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Recording Concerts With A Q3HD Recorder

I’ve always enjoyed watching concerts. However, during my time, there were no smart phones nor small video recorder to capture the rocking moments. Technology has changed all that so going to concerts now are more fun because you can actually record them with your phone, small cam or even a small handheld recorder like a handheld affordable zoom q3hd.

Anyone who would go to a concert would surely love to record it and such just for keeps. And everyone will agree with me in saying that it is more fun that way!

The good thing about these small gadget like the q3hd is that, unlike smart phones and small cameras, it can capture crisp audio and video at the same time. For smartphones and small cams, this will not be as good as the q3hd because concerts have these absurdly giant sound system that could blow your ears off and I don’t think mobile phones or camcorders can handle that noise without sounding like a can inside a washing machine. So this is where this neat little gadget comes in handy.

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