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Pretty Christmas Swags For Your Home

I love Christmas! It’s a great season to dress up your home with festive decorations. Christmas trees, wreaths, ornaments, nativity scene and lights are the common Christmas decorations you can find in a household. However, there is another Christmas decoration I love putting at home because it adds some drama and really livens up the place. That decoration is the Christmas swag.

A swag is usually a bundle of leaves with fruits, flowers that swags, sways or droops. It is usually found on homes’ doorways, staircase railings, mailboxes fireplace mantle, table top center pieces and even on window sills as decoration.

You can spice up your Christmas decors with an addition of a Christmas swag. Look at these lovely swags for inspiration.

(Photos’ credit: from yahoo images)

Update Your Garden With Autumnal Plants

Background Photo by Elke Karin Lugert on Unsplash


It is still summer but hey, it will not be long before autumn ushers. And wouldn’t you like some gardening before that happens?  Prepare your garden with autumnal plants that will stand out during the coming season. Some can even go beyond the cold spells of winter time.

You can grow many types of plants that will thrive during the colder season, and here are some of the types of plants you can consider:

Flowering plants


Photo credit: pexels.com

This flower add bright colors of violet and deep purple to any patio. Aside from being pretty to look at and easy to plant, pansies are also edible! You can eat the entire flower, sepals and all! It has a mild, minty flavor, adding richness to your palate. Be careful though. Do not buy pansies from florists or those treated with pesticides if you want to add them to your salads for eating.


Begonias are pretty flowers that look the part anywhere you put it, whether in a planter, near the shady parts of your patio, or even as hanging plants.


Vegetables and Herbs


Arugula is a nice leafy, crunchy vegetable use in salads. It is a member of the Brassica family of plants that can easily be grown. They are best planted at least a month before the first frost in your area. Leaves can be plucked while they are young so as not to have any bitter taste.


Carrots are best planted before the colder season. So if you want to harvest your carrots by spring, planting them during autumn, up until October, you are sure to enjoy your crisp carrots harvest by spring.



Smoke bush

Photo credit: keyword-suggestions.com

It is a purple-leaved Cotinus plant that adds a pop of orange to deep red colors during fall. It likes a sunny spot but it is considered as a hardy plant that can thrive even during cold winter.

Winterthur smooth witherod viburnum

Photo credit: finegardening.com

This is a beautiful shrub that is full of vibrant colors of dark red from its leaves to deep indigo from its fruits. It is perfect even during summer all the way to fall. It is covered with small white flowers during late summer.


Fruit bearing plants

Golden Raspberry

Photo credit: ringdenfarm.co.uk

This is a variety of the red raspberry kind but has golden hue. It has a citrusy flavor, and birds don’t bother it as much because of its lighter color. Giving it the impression that it is unripe.

This plant can easily be cultivated too.


Autumnal plants can give your garden a nice dramatic effect when season is about to change especially when their leaves start changing colors, and some flowers and even berries will appear to provide bright hues of warm reads, oranges, yellows, purples, blues, black to usher the coming cold season. They can add beauty to your garden with their individual characters. Spice up your garden with plants that can even thrive beyond winter time. Enjoy gardening!

Create Your Own Garden This Summer

Have a green thumb?  Interested in growing your own food or need some inspiration to get started?  Then take advantage of  the summer to start a garden. An indoor herb garden or an outdoor garden, either way its fun and relaxing.  Here are some  great DIY garden basket ideas you can put together to get you started.   Assemble one for yourself or give one to a friend.

Supplies needed – a big basket to hold it all, some fun garden  clogs, sturdy gloves, an apron to keep your clothes from getting  to messy, pruning shears, some seeds and some labels.



Moroccan Straw Large Tote Basket w/ Leather Handles

Moroccan Straw Large Tote Basket w/ Leather Handles

This hand woven tote is made in Morocco and uses 100% natural materials.  Ideal for storing your garden supplies, sturdy leather handles.  Can double for use in shopping, picnics, a day at the beach and family outings. 

Moroccan Straw Large Tote Basket w/ Leather Handles, 27″Lx12″Wx14″H – Valencia – $31.00, 9.99 shipping – Available at Amazon.com Marketplace

Bamboula Basket Market Tote

Bamboula Basket Market Tote

These Bamboula Basket Market Shopping Totes are hand-woven by the skilled artisan weavers of Ghana, Western Africa. Comes with a beautiful braided leather handle. Flexible, strong and durable. Easy to clean with just a garden hose.

