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How to Care for Your Air Conditioner

An air conditioner is a large investment for any property owner to make, so it is important to get the most for your money. Having your air conditioner professionally installed will ensure that it can work optimally from the start. Trusted contractors, like Petrocelli Services Inc., can provide comprehensive services so that your unit is well cared for year round.

Schedule Routine Inspections

A small amount of maintenance now can go a long way toward preventing problems and costly repairs in the future. Your unit should be inspected and serviced at least once per year. During your annual inspection, the service technician will recommend what you need to do to properly care for your unit going forward. It is usually best to schedule these inspections during the colder months so that when your air needs to be run full blast in the summer, you can rest assured that it is up to the task at hand.

Keep It Clean

Keeping your air conditioner clean means more than just dusting it from time to time. It is necessary to replace or clean the filters on a regular basis. If you have permanent filters, then running them under water and wiping away any dirt or debris is usually enough to restore performance.
It is also important to keep the evaporator and condenser coils clean and free of dirt, foliage, and other outdoor debris. Cleaning your coils and replacing or cleaning your filter can reduce your energy usage by as much as 15%.

Save Energy and Money

When your air conditioner is working properly, it will not unnecessarily waste any energy or money. This will provide you with better performance and save you money. It can also help to extend the useful life of your equipment, so you get a better value out of your investment.
If you think your unit is not working as well as it should be, call a pro for guidance. A qualified air conditioning service provider can offer more information on how to better care for your A/C unit. Many service providers, such as Petrocelli Services Inc., will even offer free, no obligation estimates so that you know what the necessary maintenance or repairs will cost upfront.

Plumbing And Other Maintenance Issues

We live in a high-rise residential flat. It is the common type of inhabitat for expats like us to live in a condominium-style residence because it is affordable.

We moved in our current flat last 2007. So we have been here for the past 6 years and the fixtures and wall paint is either chipping or starting to show wear and tear. Recently, we had an issue with our heater. It is winter so we definitely need hot water for bathing. The maintenance service of this building only delivered our new heater yesterday after 3 weeks of endless follow-ups. Now, I am seeing a new problem arising in our bathroom. The shower and flush are leaking.

There is a serious plumbing issue in our building. I think it is not only plumbing but also the overall maintenance service the building owner is providing or should I say lack of service. I just have to keep wiping the floor with a mop or squeegee to make sure that the floor is dry and no one will slip because of the leaking.

I wonder if we will have the same issues as these if we had moved to Calgary, Canada. Will we also worry about these inconveniences once we are there or we can easily look up the telephone directory or internet for plumber calgary or calgary furnaces. There will be plenty of hits regarding those searches because Canada has numerous plumbers and furnace service companies listed.

Some of our friends who migrated to Canada have no problem with heating or plumbing matters at home. I am sure they face some problems as well and if they do, the service is prompt and excellent unlike here. I even tried searching for providers in the internet for Calgary and other parts of Canada and the search yield a lot of results. It only goes to show that these kinds of services are better offered in Canada but not in the Middle East.

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