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Clearing Our Mess

I am very surprised that I managed to clear almost 6 big trash bags filled with our old stuff that we seldom use and have long forgotten. The trash bags were filled with old and worn out toys of our Millie, my daughter’s old school notebooks, my own files and articles that I couldn’t remember printing out, my husband’s magazines which were all decade’s old and worn out shoes/bags and even clothes that couldn’t be donated anymore. I even saw some cheap custom drawstring bags which were marked with some hotels’brand we have stayed at before during our travels. There were even very old bath soaps and gels from the same hotels that I have kept for souvenir or when we have guests.

I guess, we have been hoarding for a long time now and just realized that the stuff we have were just collecting dusts and taking up space at home. I even gave some of my old bags and shoes back home recently when we sent a “balikbayan” box. I just couldn’t believe that even after cleaning before, we still have so much mess. It’s time to downsize and really stick to our goal of saving. I can’t afford to keep buying stuff only to forget about them in the long run.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom

I got this poem from the internet and credit goes to the owner of this one. But let me borrow it for the meantime because it’s too beautiful not to be share especially to the most important woman in my life – my mom.


Credit: rafaqat.com

Credit: rafaqat.com


Happy Mother’s Day Mom and I love you so much. I thank you for all the things you have done for me and our family. You are the best!

Grooming Time For Millie


The weather has let up and it’s not as cold as it was the previous days so it’s time for our “stinkerella” Millie to go to the groomers for her regular grooming session.

I gave her a bath 2 weeks ago at home but her coat is already bushy and long and needs to be properly trimmed, shampooed and blow-dried by the professionals. She looks like a walking rectangular box already with 4 legs!

I normally don’t give her bath every week because of her sensitive skin. I only brush her regularly. However, every other month, I take her to the groomers except this winter time has been a bit weird and our Millie had to wear her doggie shirt to keep warm even with her thick coat already. Since the weather is okay and we’re back to using the air condition unit on, that means, it’s warmer and more so, Millie will be feeling more hot that her humans.

So, stinkerella Millie is ready for her grooming time!

How about you, how often do you take your lovely pooch for a professional grooming?

My Hello Kitty Stuffed Toys Collection from McDonald’s


Yes, I got all these cute and huggable Hello Kitty stuffed toys from McDonald’s. You can buy it for AED 100 (approx $30) for all 5 of them or AED 25  (approx $7) each. So, I did the Math and decided to get the whole set for only $30 and that was a steal for me.

I got these few days after our Tokyo trip so I still have that “kawaii” feeling inside after seeing so many cute stuff in Japan. I am amazed by the number of cute items McDonald’s have lately when you buy a meal. These collection can be bought independently.

The whole collection is about Circus so each Hello Kitty is wearing different costumes as part of the Circus. My favorite is the one with the moustache. They are all adorable!


The box doubles as a storage and bag too but I don’t intend to remove them in their plastic wrappers. I’ll only open them when we’re all back in the Philippines and I have my own office and curio area to display all the collections I have from our travels and toys.

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