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How To Save On Back To School Necessities

It’s official! Summer vacation is over soon for most kids and it’s back to school time once again!

I also get the jitter before the school opens every year. That means, parents will have to start tightening their budgets, check required stuff for the kids to use in their new school year, check how much the next tuition will be, what needs to be bought for the kids this time around.

Regardless of  what every parents with schooling kids have to go through for the much anticipated school opening day, we, as a mum of a college kid, will have to prepare ourselves for what they will need for the coming school opening. It doesn’t mean that everything will have to be brand new. There are many ways to save on the splurges by recycling, repairing, cleaning and repurposing some existing school items that our kids already have. Here are some saving tips I have devised, and have done for my daughter when she was studying here in Dubai.


Re-stitch blank pages of notebooks into new ones

I used to do this when my daughter was in younger years. I would gather all her notebooks from the previous term and carefully remove the blank pages. I double check first if the ones she would need for the next term would be the same lined notes and when confirmed, I make around 2-3 new notebooks out of the old one.

You can do the same too! It will save you some money that you can use for buying new pens.


Sell old textbooks

After each school year, I collect all my daughter’s previous textbooks and remove name labels from them. I clean the outer cover and re-sell them to others. Most of the time, I get to sell all her textbooks that were usable and I use the sales proceeds to buy for her next term’s books.


Clean and repair shoes and bags

I try not be very stingy but school fees here in Dubai is not a joke. A grade schooler’s one school term’s tuition fee is almost like paying a college degree back home and that is without exaggeration. So, I try to save by repairing her shoes by changing the soles and heels. They look good as new except for very few scratches on the leather outer layer.

For her bag, she used backpacks most of the time so I would always buy backpacks made of canvas so I could wash it. I would check for the handles for any loose stitchings and reinforce them again by restitching to make them sturdier. Her GAP backpack lasted for several years until I begged her to stop using because of the fraying stitches. We saved a lot for not buying too many backpacks for her over the course of her schooling here in Dubai.


Avail of back-to-school offers

Numerous establishments offer back-to-school promotions and you can save big time if you need to buy new stuff for your kids. If you have more than one kid going to school, then it will be a good deal to just purchase by the bulk as long as the items are going to be used by your kids regardless of their level in school. Just make sure that you secure the requirements’ list from the school before you go loco with bulk-buying of school supplies. You don’t want to end up with so many school things your other kids won’t even be able to use.


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