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Tech-Time Out – Facebook Like

More and more quality family time is being side-swept by the numerous social networks that everyone engage to. There is very little time for a “normal” chat at home where family members sit in the dining area and discuss how their day went or watch TV together as a family and simply enjoy their weekends as one.

The Tech Timeout challenge started by Foresters encourages families to take a daily break from technology. Participating families are encouraged to disconnect from all things electronic with the goal of helping spouses, parents and children build stronger bonds, communicate more personally and get more involved in each other’s lives. I think it’s time we all get in the game of bringing back “real quality” time, “real communication” with the ones we love and simply enjoy the comfort of live sans online social presence.

Click on the image below to know more about the Tech-Time out for families and like their Facebook page to show your support. Thanks!


Give time to your family. They deserve it. And kids, give time to your parents. Spend those quality time together.

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