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Homemade Mosquito Repellent

Photo credit: buzzle.com

It will be rainy soon in some parts of the world. People are getting ready to have their surroundings clean and water-free for the mosquitoes to use as breeding area.

One preparation to make is a safe and environment-friendly repellent you can use. Here is a recipe for a homemade mosquito repellant.


Bottle spray
essential oils
carrier oils or alcohol

For the essential oils, any of the following:
cinnamon oil
lemon eucalyptus oil
citronella oil
castor oil

Safe carrier oils to use, any of the following:
olive oil
sunflower oil
any other cooking oil
witch hazel

Mix the essential oil with the carrier oil or alcohol and place inside a bottle or plastic spray. Rub or spray the natural mosquito repellent on the skin or clothing and avoid the sensitive areas like the eyes and nostrils.

You can re-apply the natural mosquito repellant after an hour or so or after your activities. Store the remaining homemade mosquito repellent in a dark bottle and away from heat or sunlight. Re-use when necessary.

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