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Things You Need When You Teach Your Kids How To Read

Mother-child background credit: Bill Frymire

Mother-child background credit: Bill Frymire

Learning how to read is one of the biggest achievement every young kid can achieve and much to every parent’s happiness. Reading is one of the main skills a child can learn to make studying easy like a breeze.

However, teaching a first timer to read is not an easy feat. Parents must know the basics of reading and phonetics and they should have handy tools and resources to use to make reading a great learning experience for the young ones.

As you begin the process of teaching your child to read on an early start, you must establish the method you will use. Once you have done that, it is important to have these tools and resources ready to aid your child in the fun ways of learning how to read and making the experience a fulfilling one.

Study Table

Study Table

Invest on a study desk for your child to have access too. Make the environment inviting rather than intimidating. Your study area is bigger and taller and not as colorful as a kid’s. Make the study desk colorful and spacious enough for your child to put on more learning tools. 


Flash Furniture – JB-9-KID-GG Kids Colorful 5 Piece Folding Table and Chair Set, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow JB-9-KID-GG – $62.71, Free shipping – Available at Cymax

Alphabet Blocks

Alphabet Blocks

When starting to teach your kids at an early age, you can begin with showing alphabet blocks to them. Show each letter and say out loud how they are pronounced. 


Maxim – Playskool Alphabet Blocks, 40-Piece – $35.00, Free shipping – Available at Fullfillment By Amazon

High Quality Educational Alphabet Foam Puzzle Floor Mat for Kids

High Quality Educational Alphabet Foam Puzzle Floor Mat for Kids

Another great items to have for your kids’ reading is the installation of alphabet foam floors. These floors are colorful and has big letters on them. You can make reading a great play time too. Ask your kid to step on certain foam floor pattern and teach him the sound of the alphabet it corresponds to and make him say it loud. Make it a game for him or her later on so that your kid will be engaged in the learning process.


Quality – High Quality Educational Alphabet Foam Puzzle Floor Mat for Kids – Covers 26 sq ft (12″ x 12″ square blocks) – $26.95, 8.24 shipping – Available at Amazon.com Marketplace

Children’s books with pictures and big printed letters

Children's books with pictures and big printed letters

A learning experience is not complete without using children’s books. Buy books that have big, bold printed letters and funny and colorful pictures on them to hold on the interest of your child longer.


Waldman – 6 Playmore Reading Books For Children :Ice is Nice,Professor Noodle’s Circus School,Pizza Cat,Wake Up Lazy Bones,Three Toots for Freddie,Party Times Two. – $9.95, Free shipping – Available at Amazon.com Marketplace

Invest on book collections like Dr. Seuss’s books for kids. This is one the book collections I bought my daughter when I started teaching her how to read. The drawings and pictures in the book held my daughter’s interest longer and at the same time, the book has great lessons to be learned. This books from Dr. Seuss also taught my daughter to appreciate different ways of writing artistically. 


Fun To Collect – Dr. Seuss’s ABC Book and CD – $8.95, 5.99 shipping – Available at Amazon.com Marketplace

Magnetic Drawing Board

Magnetic Drawing Board

Another tool that will be useful for your kid’s reading progress is to associate it with writing. Children tend to remember easily the words they have learned how to read when they write it too. This will also help your child to learn writing at the same time. 

The process of learning alphabets, their sounds and the words they can create while hearing them and seeing them in written form will reinforce new learning.


HuntGold – HuntGold Magnetic Drawing Board Sketch Pad Doodle Writing Craft Art for Children Kids(random color) – $4.03, 2.59 shipping – Available at Amazon.com Marketplace

Once you have seen your kid’s progress as he or she learns how to be a progressive reader, allow your child to read out loud to you and ask interactive questions. Do not ask difficult questions as your child is just learning how to read. Ask questions such as “who is the character in the story?” Make him or her also understand the meaning of the new words he or she is learning to read and you will be amazed by your child’s progress as you go along.

Make reading a fun learning experience and a great moment to bond with your young ones.

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Drive Around Town

My Saturday is plain mommy and wife duty. I thought I would find enough time to sit back and read a good book when my hubby told me that I would drop our daughter to the Youth For Christ meeting and I would pick him up from the bowling center. All my plans just went down the drain.

I didn’t mind the favor but I was still in my jammies when husband decided to tell me. My daughter didn’t even know that she had a meeting as well. So much for smooth communication eh!

So, I had to drop my book in exchange of being the driver today. The church is far from my place. The bowling center is on the other end of the town, in the same place where we live. So going there was not an issue. My concern was the long drive to the church. I had to fight my way through serious road maniacs!  :-((

I have never been an avid fan of driving especially in this part of the world where people don’t know right-of-way and courtesy. Oh heck, they don’t know how to use the signal too. So it’s a wild guessing game here whether the big Hummer or truck in front of you will turn left or right or suddenly stop. That’s why I try my level best to avoid driving, if I can help it.

Anyway, I hope I can have a peace and quiet time for myself next week where I can just lounge in my fave jammies and read my books. That will be bliss!

More Time, More Fun

I have gained extra time in my hands ever since I lessened the time I spent playing in Facebook. I used to hog the computer as soon as I come home from work because I play a lot. I gradually decreased my online time there and now I can focus on doing something new.

I want to brush up on my Japanese language. I used to write, speak and read Japanese back in the 1990s and have forgotten much about it when I graduated from college. I am refreshing my rusty basic Japanese including familiarizing the Hiragana and Katakana characters. I want to be able to converse again in Japanese.

I also want to blog more and read more. The latter is a passion I have set aside because of my “addiction” to Facebook. I have bought the complete Kay Scarpetta series of Patricia Cornwell (although I have most of the collection except for the recently released titles) and managed to re-read the first few series. I want to get back on track in my reading pleasure.

I want to learn how to play a guitar. I am just partially inclined to music but I am a desperate singer whose voice is like a talking cockroach :) If there is such a thing. I just want to strum and hum. That will be a good combination.

I want to exercise more, eat healthier and be more outdoorsy. I have clammed for sometime and now I am ready to socialize. I am not getting any younger. My circle of friends is getting smaller because some of them are migrating or have migrated and some left and we have lost communication. My relationship with my friends is one that I treasure. I only have few but they are the real ones I can keep forever without reservation.

I want to spend more time with my family. I don’t want to sit in front of the computer and miss out on my daughter’s teen life. I want to chat with my husband more and have dates with him like we used to when we were younger. It’s never too late.

I want to walk Millie more often even if it has to be in our building’s parking lot only or in the hallway. At least, a few moment with my precious little pooch is enough to make her feel she’s well loved.

I want to travel and explore more (as long as the budget allows). There is so much to see in this world; so many beautiful sceneries to capture in memory. I still have a places to tick off from the list.

There are so much I want to do. They are all floating in my head. I can only imagine what it will be like when I finally leave the workforce and have the time for myself and my family. I guess I can accomplish a lot by then.

For now, I will just enjoy what life has to offer. I will pause a while and smell the flowers, listen to the birds chirp, feel the wind blowing on my face and embrace life. I am done stressing about insignificant people, things and matters. Life is too short not to have fun!

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