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Grades Revealed

I got the report card of my daughter. The verdict – Above Average. Well, I am happy that she challenged herself to do well this time as compared to the 1st term where her grades were abysmally disappointing! They were not failed marks but I knew in my heart that she could have done even better.

I am quite relieved that she pulled her grades up, except for Arabic which is still the same. I won’t blame her because Arabic is really hard. Her French was still down but I am not sure if she will take this language in Grade 9. Anyway, the prime subjects which are Math, Science, English and Computer Studies are all high marks. She even got 94 in Computer Studies and 91 in English. Math was still not as high as I want it to be like between 85 to 90 but she can improve on this.

Grade 9 will be a mix of basic Accounting, Economics and advance level of Computer subjects. Few collegiate subjects will be introduced until she reaches Grade 13. So, this time she has to really put all her energy into her studies because her primary role is to be a student. I expect nothing less from her this time. I think she can do well and I will certainly make sure that she does.

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