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Do Not Leave Your Pets Inside The Vehicle

I will repeat myself, over and over again until irresponsible pet owners realise that their beloved four-legged pals must not be left alone inside the car, especially this summer. The temperature can go high during mid-day and a closed vehicle is like an oven. Your pets will get fried! Don’t do that!

I attached this picture I have seen from metapicture.com. It is a considerate way to care for your pet while you have to run errands. Although, the picture is cute;I am still not comfortable with the idea of leaving your precious pet unattended and exposed to the harsh elements. Then again, this is only okay if you have a pick-up truck. What if you don’t?


So, if you have to run an errand and there is no one to watch over your pet, maybe you can leave him/her to a pet sitter or ask a neighbor to watch until you get back. I think, that is the best thing to do under the circumstances.

Protect Your Dogs This Summer

1044199_10152547490102925_1406026711_n For pet owners, it is a common practice to ensure that our furry pals are also protected during the long summer months. If you are now familiar with this info, then equip yourselves with the proper know-how on how to protect your dogs this summer as their temperature can go high faster than human does.

Here are simple and easy to remember tips to ensure your pets are safe:

  • Be wary of their pants because it may indicate heat exhaustion. If you’re dog is heavily salivating and panting like crazy, go to a cool place quickly and hose off your dog with a luke warm water.
  • Have regular vet check up so other problems can be taken cared of like parasites, gastro-intestinal problems and even prevent Lyme disease.
  • If you have a balcony, refrain from leaving it open for your pooch to wander into. It can get very hot at midday and your dog can fall off or even be left there unsupervised scorched under the heat of the sun.
  • Avoid outdoor activities if the weather gets too extreme.
  • Have enough water for your dogs to access. Fresh bowl of water here and there is a good tip.
  • Give your pet a summer shave if advised by the vet or professional groomer. Some breeds with long hair will have difficulty cooling off because the breeze will not easily reach their skin.
  • Do not let your dog run over sandy areas as the sand can get very hot. This will burn their paws.
  • Do not ever, ever leave your dogs inside an unattended vehicle even if you leave a gap. A stalled car under the heat of the sun can also get hot like an oven. Imagine how it feels like for your dog to sit in there, trapped and heated extremely beyond their body’s capacity. Be wise! Leave your pets at home if you have to go for an errand.

I got the photo from Facebook and give credit to the owner. I think, we should do this if there is an irresponsible pet owner out there who leaves their dog inside a hot car and not be guilty about doing so.


What To Look For In A Dog Kennel

Photo credit: yahoo images and I added the text

Photo credit: yahoo images and I added the text

When you’re about to take that vacation and you need to leave your dog behind, your best option is to find a kennel. There are a lot of kennels in Los Angeles, and you want to be sure to find one that you can trust. Your dog needs to be comfortable while you are gone and you need to be relaxed on vacation rather than worrying about how your dog is doing. To find a quality kennel, look for the following things:

Finding the Perfect Kennel

When you go looking for a kennel, you will need to keep your budget in mind. Find the highest price that you are willing to pay and find kennels in the area that offer their services within your budget. You can call around to find out what the prices are for your dog’s stay. Find a few kennels that you are interested in and take your dog in to visit each one. The people there should be friendly and helpful. They should give your dog a warm welcome. This shows that they care about each dog that comes into their kennel. Ask for a tour of the kennel. The conditions should be fairly clean – dogs should be in cages that are comfortable and large enough to roam. Ask what exercise and food your dog will get each day. Your dog should get some time to run around and play each day, and should have proper water and food. Some kennels even offer grooming or other services. Ask to see where your dog will spend most of his or her time. It should be in an area where your dog will not be antagonized by other dogs.

After you have taken your vacation, ask about how your dog was during the stay. You can expect your dog to whine or be generally unhappy the first time you leave because he or she may be confused. However, if you really like this kennel out of all the kennels in Los Angeles, use the same one each vacation you take. This will give your dog some regularity and he or she will get used to it over time.

Do Not Text And Drive

The “don’t drink and drive” has been thrown to another level of causes why there are accidents on the road. If you think that drinking and driving is one of the top combination   a person does when figuring in an accident or even dies because of it, you are wrong.

Recently, a young man form Colorado died early April 2013 because of texting while driving. Alexander Heit’s life was cut short when he was texting while driving. His car drove onto oncoming traffic and he lost control of his vehicle and died on the crash.

His parents released a photograph of the last text message that was cut short by their son to warn others of the potential risk of texting while driving.

Photo credit: examiner.com

Photo credit: examiner.com

Let this graphic and painful image be a warning and reminder to every motorists out there to be cautious and practice safe driving.

Disregard For Child Safety

I saw an irresponsible and dangerous driver on the road around 4 p.m. while coming home from work near our area in Al Nahda, Al Ghusais. The girl (approx. 8-10 years of age) was peering outside the passenger’s seat with almost half of her body out of the car. The car wasn’t driving fast, at least, that is for sure. And I kept telling my hubby to get closer so I could take a shot of the car while the girl was peering and took the licence plate as well.

I have never seen such disregard for child safety in my life but this place is beaming with those. I see mothers holding their tots while they were in the safe side and the tots were in the dangerous side of the road. I have seen parents slap their kids on the head in public places, even humiliating them while telling them not to cry. It could be worse inside the privacy of their homes for all we know.

What I saw this afternoon just validates the perception I have of most of the people here. They have no respect for life, safety and rights. I feel so sorry for the girl too in the car. She should know it was dangerous but she was also enjoying peering outside a moving vehicle while raising her free arm like she was in a parade or something.

The authorities should take drastic action against people who endanger their kids lives because of negligence, stupidity and ignorance. You don’t do stupid things like that unless you’re a stunt man!

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