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Early Christmas Gifts

I normally don’t get gifts during Christmas because I never really ask. So, when someone gives me something, I am very happy and appreciative of the kind gesture and thought.

We had our mini-Christmas luncheon a while ago in the office. We had it earlier because most of us will be on leave. So, I got some stuff from my secret Santa today and I am so pleased with the gift.

I have been planning to buy the gifts I received for sometime now. Whenever I am ready to purchase them, I end up picking something else. So, it was really a pleasant surprise to actually receive them today!

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I received a Schwarkzkopf Essensity Shampoo which is organic and a Smoothing serum for my hair from the same brand. They are not very expensive stuff but for me, they’re more than that because it’s something I didn’t expect which I really, really wanted.

So, thank you to my secret Santa. These gifts will be very useful indeed!

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