for your next project at home. If you feel like permanently living in sunny Florida, you can always check out the many listings available from Douglas Elliman, a well-established real estate company in the US. They have some beautiful Florida properties on the market that are drool-worthy!

(Photo credits: pinterest, due credit given to respective photos’ owners)

2 Cool Summer Birthday Party Decor and Favors Ideas For Everyone

It is summer! It is hot! But that doesn’t stop us from celebrating special milestones in our life, including our family and friends. The weather may cause us to sweat and all but let’s not let it spoil the fun for everyone.

It may be tempting to celebrate using the winter themes for such a hot summer day but it’s still fun to enjoy the season by entertaining our guests with fun and super cool summer themed birthday party decors for everyone to enjoy.

Here are some ideas on how to decorate your summer themed birthday party. You can choose to go Hawaiian or choose a more edible and thirst-quenching theme using summer fruits. Nevertheless, whatever you choose for your summer celebration, let  your summer birthday theme decors speak of the fun and coolness your guests are about to enjoy!

Hawaiian or Beach Party

Any Hawaiian or Beach birthday party themed celebration will include lots of pineapple, leis, tropical fruits and flowers with lots of Hawaiian printed get-ups. So, expect this theme to be super colourful and bold in prints.

These items are perfect giveaways to your summer beach party goers. Let them soak in the summer celebration and still look cool in your Hawaiian or Beach birthday theme for the summer. You can check party favors from Beau-coup too.

Personalized Beach Sunglasses

Personalized Sunglasses

There’s nothing worse than forgetting sunglasses on a sunny beach day. It can ruin your volleyball game, make laying in the sun a challenge and your eyes may hurt after a while. That’s why giving everyone a pair of personalized sunglasses is an amazing way to welcome them to your event.

Don’t forget to hand out your cool summer giveaways in this custom cotton tote bags. Guests will enjoy their summer loots including this tote bag and will never forget this one birthday during their summer!

Custom Cotton Tote Bags

Personalized Cotton Tote Bag

Need a way to help everyone transport their sand covered beach supplies from their clean ones? Maybe you want them to have a tote to carry their things in from your wedding and while they enjoy the beach. These customizable cotton tote bags are the perfect party supply for beach goers and can be used again and again once they get home.

Decorate your Hawaiian theme with these:




(Photos from Pinterest and credit to the respective owners)


Pool Party

What better way to celebrate a summer birthday than with lots of splish-splash and a dip in the cool pool with your family and friends? This pool themed birthday party is so easy to achieve especially if you already have a swimming pool. If none, don’t fret, you can always use a nearby resort or your country club’s swimming pool for a fee to rent for few hours.

Your pool party won’t be complete without these cute and totally rad floats! Don’t let the kids out of your sight though!

Giant Flip Flop Float

Jumbo Flip Flop Pool Float

Don’t let this summer be a “flop”. This giant sandal will turn heads and stop people in their tracks with how cool it is.
Giant Ice Cream Sandwich Pool Float

Gigantic Ice Cream Sandwich Pool Float

Of course, dress up your pool birthday party theme with these decors and favours!





(Photos from Pinterest and credit to the respective owners)


Fabulous Summer Party Supplies From Birthday Express


Summer party themes at Birthday Express

Whether it’s for your kiddo’s birthday or simply to mix up the fun, summer sets the stage for many creative party ideas. And with a little help from Birthday Express, you’ll have everything you need to celebrate the good times. Here are three party themes that are perfect for summer.

Splashin’ Pool Party – Everyone loves pool parties, so why not make it a day of water-based fun? Get the party started with Birthday Express’ Splashin’ Pool Party Value Party Pack! This pack includes all the essentials you’ll need to put together a fun-filled poolside celebration. The cute, round invitations will make a splash even before the party starts; and the dinner and dessert plates, cups, napkins, tablecover, forks, and spoons will help you set the perfect table. The pool party value pack also comes with balloons, curling ribbons, and crepe paper to make this party a hit!

Sharks Party – For those kids who love to live on the wild side, Birthday Express’ Sharks party theme is a great twist for a pool party. Set up an underwater adventure with the Sharks Value Party Pack, which has all the elements you’ll need to arrange an amazing party. The kids will love vibrant and colorful tableware, balloons, aqua blue crepe paper, sharks lunch napkins, and “Danger!” Shark Party invites.

Carnival Games Party – If your child is a fan of amusement parks and carnivals, then they’ll love Birthday Express’ Carnival Games party theme. The Carnival Games Value Party Pack can turn any room in your house or your backyard into an exciting carnival experience full of candy, fun, and laughter. Each Carnival Games party pack contains all the party supplies you need to get your themed party off the ground. Don’t wait around for the next carnival to come to town! Create your own and make party planning as easy as eating cotton candy!


Carnival Games Value Party Pack

Splashin’ Pool Party Value Party Pack

Sharks Value Party Pack


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