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Choosing The Right Doggie Day Care For Your Pooch

Photo credit: doggies-gonewild.com

Photo credit: doggies-gonewild.com

Deciding to leave your pooch at a doggie day care Miami can be a difficult decision. After all, I’m sure you would rather stay home with your four legged friend. Unfortunately, that is not always possible. Thankfully, there are wonderful doggie day cares, such as doggies-gonewild.com, that will give your furry friend a safe and fun home away from home. The following tips will help ensure you find the right day care for your best friend.

Questions to Ask
There are some basic questions that you should ask the day care before you make a commitment. These questions include:

• What is the dog to human ratio?
• How does the staff handle dog fights?
• What training has the staff undergone?
• Are there certified dog trainers on hand? If so, are they on staff throughout the day?
• What breeds does the day care accept?
• What is their disciplinary actions?

Avoid day cares that avoid answering your questions. A trusted, well-respected day care will be more than happy to answer any and all of questions. They know how important your dog is and want their clients to know their furry family member will be safe and in good hands while at the day care.

The staff at the day care should never leave the dogs only, not even for one minute. No matter how well behaved dogs are, they are still animals and can act out of character in a snap of a finger. If the day care is not properly staffed, the dogs could end up alone if an emergency occurs.

Doggie Day Care Dos
• Visit the facility before making your final choice
• Research each day care you are considering
• Ask questions

Doggie Day Care Don’ts
• Use day cares that have untrained staff
• Use day cares that are understaffed
• Board your dog if it doesn’t met certain requirements, such as having all the required vaccinations
• Overlook the emotions your dog has towards the day care

If your dog seems unhappy or fearful going to the day care, it could be a sign that he or she doesn’t want to stay at that particular facility. Despite how amazing the day care seems, your pooch should have the final say in determining which day care you choose.

Choosing the right doggie day care is like picking the best school for your child. You must research your options, ask questions and read reviews.

Tips To Keep Your Pets Safe From The Fireworks

Tomorrow is July 4 and it is Independence Day. Many Americans will celebrate this momentous occasion with tons of merriment that involves great fireworks that will spook the living daylights from our pets.

Here is a diagram of tips to ensure your pets are safe and secured when you decided to celebrate with fireworks to honour the American Independence Day.

10325329_829486220453450_2544289213042496820_n(Photo taken from Facebook)


Regular Vet Check-Up For Your Pets

Do you have pets? If so, how often do you take your pets to the vet for a routine check-up? Mine is annually, the same time as my dog’s vaccine shot update. I also take her when I see she is being lethargic or fussy. However, there is a variety of the number of times you can take your pet to the vet and it all depends as well on their age, size, condition, breed, and type.

It is a good practice though to bring your pet for a regular check up at least once or twice a year just to make sure the vet can spot something odd that you can’t. It is better to catch something earlier than when they are in their advanced stages.

Few months ago, I had to rush my precious baby dog, Millie, to the vet because she was acting lethargic, not eating much and walking super slow when few days before we noticed her sudden change of behaviour and lack of appetite (which was a very rare sight!), we decided a quick visit to the vet was needed. And she was just in the vet few weeks earlier for her vaccine shot.

Her blood work was taken and we were glad it wasn’t negative for anything bad. Rather, she had a pain on her shoulders because she loved to jump around and she probably had a bad fall while we were not at home. So, she was feeling all these pain and not wincing at all. We thought the vet would give antibiotics like simplicef and thank goodness that her blood results were fine. She was given a pain-relief instead for 3 days and surprisingly, as soon as she ingested the first tablet, she was back to her jumpy self.

We made sure she wouldn’t jump on the bed and couch anymore by removing low objects on the way.

So, we were glad we didn’t wait for last minute and decided to do another check-up. Otherwise, we would have seen her condition get worse.

Make it a habit to visit the vet. Take that opportunity to ask questions, clarifications and even tips if you are a first time parent to a furry baby.

Dog-Friendly People Food To Give Your Pets


When you are a pet owner, it is important to know what types of food is safe for your best friend to consume. It is a big responsibility and should never be taken lightly. Dog owners love their dog’s, so it’s only natural that they would want to share some goodies with them. Check out the following tasty treats that are actually very good for them!

Peanut Butter

All dogs LOVE Peanut Butter!

This high protein snack is healthy for dogs and is rich in protein & mineral content. 

Peanut butter is often high in sugar and salt so a spoonful or two will not harm your pooch at all, but never leave him unsupervised with an open jar, as he might go a little bit over the top!


MaraNatha – Organic Salted Crunchy Peanut Butter (1 Lb) – $6.99, Free shipping – Available at Abe’s Market

Brown Rice

White or brown rice can be a soothing side to your dog’s regular meal. If your dog’s digestive tract has been bothering him lately, you could try including some rice in his diet. Rice is an easily digestible carbohydrate, which makes it a good choice for troubled canine tummies. It is also a great source of soluble fiber, which can assist in clearing up any diarrhea if your dog is unlucky enough to be suffering from it.