Basket Bolga Market Shopping Tote (Ghana) Straw w/ Leather Handle Assorted – Bamboula #BSKG16 – $46.97, Free shipping – Available at Amazon.com Marketplace

Rurality Fashionable Straw Storage Baskets

Rurality Fashionable Straw Storage Baskets

Made from durable straw and sewed with polyester fabric lining.  Easy to grip inner handle design with easy access to all your tools and supplies.


Rurality Fashionable Straw Storage Baskets (Coffee) – $19.99, Free shipping – Available at Amazon.com Marketplace

Kiwi Premium Garden Clog

Kiwi Premium Garden Clog

Sloggers premium garden clogs feature a premium lining and comfort insole. Waterproof and comfortable for the garden.  Comes in many great colors

Principle Plastics #260KW09 SZ9 Kiwi Premium Garden Clog – $23.05 (20% off), 6.49 shipping – Available at Amazon.com

Women s Classic Birki Clog – Color: Ciel Blue Flower, Size: 40

Women s Classic Birki Clog - Color: Ciel Blue Flower, Size: 40

Ultra-light one piece and colorful. They are comfortable reasonably priced. Stylish and fun.


Women s Classic Birki Clog – Color: Ciel Blue Flower, Size: 40 – $59.95, Free shipping – Available at Amazon.com

Fairy Princess Garden Gloves

Fairy Princess Garden Gloves

These princess garden gripping gloves will make your gardening task a snap. The knit wrist will help keep the dirt out.


Fairy Princess Garden Gloves – $9.95, 5.01 shipping – Available at Fullfillment By Amazon

Womens Cotton Garden Apron with 5 Pockets

Womens Cotton Garden Apron with 5 Pockets

Your perfect gardening partner. Made of denim, it is comfortable to tie around your waist, has 5 large and convenient pockets for your gardening tools and machine washable. 


7407-200 Womens Cotton Garden Apron with 5 Pockets, Denim – $19.75, 5.74 shipping – Available at Amazon.com

YardShark Heavy Duty Pruning Shears

YardShark Heavy Duty Pruning Shears

Light-weight and sharp to get the job done. Once your garden is blooming these are perfect for pruning all types of shrubs, weeds, branches etc.


YardShark Heavy Duty Pruning Shears – $16.99, 6.95 shipping – Available at Sears.com

Swiss Chard Rhubarb, Organic Seeds

Swiss Chard Rhubarb, Organic Seeds

Your first salad from candy apple red stems with dark green, red-veined leaves.


Swiss Chard Rhubarb, Beta vulgaris, vulgaris group 200 Organic Seeds by David’s Garden Seeds – $6.55, 5.01 shipping – Available at Amazon.com Marketplace

Melon Arava D460A (Orange) 25 Organic Seeds by David’s Garden Seeds

Melon Arava D460A (Orange) 25 Organic Seeds by David's Garden Seeds

Produces heavy yields of 3 to 4 pound melons.  You will have fun just watching these grow and you might be tempted to pick them early.


Melon Arava D460A (Orange) 25 Organic Seeds by David’s Garden Seeds – $6.25, 5.01 shipping – Available at Amazon.com Marketplace

Herb Anise Hyssop

Herb Anise Hyssop

Leaves and flowers can be used fresh or dried for salads, teas and garnishes.  They are very aromatic with a sweet licorice-mint flavor.

Herb Anise Hyssop D933A (Purple) 100 Organic Seeds by David’s Garden Seeds – $7.69, 5.01 shipping – Available at Amazon.com Marketplace

Green Hot Peppers

Green Hot Peppers

There are unique peppers are famous in Spain.  Generally about 1 out of 20 fruits will be hot, and the rest mildly hot


Pepper Padron D666A (Green Hot) 25 Heirloom Seeds by David’s Garden Seeds – $6.25, 5.01 shipping – Available at Amazon.com Marketplace

Red Beefsteak Tomatoes

Red Beefsteak Tomatoes

Deep pink tomatoes are earlier, more uniform and slightly smaller.  Fruits have lots of deep, acidic tomato flavor and a rich, creamy texture.


Tomato German Johnson D3815A (Red Beefsteak) 50 Organic Heirloom Seeds by David’s Garden Seeds – $6.95, 5.01 shipping – Available at Amazon.com Marketplace

Barnel – USA B6012 Garden Hand Trowel Cultivator and Transplanter Kit

Barnel - USA B6012 Garden Hand Trowel Cultivator and Transplanter Kit

Of course, what’s gardening without these handy tools?


