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How Your Child Can Get The Most out of Day Care Nursery

A few simple day care nursery tips

Going to a day care nursery can be scary, especially for a sub-5 year old. It’s great they’re going, but are they getting the most out of the experience?

There’s no doubt they’ll grow and develop, but there are some things you can do to help that process, and even experience some wonderful things yourself.

If you’re looking for some ideas to help your child get the most out of nursery, you’re in the right place. Let Sandhills Day Nursery Birmingham show you how:

Photo not mine

Photo not mine

Review What They’ve Learned

When they’re at home, go over the things they learned that day (and previous days as well).

Draw, play, and create with them. Reinforce the ideas, knowledge and concepts they’ve grasped.

Sing the ABC song; give them math’s problems; help them arrange fridge magnets.

Let them teach you what they’ve learned; get messy with finger paint; play with blocks and brio, etc.

At home, going over the things they’re currently learning —whether that’s the alphabet, countries of the world or simple math’s—is extremely helpful to improve their preschool nursery experience.

Learn More

Although going over what they’ve learned is great, learning new things with them is even better. They can then go back to day care nursery and maybe teach others their newfound knowledge.

Try reading and writing with them, or simply find answers to the never-ending stream of ‘Why’s’!

Stay in The Loop

What are they doing in preschool nursery? What are they learning? What new friends do they have?

Becoming a part of not only your child’s time at nursery, but the community’s as well is a great way to improve the experience for everyone.

And instead of only dropping your child off and picking him/her up later, stick around for a while to see how they’re getting on; talk with some of the parents about their time; ask the staff how he or she is progressing.

At Sandhills day nursery Birmingham, we regularly discuss with parents their child’s progress and how their child is settling in, as well as their education. Childcare is important to us, and we base these discussions on their relationships with the staff and other children, their participation in activities, familiarity with routines and the whereabouts of resources.

Arrange Playdates (with Children From the Nursery)

Playdates are a brilliant way to help your child get the most out of day care nursery; they help strengthen the relationships they build with other children —crucial to their progress.

And instead of being the paint-partner or toy-teammate, you can watch him or her interact with another child and see how they’re getting on; how they play, talk, share, etc.

Day care nursery in and of itself is a great experience, and a critical learning curve. The amount of learning and growing they do in these years is astronomical, so making it the best possible experience is key.

Hopefully these 4 ideas can help you to help your child not only do well in nursery, but excel!

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