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Bored or Plain Stupid?

There’s a nonsense “hip” thing going on in Boston. Since Boston has ben experiencing really harsh snowy winter and is already 8 feet deep and counting, some local Boston residents decided to be adventurous and just outright stupid.

Some people are doing a “dive” in the snow and has picked up pace. It has become outrageously popular and dangerous that the Mayor in Boston, Mayor Marty Walsh held a conference and requested every daredevils out there to stop their nonsense.


I would understand getting in your ski suit and actually ski through the neighbourhood for kicks or go sledding but who dives in a snow wearing only their underwear? It’s bad enough that they may get pneumonia or frostbite and even hit a sharp, hard ice and die. Don’t they know that? Are these stunts brought about being snowed in, just being stupid, or adrenalin really pumping and diving out on the snow would help? Or all these for popularity’s sake – a few seconds of fame in the social scene? I don’t know about you but I call those stunts “STUPIDITY AT ITS BEST!”

(Photos from SFGlobe.com)

Mom Protects Her Baby

I was going through the news yesterday and found this amazing teen-mom’s presence of mind in times of danger remarkable. The mom, a recently widowed teen, saw intruders in her home and shot one of them to death to protect her 3-month old infant. She put the baby down on her bedroom bed and gave milk to quiet the infant before she called 911 and asked permission to shoot the intruders.

I watched the video about it in Yahoo and was really surprised. She had presence of mind, calm during the situation inspite of the death of her husband on Christmas Day. She had too many on her plate to handle another catastrophe if she hadn’t decided to shoot the intruder. It was either the baby or the intruder getting hurt and certainly, she quoted saying in the interview, “it’s not going to be my baby.”

I think her maternal instinct kicked in to protect her young. I am not sure if what she has done is the best solution given the situation but I believe her intention to protect her baby is her utmost priority. If you were in the same situation, would you do the same?

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