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Playing The Piano

It’s been ages since I have last played the piano. I think my fingers are already stiff and needs a lot of practise to condition them again.

I took piano lessons when I was just 6 or 7 and played until I was 13. During those time, I only had 2 piano teachers who were both passionate about teaching the rudiments of playing the piano. My first teacher (unfortunately, I cannot remember her name) was a piano teacher by heart. She would give me assignments that I would practise at home. And we didn’t own any piano that time so I would practise pounding my tiny fingers on the coffee table, much to the amazement of my family.

I learned to read the worksheet and managed to moved my way up to the more complex pieces. I haven’t tried the super complex ones yet, just the mellow pieces where I could read with ease.  I haven’t tried playing pieces like heart and soul piano sheet music but I am sure, if one of my piano teachers would play this piece, they would do justice and would beautifully execute them.

I miss playing the piano. I wish I can still flex my fingers and tap the scales again. I have honestly forgotten how to read some of the notes and I couldn’t remember the terminologies now. Maybe in time and constant practise, I will remember them like they were just yesterday.

Super Mom

I wish I can say I am and I pray I am to my child…

Photo credit: http://supermomsa.co.za/

Photo credit: http://supermomsa.co.za/

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommies out there and most especially to my mum who’s always been there. 


Black Saturday 2015

I am still clearing up my mess from my recent trip and just finished unpacking. I haven’t actually put much effort on this year’s Holy Week which my family and I observe. I feel awful not being able to offer more sacrifices when I could and should but I hope, God can hear my prayers.

I am trying my level best to just keep off from the online scene at least until Easter Sunday, tomorrow. This time is intended for deep reflections and offering sacrifices which I hope I am not yet late.

Photo not mine

Photo not mine

Super Busy Holidays

Hello everyone! My days have been very hectic since the day I arrived in the Philippines. It’s very odd that I had migraine for the last 3 days since I arrived and was practically asleep most of the time. I took advantage of the days that followed when I got better to visit family and meet up with friends. Unfortunately, time is not in my favor so I can’t meet all my relatives and friends. I just get tired easily and the traffic is terrible. Also, people are everywhere in the mall. It’s like half of Metro Manila are in the malls around Metro Manila! Of course, I’m just exaggerating but you get my point.

Well, I think my holiday will be one hectic vacation. I’m just glad that at least, I had time to visit my relatives in Bulacan even for a short while. I hope they enjoyed my visit too.

So, until next vacation break. I hope when that happens, I’m more healthy and don’t have bouts with migraine every time I have to go out. It’s just a bummer. Why can’t I be as healthy as other healthy people? Anyway, c’est la vie.

Lines and connections will be crazy few hours before the New Year’s celebration. So let me take this opportunity to greet everyone a Prosperous New Year!


God bless and may the ushering of the New Year bring so much joy, peace and love to all.

A Christmas Greeting To All

Today is a special day. It is the day of our Lord and we are wishing you a blessed Merry Christmas and praying that your day is filled with love, hope, joy and peace.

Christmas Tree and ornaments card

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