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Great Finds At Musician Friends

If you are looking for anything about musical instruments like guitars, drums, keyboard, and other music-related accessories, you don’t have to look to far. You can find what you like and need from musician friends site.

Musician Friends carry many musical instruments and accessories for sale which are perfect for gift giving or to purchase for yourself. Sometimes they offer deals and promotions to hard to miss because of marked down prices and other music-related stuff that are hard to find.

So, next time you are in search of musical instruments and accessories, you know where to search for – Musician Friends.

Drums and Bongos

There was a time when I wanted to learn, not just how to play piano but to also play the drums and bongos. I was a member of our school choir at an early age but had to stop for some personal reasons. I always check out the drum set and some bongos at the corner of the Music Room. Some of my choir members would beat them for fun and others played them with ardent rhythm and beautiful melodies they had made up.

Now, looking at the lp compact bongos with mount at guitar center’s site, I can’t help but smile and reminisce of the past. I wonder, if I had pursued that secret dream to play the drums and bongos, I would probably be good at it by now.

Musical Instruments For Sale

We were in one of the biggest mall in Dubai a while ago. We passed by a stall that sells various musical instruments like flutes, violin, guitars and other accessories for playing music. I was taken aback when I saw a small note that says “banjos for sale” because it is not a very common string instrument used in this part of the world. While guitars are the most common pick of music fanatics, I cannot help but wonder why the people have not taken so much liking to other musical instruments like the banjo, cielo or even the drums.

Missing The Glee Club

I used to be in our school’s Glee Club when I was in my elementary until middle school years. I didn’t play the piano nor had the propensity to strum those fancy dean guitars. I didn’t play the flute or any other available instruments but I belong there.

I miss the days when I had to run to the 4th floor to catch the practice session with my other Glee Club members. We always start the meetings with a prayer then a vocalization practice and then we move to the different repertoire.

I was often placed in second voice because of my mid-range tone. I couldn’t and can’t still reach the higher notes especially now that I haven’t practiced for so long. I haven’t done any breathing exercises nor vocalizations. I forgot the tips and tricks of singing. I don’t think I’ll get my pitch back but I sure miss the fun times in the Glee Club.

For The Love Of Music

Our house is full of musically inclined people except for me and my daughter. The only inclination to music my daughter and I have is our love of singing regardless of our lack of tone.

My husband’s side of the family if full of musically talented people. They can play the instruments, sing in tune, and either exposed in the music scene. We have several accessories of music related items like 4 by 12 speaker cab, DJ set, wide collection of cds, MP3 players, record player, equalizer, musical instruments and music pieces.

I wonder how I will develop my musical talent, if I have one. I just want to be able to express myself in other form aside from writing and music is one way of releasing the creative in me.

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