Barnel – USA B6012 Garden Hand Trowel Cultivator and Transplanter Kit – $17.99, 6.95 shipping – Available at Sears.com

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Beautiful Flowering Shrubs To Add To Your Garden

The weather is so lovely that it is inviting to do gardening once again. Although where I live, the nice weather after winter is so short that tending your garden has to be done in a hasty fashion. However, if you live in the other part of the world where spring is still on and the weather is kind, you will find yourself putting your best gardening tools out from shed for some serious gardening action and consider these beautiful flowering shrubs to add to your garden.

Adding some nice plants to your garden will liven up the area and more so, there are plenty of beautiful flowering shrubs that you may consider adding to your array of flora. Below are some common flowering shrubs you may consider:

Viburnum – Most of the shrubs flowers are in the shade of pink or white.

Photo credit: www.english-country-garden.com

Photo credit: www.english-country-garden.com


Mountain Laurel – This is a beautiful shrub with showy clusters of red, pink or white flowers which normally blooms in late spring or early summer.

Photo credit: ncgrant.blogspot.com

Photo credit: ncgrant.blogspot.com


Weigela – This beautiful plant bears lovely blooms that look like smaller version of a Stargazer Lily.

Photo credit: commons.wikimedia.org

Photo credit: commons.wikimedia.org


Rhododendron – This is one of the common shrubs but yields very beautiful clusters of flowers in various colors.

Photo credit: kensimplereview.wordpress.com

Photo credit: kensimplereview.wordpress.com

Why Your Aquarium Plants Need CO2

Photo credit: 05.com

Photo credit: 05.com

Of all the aquarium accessories you can buy, CO2 accessories are probably the most important pieces of kit you’ll need for a healthy aquarium.

There’s nothing better than a luscious planted aquarium that’s thriving with real plants. Many aquarium owners would prefer the real deal to artificial plants made from plastic or silk.

What’s more, real aquatic plants provide your fish with a more natural habitat. Also, if your fish are herbivores, live plants can provide them with nutritious food in between their regular feeds.

CO2 Accessories and Your Tank

Why do I Need CO2 Accessories?

So where does CO2 come in? If you use CO2 – or carbon dioxide – in your aquarium you’ll notice a huge difference in your plants.

CO2 accessories promote healthy plant growth and help turn your planted aquarium into a luxurious, verdant environment for you and your fish to enjoy.

Carbon dioxide is essential for plants to grow. The way plants work with CO2 is a wonderful, natural cycle. During the day, they take in CO2 and give off oxygen. At night-time, they take in oxygen and release CO2. This makes for a harmonious and healthy ecosystem.

Plants also grow through a process called photosynthesis – which is when plants convert light into nutrients, or food. If they don’t have enough CO2, they cannot do this and will not produce new leaves and roots.

With non-aquatic or terrestrial plants, CO2 is readily available in the air. But in the underwater confines of your aquarium, often additional carbon dioxide is required to give the plants a boost.

How to Keep My Aquarium Healthy?

In addition to CO2, the levels of light in your aquarium must be carefully balanced. CO2 and light work together during the photosynthesis process, with the light providing the energy and the CO2 driving the chemical reaction. These two elements need each other, so don’t forget how important your lighting is too.

Getting the right amounts of CO2 in your water is a fine balancing act – if carbon dioxide levels are too high, the amount of oxygen will fall.

If you ever spot your fish gasping for air at the top of your aquarium, it could be a sign that there’s too much CO2 and that oxygen levels are low. This can happen if you have lots of plants in your aquarium.

If you think that CO2 levels in your water are high, you can easily test it by measuring the PH of the water.

Quality CO2 Kits

To ensure you get the balance just right, accessories are often the best way to regulate CO2 in your aquarium.

A CO2 cylinder is a convenient way of supplying your aquarium with carbon dioxide. To ensure that the CO2 is introduced into your aquarium in just the right way, a CO2 regulator is also required. This reduces the high-pressured CO2 of the cylinder into just enough pressure to keep your aquatic life happy.

Use these in conjunction with a pH controller to ensure that the carbon dioxide level is in balance and keep your fish safe.

Remember to check your aquarium regularly if you’re introducing new CO2 accessories to your tank. If you need help choosing the right CO2 accessories, contact our aquarium specialists.

We stock a huge range of aquarium accessories, including replacement CO2 solenoid valves, pH controllers and much more.

Browse the shop at http://www.co2art.co.uk and get your tank in optimum condition.

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