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Fancy Gift Ideas For Christmas

Christmas is the time of giving and sharing our blessings. If you haven’t done your Christmas shopping yet, well it’s not yet late because you can still score great deals in the mall and online for the holiday season. Some of you will not have any clue on what to give their special someone of family. You can always go safe with jewelries like a necklace and pendant set or a st christopher medal pendant for your parents or older relatives. You can give gadgets or set of DVDs and books to a family member or friend who is into those kind of things. A dress or shoes will be a good selection for the ladies. And for the men, you may give a nice business suit for the professionals or leather goods. The little ones can settle for educational toys and arts set.

The idas are endless when it comes to gift-giving this season. As a matter of fact, this year, my husband and I decided to go the extra mile with our gift-giving tradition that we bought plenty of nice, branded goods from clothes to shoes to toys and beauty products for family and friends. Forget the cost. We just went over-board with the budget. However, when it comes to family, you just don’t put a price on the gifts you want to give. So, we’re hoping that they will all be happy and satisfied with their Christmas presents from us.

So, you have your choices. Just make sure that when you give something fancy to someone special in your life, that it comes from the heart. The joy in their faces when they open their presents come Christmas morning will be priceless.

Holiday Gift-Wrapping Tips

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Christmas is just around the corner. Have you finished your holiday shopping yet? If so, I do hope it didn’t burn a big hole in your pocket. Well, if you have spent that much on gifts, here are few tips to follow to save on the gift-wrapping part of the whole holiday gift-giving process. All you need are old news papers, spare cloth or bright, patterned textiles, used maps, glossy magazine spread, old Christmas wrapper left-overs, plain paper – it could be colored if you like, few ribbons or twines and some pretty paper or plastic bags from your old shopping adventures and foils.

1. Use the old news papers, maps or glossy magazine spread as a gift wrapper. Add some colorful twine or ribbon to complete the effect.

2. If you have old patterned clothes or spare textile at home which you are not using, use it to wrap uneven shaped gifts. Tie with a fancy ribbon or a cut-out piece from the same cloth to bind the whole thing.

3. Make your own personalized Christmas wrappers using colored or plain papers. You can doodle your initials or use printed holiday cut-outs and stick them on the paper. If you’re into stamping and you have Christmas collections of stamp, use it to decorate the paper.

4. Recycle left-over Christmas gift wrappers. Whenever I receive fancy gift wrapped presents, I try not to tear the gift wrapper. I roll them again and save them for future use. Now is the perfect time to take them out of the storage and let someone else enjoy the pretty gift-wrapped present.

5. Recycle those pretty mall shopping bags you have been stashing in your closet. I normally keep those small paper bags for small items and I just affix a sticker on the logo of the paper or plastic bag to cover it up. I also add embellishments like paper flowers and gift tags to accentuate the recycled gift bag.

6. Use foil to add extra sparkle on your wrapped gifts and accentuate with a pretty bow. The gift will look very pretty under the Christmas tree with the lights reflecting on the shiny surface. Add drama and effect on the Christmas scene.

I am sure there are more ideas on gift-wrapping out there. But the intent is to save what you can and recycle what you already have at home for extra savings. Enjoy the Holidays and whether you have gifts to offer or none, remember, the reason for the season is Christ. Merry Christmas everyone!

Christmas Gifts For The Family

I have already prepared my Christmas gift list and lucky are those who made it in the list! Just kidding! I made the list the other day and I have been breaking my head as to what to give my family and friends with all the choices out there. I also have to put the budget in the equation as well because money is still scarce. However, I have been scrimping for almost 2 years and I feel that this is the time to spare something for my family because they deserve something special.

I have already bought my husband a gift yesterday and it is what he likes – iPad! Yes, a bit pricey but anything for the man who puts food on the table, shelter on our heads, and financial sustenance. He deserves that, big time. I am planning to buy my tech-savvy daughter a tablet too but not as pricey as the iPad. My mom is coming over for the holidays and I am checking some leather goods at GotBriefcases.com leather briefcases area. My mom has so many important documents which are just lying in her closet in one tote bag. Maybe an upgrade to a leather briefcase will be appropriate. My brother and his family will get their late Christmas gifts as well which I will send later on. There is another bundle of joy in the family coming soon and I am thinking of getting the little one a baby blanket and comforter.

My husband’s family is coming here too. So, the house is brimming and there will be a lot of people to add now in the list. My husband bought some Gap jackets in the US and other Bath and Body Works lotions and hand soaps which are great for the ladies. I have spare wallets too which I can give to my other relatives.

The Christmas list is still long. I have more shopping to do!

Gift Giving December

We cannot deny it but the crisp air of autumn has come and just behind its trail is winter. And what does winter bid for most of us aside from gray clouds and blizzards? Did I hear you say Christmas? Yes! Christmas it is. It is just around the bend and next thing you know it, you are scouring the internet for great gift ideas, probably ordering beautiful monogrammed personalized gifts or heading straight to the mall to do your early shopping.

December is indeed the month of exchanging gifts. It has been a tradition carried on world-wide because of the spirit of giving that the month brings. I just love that feeling of preparing the list of recipients of wonderful gifts and actually seeing their faces when they see what is inside. And kids are the best to give gifts this Christmas because they are just precious and the look on their faces say it all. Priceless!

So, avoid the rush and take advantage of the sales happening around you especially if you are in the US. The Black Friday deal may offer great promotional offers for shoppers so you can save enough money to spread it around. Prepare early and avoid the gift giving December rush.

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