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Install Pocket Garden For Small Apartments

Living in a tight quarter can be a challenge to people who have the penchant for gardening. usual areas where garden space is a challenge is prevalent in high-rise residential buildings, and townhouses/duplex with no yards.

A pocket garden is a small garden for limited space.  Space should not be an issue when allocating a tiny area in your abode.   It can be any small space you can spare for that plant sanctuary you want to install in your quarter.


(Photo credit: woohome.com)

Make room for your pocket garden without so much hassle of moving around furniture, selling items, or even destroying walls or other fixtures to make way for your pocket garden.

These helpful tips will guide you to create your very own pocket garden even on small apartments.

Decide which type of pocket garden you want

You can build a pocket garden, complete with garden soil, river rocks, pebbles and mini landscaping or choose a pocket garden which you can install by using shelves to hold your small pots, hanging planters, or occupy a bare wall to make as vertical garden.

Survey your living space and check places where your pocket garden can have access to drainage

If you have space to build your pocket garden then ensure you can also allocate a safe drainage when you water the plants. Remember, living in an apartment means, you may be living above someone’s home. Be sure you will not cause unnecessary water seepage in someone’s territory.


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Allocate a specific area where you want your pocket garden to be

If your apartment has a small balcony or veranda and has a good exposure to sunlight then consider that area as your pocket garden.

If you have a bare wall, put your vertical garden there. if you can spare a small corner in your home here you actually don’t have anything to put there, arrange your pots and shelves for your planters to make that space look like a mini garden in your home.


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Get your tools and materials ready

Make sure you have gardening tools and other materials ready when making your small garden space. You may need extra help from friends or a professional landscaper if you decide to convert a small space as a breathing and living garden inside your home. If you wish to use shelves to displace your precious plants, you can secure them firmly against a wall so it won’t tip over.

Arrange your pocket garden

Now that you’ve set everything, arrange your plants in a way you want to showcase them. Put bigger plants behind and the smaller ones in front. You can arrange as per colour or mix and match for a more eclectic style.


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Pocket Gardens For Small Yards

Having a garden is one of the dreams of homeowners who loves plants, gardening and have a knack for making plants thrive in any condition. Other homeowners prefer to have gardens because they add beauty to their property and brings nature close to home. However, not every homes have the space to accommodate a garden so other people make do with buying plants in pots and just putting them in one area or wherever is available to bring a semblance of nature to their home.

A pocket garden will be a good solution to those small space woes. Here are some inspirations for you and some may just be suitable to your tight quarters back home and some tips to consider when creating a pocket garden.


Use small pots

Collect small pots and put them in one area of the yard or your house to mimic a small garden. Use various plants like flowery, and leafy plants. They will give of a vibes of a small garden that you’ve always loved.

photo credit: edomontonsun.com

photo credit: edomontonsun.com

Repurpose unused drawers

Do you have old cabinets or dressers that you want to throw? Don’t do that just yet. Save the drawers and repurpose them into plant beds.

photo credit: alwaysintrend.com

photo credit: alwaysintrend.com

Use pipes as hanging planters

You can get used pipes and cut them in half and drill holes for water to drip. Hang them up or prop them against a bare wall in your house and create a small garden out of them.

photo credit: pinterest.com

photo credit: pinterest.com

Create vertical gardens on vacant walls

Do you have a blank wall that you just don’t know what to do? Spice it up and create a vertical garden instead.

photo credit: pinterest.com

photo credit: pinterest.com



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