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Our Dog Scare

Millie was a bit down the past few days. One day she was jumping up and down in our couch and bed and the next thing you know it, she was lying on her bed or on the floor, didn’t want to eat much and a bit quiet lately.


We took her to the vet last night and hoped for positive news that what was happening to her wasn’t that bad. We had a feeling that she was in pain with all those jumping around. And the vet confirmed that. She probably had her vein compressed in the neck area with all those jumping around. Also, her bloodwork came out negative. That is a relief to hear.

So, our dear little diva baby Millie is on pain-relief meds right now for few days. I didn’t go to work to observe how she is behaving. Also, the doctor asked me to reduce the weight of Millie. I am guilty! I kept giving her treats as I can’t bear to look at those begging doggie eyes. I guess I have spoiled her rotten too.


Things will have to change from now on. After the dog scare with Millie, we’ll have to set new rules and rearrange stuff around the house so she won’t jump on the bed and the couch and hurt herself in the process. Also, daily workout for Millie will have to be done. So, it pays both ways for me too. I lose weight with Millie. I have to give time for this even if I’m tired from work. It’s a commitment I will give as if she is my own child. Well, for my family, that’s how we see Millie. She’s our baby with four legs…and fur who barks. 

This is what I can suggest to pet lovers out there. If you suspect your dog is feeling something weird or see signs that are unusual for your pet, bring your beloved pet to the vet right away. The sooner you do that, the sooner your pet can get the immediate medical care it needs and can prevent any serious complications later on. It’s also wise to get pet insurance. I am considering that now.

Do you get so attached with your pets? Do you love them like they are your own kids? I know I do. How about you?

Pet Friendly Lodging and Accommodation

Dogs should not be left home alone when their owners go away for a short trip that may last several days. There are special facilities that are dedicated towards providing accommodations for dogs of all sizes, ages, characters and breeds. Pet hotels essentially provide a five start treatment with an array of amenities and esential services. For instance, dogs that stay in pet inns are fed multiple times a day with the highest quality dry and wet food. Additionally, treats are given throughout the day. Of course, a bowl of fresh filtered water is always available for dogs to drink in a pet inn.

Lodging for dogs also includes some play time and outside walks. An experienced and friendly staff is in charge of taking out each dog for multiple walks per day. Additionally, special beds and dens are provided for dogs to sleep in. Each canine guest is given its own space that may vary in size. For example, large dogs may be assigned to dens that measure more than 6 x 6 x 6 feet in dimensions. Small dogs may be placed in kennels that are spacious enough for moving around inside.

Young puppies are also more than welcome to stay at dog inns. In fact, dog training is also offered at pet friendly hotels. The staff can teach puppies obedience and other tricks that owners can appreciate. Security deposits are usually required on all dogs that are left overnight at canine friendly inns full of convenient amenities.

Keep Your Pets Safe This Holiday Season

The holiday season is on! Everyone is busy preparing for the get-together and since Christmas is now over, we are ready to prepare for the New Year celebration. With all the busy preparations, we may tend to forget our fur babies in the process.

Keep your pets safe while the holiday season is on because they can get harmed unknowingly. Watch out for these:

Putting costumes

Yes, they are cute when they dress up like little elves or Santas for Christmas in their whimsical costumes. While they are unconditionally subjecting themselves to such, let us remember that there may be small attachments in their fancy costumes that they can chew on. If not the small attachments like pom-pom balls, jingle bells and big buttons; they may get entangled on those straps and garters around their hats and necks. Make sure you remove their costume right after their photo op. If you cannot help it, change them into a simpler costume with no frills and small items that may fall off or garters and strings that they can get entangled with.



Unprotected paws

Some of you may live in a very cold country where snow is inevitable at this time. Make sure your fur babies paws are also well protected from the cold snow. There are small socks with rubber soles you can buy from the pet shop that can easily slip on their paws up to the legs to keep them warm and dry.

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(Photo credit: yahoo images)

Watch out for the Christmas Tree and the ornaments

Cats and dogs love to play with the Christmas tree and the ornaments, especially the baubles and lights. I think, they find the shiny objects very entertaining and appealing. Some dogs may try to ingest those small baubles. So, if you are considering on having your pets around the house during the holiday season, try putting bigger ornaments that will be harder to ingest and put them a bit higher. Unplug the Christmas lights when you are not around to check up on your pets and make sure they are hidden so they cannot chew on them.





(Photo credit: yahoo images)


Be careful with the food you give them

It is tempting to give them treats this Christmas. While that yummy chicken leg is enticing for your dear fur baby, the bone can lodge in the pet’s throat. So, do not give out human food to your pets.

Christmas wrappings and ribbons

I think, pets love shiny and colorful stuff and after the Christmas presents are open, do not leave those wrappers and ribbons on the floor as your pets may chew on them which can cause intestinal blockage. This can be serious and may require surgery.


We can get easily distracted this busy season but do not let those distractions from ensuring your fur babies are all safe as well.


Securing Your Doggie Door

Plenty of homeowners have pets and I am one of them. A lot of these owners have a patio dog door or doggie door installed at home so that their furry pets can easily go out and come back in if they want to do their business in the lawn or simply to run around.

Doggie doors are staple in most homes with big yards to accommodated dogs. However, having a door can become a problem if you do not secure it properly to avoid intruders accessing your home through your doggie door.

(Photo credit: yahoo images)

(Photo credit: yahoo images)

Put a lock on your doggie door so that if you have to go on vacation or during the night, you can always be sure that your home is well secured.

Install a motion detector alarm in your premise that will send off signal when an intruder tries to access the doggie door who is more than 40 lbs. There are motion detectors that can be set to categorize pets and humans so it will set off differently.

Reinforce your pet door’s frame with metals that cannot be easily sawed. If your current doggie door is framed in wood and can easily be removed and sawed then time to change it.

Avoid plastic-flap doggie doors. These doors are hard to secure.

Consider the placement of your doggie door. Do not install it near the door lock.

Consider the size of the pet door when you are installing one. Make sure the doggie door is just enough for the size of your dog. Bigger than your pet’s size will just invite trouble.

Use a doggie door with a sensor that will open or close when your pet is accessing it through the beams passed from its collar.


These are just some tips to help you secure your doggie door. There are many other options to consider but take extra measures to ensure that your doggie door is well secured and guarded.

Cute Halloween Costumes For Your Dogs

It’s that time again where pet owners dress up their little fur balls with cute outfits for Halloween. It will be super nice to dress up your pets too if you have one especially if you want to tag them along for trick or treating.

Here are some ideas for fun, cute and very funky costumes to try for your dogs. Make sure you have the camera handy as these costumes are oozing with cuteness and just warrant photo shoots.


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