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New Types of Pet Barriers

Most pet owners have experienced it at least once: they’re on a nice, peaceful drive and their trusty, furry companion is with them. Everything may be hunky-dory at first, but suddenly, without warning, the dog goes wild. Refusing to stay in the back seat, he tries repeatedly to climb into the front of the car. This is not only frustrating for the driver, but also downright dangerous. How can anyone fully concentrate on steering their vehicle properly with Fido trying desperately to climb into their lap or to start licking their face?

photo credit: doggiegoride.com

photo credit: doggiegoride.com

Naturally, this is why pet barriers came into being. But many of the types available do very little to deter the animals from pursuing their very unacceptable behavior. A dog can easily move the solid type that can’t be seen through and isn’t even properly secured. He can lean through netting or even bite right through it. While there are metal barriers, many are spring-loaded and can sproing out of place or damage the interior of the car. If there’s so many cons with what’s available, though, what’s left?

Some people end up creating their own pet barriers that bypass these problems. While some leave it at that, others decide to try to patent and sell their creations to other worried, frustrated pet owners. One such invention is available at http://doggiegoride.com. It’s a unique metal vehicle pet barrier that looks like a cage door, with levels of thin bars that enable a perfect view from either side. It’s adjustable to three different heights, so that dogs of many sizes and breeds can join the fun of a car ride. It’s also designed to protect the interior of the car, so there aren’t any spring-loaded devices that can bounce free if there’s trouble with the installation.

There are other unique pet barriers on the market as well. Finding them just takes an Internet search or two. If you’re an exasperated or frightened pet owner worried about the damage your dog could cause, getting a barrier that’s right for you is a good idea.

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