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Light Up The Room

Photo not mine

Photo not mine


One of the places I the home where everyone is sure to look and notice is the ceiling. The fixtures on your ceiling can illuminate the room or create a whirlwind of feelings. Many homeowners have a simple light on the ceilings in the rooms of their home. This is particularly true in the bathroom. However, there are other ways to decorate with ceiling fixtures in the other rooms of your home.

A ceiling fan with a light offers a few purposes. You can use only the light, only the fan or both. This is a good way to cool a room when it is hot without letting a lot of light in the room if you want to keep the area looking natural. A ceiling fan and light combination works in any room of the home, but you should avoid putting one in the bathroom. There are several kinds of light fixtures that you can get for rooms in the house. Teenagers sometimes want a fixture that gives personality to the room such as something bright and vibrant. An elegant fixture can be added to the living room or dining room to give a sophisticated appearance without spending a lot of time and effort.

Pink Bedrooms For Girls Who Love Pink

I am of the girly-girly type of person so it is not a surprise why I love pink. It doesn’t matter whether it’s light pink, pastel pink, hot pink and even fuschia. I just love pink.

I grew up having my own bedroom so I had the rein in designing it. I obviously had the walls painted light pink, my closets in picket fence white and the bedsheets in majestic hot mess of pink! I love pink and I have an overdose of it.

So, when I had a daughter, I bought her pink stuff, covered her beds with pink sheets and color-coordinate in her stuff with pink. My husband would always kid that my daughter sometimes would look like a walking Pepto Bismol! hahaha.

Anyway, I just want to share these beautiful rooms to you if you are like me who loves pink or if you have little misses around who wants to have pink stuff and pink themed rooms. These pictures below are great source of “pink bedroom ideas” which I got from browsing Google images. Credit goes to the owners of the pictures.

Take a look at these gorgeous bedrooms with awesome pinkness! And who knows, you might just incorporate one in your home for your little miss or maybe for your teen daughter who is as girly as can be.


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