Dogs love protein and it is essential for allowing them to be active all day, so don’t hesitate to serve up a steaming portion of brown rice for your energetic dog.

Lundberg – Organic Short Grain Brown Rice 2 lbs – Vegan – $5.15, See Site shipping – Available at LuckyVitamin.com

(3 reviews)

Yogurt Covered Pretzels

Just as yogurt is healthy for humans… it is also healthy for your dog! Probiotic yogurts are full of friendly bacteria, calcium, protein and so much more. You should be sure to choose all-natural yogurts that are not loaded with sugar. Too much sugar is not good for your dog, just as it is not good for you! The natural sugars in milk won’t cause your dog any harm, but you should still try to avoid offering products that have added sugar, sweeteners or high-fructose corn syrup.

Scott’s Cakes – Yogurt Covered Pretzels in a 8 oz. Red Heart Bag – $6.95, 8.95 shipping – Available at Amazon.com Marketplace

Organic Canned Pumpkin

If your dog has been sick or has been experiencing diarrhea, be sure to add some fresh pumpkin to his diet! Canned pumpkin will suffice so long as it isn’t loaded with sugar additives. It is always best to avoid adding sugar to your dog’s diet, as it is not at all good for them.

Although pumpkin can definitely be on the menu, you should avoid following up with pumpkin pie for dessert. Pumpkins will benefit the dog’s digestive tract and help it to get back on track more quickly. This tasty treat will also make them feel full, but pumpkin’s mild effect won’t further upset their tummies.

Be sure to cook the pumpkin before serving it to make it as easy as possible to digest. Pumpkins are incredibly healthy, due to their generous load of vitamins and minerals. Pumpkins are very rich in beta carotene, and are too often forgotten for their many health benefits. When carving pumpkins for the fall season, be sure to save some of the good stuff for the dog!

Farmer’s Market – Farmer’s Market Organic Canned Pumpkin 15 oz – $2.49, See Site shipping – Available at LuckyVitamin.com

(132 reviews)

Lean Pork Tenderloins

Lean cuts of meat will provide your dog with protein, riboflavin, and other nutrients that will increase energy levels and make their eyes and coats shine. When giving your dog meat, trim off as much fat as possible. You should also avoid giving them processed meat products such as burgers, as these are often packed with additives that are not so good for dogs.

Lean Generation – Smithfield Lean Generation Pork Tenderloins (Three 2.5-3 lbs each) – $59.99, Free shipping – Available at Amazon.com Marketplace

Lean Sirloin Burgers

Dogs love them a good steak! They love eating steak in the morning, noon and night… but be sure to do this in moderation.

Too much red meat can lead to your dog putting on a bit too much puppy fat due to the high calorie content in addition to being quite costly for you. 

Offering your canine companion a fresh steak dinner with mashed sweet potatoes, fresh green beans and a peanut butter apple slice for dessert will make your dog love you even more… trust me, you will see!

Alaskan Smoked Salmon

Salmon can help benefit your dog with its nutrients and protein. Just be sure to remove all of the bones before you give any fish to your pet. Fish bones are very small and can easily get stuck in a throat and cause choking. Dogs are particularly vulnerable to choking because they’re not known for being the most careful of eaters.

The omega 3 fatty acids in salmon will benefit the dog just as they do in humans. Omega 3 has a lot of benefits in the body, from supporting the health of joints to protecting the most important muscle: the heart. In addition to these benefits, experts say that salmon can support your dog’s immune system and even enhance his coat!

Harry & David – Wild Alaskan Smoked Salmon – Gift Baskets & Fruit Baskets – Harry and David – $39.95, 9.95 shipping – Available at Harry and David




Thanks for reading my list of dog friendly people food! What foods from this list have you fed to your furry friend? What was your dog’s reaction to the tasty snack? Sound off in the comments below!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links provided by Postpresso.

Treat Your Beloved Pup to Something Above and Beyond a Cage

Modern fans of having their own puppies and adult dogs often suffer from trying to decide what the best option is for having them go to the potty at various times and in different scenarios. 

photo not mine

photo not mine

Sometimes it’s so cold out during winter that it is challenging to brave the great outdoors. Additionally, you might simply want an alternative to taking your puppy outside for the times your are working besides having them simply go on paper you’ve laid down in their cage. 

With options you will find when you shop ModernPuppies.com, and companies like theirs, is a way for your pet to roam freely, without caging, throughout the day without having any potty related accidents. These types of devices allow your dog to have the same comfort of having his or her own place to relieve themselves, just like cats have their litter boxes and humans have toilets. 

The beauty of such programs is that they also offer potty training options for puppies, so you aren’t left completely on your own to do the training blindly, especially with a completely new type of product. In a one-bedroom and one-bathroom style apartment, these cages really do act more as a home within your home for your sweet puppy, giving him or her a sense of belonging and personal space that no other type of unit is likely to provide. 

Once your puppy is happy, trained and satisfied with their new little corner of the world, you will find a new sense of satisfaction at how your pet fits within your family.

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