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Music Lessons

My daughter school term is about to wrap in two weeks time. I am not sure if we will be able to send her back home for a brief vacation while school is closed. On the other hand, I feel like sending her to a music class here in Dubai so she can enjoy her time. She has a guitar at home which is already gathering dust. I took her one time to a music school nearby so she could check out the facilities. She leaned towards the guitar room and took time to inspect every instrument and electric guitars which were hooked to fancy KRK speakers. The sound was remarkable although she could just strum basic chords. Well, that was several months ago and I am not sure if she still holds the same passion as she had sometime back. I wish she will reconsider so at least her summer here won’t be as boring as it may look like because of the weather and lack of interesting activities to do.

Going to Oman

My daughter is going to Musandam in Oman with her classmates and friends from school on Friday. Musandam is a fishing village in Dibba, Oman. The trip is arranged by the school so we allowed her to go. It will be an exciting experience for her to travel out of the country for the first time without us. I am a bit worried because this is a first but since it is a school activity. I think it’s all right to allow her.

The itinerary includes traditional dhow cruise near the Golden Tulip Beach Resort where they will stay over night. Food is included in the package. The school has included fun activities with bon fire along the beach shore to enjoy nature. I am glad that for once, I can pry her from the computer and she does not have to bring any gaming console and video game software cds with her. Consoles are not allowed in order for them to enjoy the whole Oman trip experience. I am looking forward to see smiling faces and I can’t wait to hear the stories of her adventures in Musandam.

Career Orientation Day

Today is my daughter’s Career Orientation Day. I attended the event and was briefed by the various subject experts regarding the new subjects to be added as electives for the coming 9th Grade.

My daughter’s school follows the British Curriculum and I am a bit confused because it’s very different from the Philippines. I remember having Chemistry and Geometry in my regular subjects. In my daughter’s school, they are not mandatory and are part of the electives.

The students are given 3 subjects in a group of 5. Group A is for those who would like to pursue a career in the Science areas like hospital administration, nursing, medicine, pharmacist, psychology. Group B is for Commerce which will give opportunities in the business, marketing, banking and finance fields. The next group, C, is a mix of business and the science. The other group has sociology, environmental issues and business and lastly, Group E is like Political Science in the Philippines. Here, they will tackle on Global Perspective and issues, some business matters and Science.

They will have to choose another elective subject like French, Arabic, English as second language, Travel and Tourism. Mandatory subjects still includes English, Math, Life Skills, Regular Arabic, Social Studies and a choice between Information and Communication Technology or Computer Studies and English or English as second language. Both have qualifying exams so my daughter has to decide which one she wants to take and pursue.

These courses will pave way for the future she wants to make for herself. My husband and I already sat with her and gave our opinions. We asked her what she wanted to be. We also asked her if she would be committed to excel on the choices she would take and make because this is it and no turning back. They are not allowed to change their choice once they submit for registration. It’s like a mini-college already.

I think that kind of setting where the kids can choose their chosen field as early as 8th Grade is a good way to save money and time. At least, my daughter does not have to take the mandatory Biology/Chemistry/Physics subjects back in the Philippines if she is not pursuing the field of Science anyway. I don’t have to pay for university credits for subjects that will not even have an impact on her chosen career path. The only concern I have is that when my daughter continues her studies in the Philippines. She will be missing a lot of mandatory, albeit unnecessary, subjects back home. I hope the universities back home will credit her subjects from Grade 9 up to Grade 10/11.

Oh well, I hope my daughter will choose the field that is right for her and the one that she truly likes to do and will enjoy to take. Good luck to her. This is the moment she will be responsible for the choice she will make because it will be the “thing” that can “make or break” her future. But we will be by her side as she takes her journey to the secondary level in school.

High Marks

My husband and I went to our daughter’s school today for the Open House. She attends an international/British school so the curriculum is very different from the Philippines. She has subjects which are not found in the Philippine education’s curriculum. She has Arabic and French. On top of that, their Math subject includes Algebra and bits of Geometry already for Grade 7.

Her grades slipped a bit last term because she  slacked in her studies. She got a very marginal grade in Math and Arabic which have high percentage on the whole. So if she does not pull her grades up on those two subjects, she’s doomed to repeat. I was mortified!

So, you can imagine why I am so nervous this time. I actually gave her an ultimatum. If she does not pick her grades up, she’ll be packing her bags and will go back to the Philippines. She does not want that to happen so I think my ultimatum made her pick up from her slack.

The teacher congratulated us for pushing our daughter to strive. She even top the English test! Her Math was okay and Arabic is so-so. I can live with that!  If she continues to progress well with her studies, I may lift her  “ground” and allow her to have few of the perks my hubby and I revoked for not taking her studies seriously.

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