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The Excitement Halloween Brings


(Photo credit: front-porch-ideas.com)


It’s fast approaching! I think you know what I am talking about. Most people enjoy this occasion because people can dress up (even the pets!), wear tons of make-up, and be someone else even for just a day – and that is during Halloween!

Halloween entails spooky, out-of-this-world get up, decorations, and sumptuous treats to give out to the cute trick-or-treaters. For sure, even the furry pets get their dress up moments much to the amusement of everyone.

On top of the exciting things that Halloweeners do to celebrate this fun event, the weather is as inviting as it should – cold, damp, gray, and weary. All elements of making the season more spooky than ever!

Plenty of adults will be preparing parties to host so their family and friends can enjoy the on-day make-believe-and-dress-up day. Who wouldn’t be excited?

And then there’s the decorations? That is one of the most thrilling part of the occasion.  The ghoulish your decoration gets, the better! Also, fright factor is a big consideration to scare off the little guys. Hey, that’s what Halloween is all about!

Halloween is fun! It is entertaining. It promotes artistry and enhances creativity too. It unites a community through parties and other social events pertaining Halloween. It certainly brings out the child in you.





Hot Weather In January

I find the weather confusing these days. Last week, we had 2 days of really cold weather and now, it is like we are preparing for the coming of summer. We are only pushing to the second week of January and the previous years proved that the same time as now were cold.

I don’t see any reason why we should use warm clothing because the weather is not cold. We did not have any winter I suppose. All those winter clothes showcased in the boutiques and the faux-furs sold in the malls will be quite futile unless you are travelling to Europe or the US where it is cold.

I think there was even a mild sandstorm early today. That can only mean one thing, summer is around the corner. Could these weather changes be the sign of global warming?

Gift Giving December

We cannot deny it but the crisp air of autumn has come and just behind its trail is winter. And what does winter bid for most of us aside from gray clouds and blizzards? Did I hear you say Christmas? Yes! Christmas it is. It is just around the bend and next thing you know it, you are scouring the internet for great gift ideas, probably ordering beautiful monogrammed personalized gifts or heading straight to the mall to do your early shopping.

December is indeed the month of exchanging gifts. It has been a tradition carried on world-wide because of the spirit of giving that the month brings. I just love that feeling of preparing the list of recipients of wonderful gifts and actually seeing their faces when they see what is inside. And kids are the best to give gifts this Christmas because they are just precious and the look on their faces say it all. Priceless!

So, avoid the rush and take advantage of the sales happening around you especially if you are in the US. The Black Friday deal may offer great promotional offers for shoppers so you can save enough money to spread it around. Prepare early and avoid the gift giving December rush.

Waiting for Winter

Cold season here in the UAE pale in comparison to the winter season in other countries. Although we also enjoy the more pleasant and chilly temperature of winter, the temperature does not go very low. We are lucky if it dips to 12 degrees Celcius. The temperature on most days during winter is between 14 or 15 degrees Celcius to 22 to 26 degrees Celsius at its peak during the day.

Even if the winter season here is not as cold as I want it to be, many establishments install infrared heaters around their area because it still gets a bit chilly at night. The heavy winter clothing is not really required but a beanie and a scarf are worn because of the wind chill and to avoid catching colds and flu.

Many people enjoy this season because it is a comforting break from the extreme heat that we all experience for several months. Winter is just around the bend. The day is shorter now and soon, summer will bid the Middle Easterners good bye as we prepare the coming of autumn and winter.

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