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Banjo vs. Ukulele

I have seen a rise in the use of ukulele, from actors and actresses of the big screen, to musicians, and normal citizens. I remember owning a cute ukulele when I was young. I never learned how to use it but had it anyway.

Ukulele is a small guitar with very cute tune coming form a hollow body. It is a smaller version of a guitar but still uses nylon as strings.

Banjo, on the other hand is a round acoustic instrument. We usually see banjos in movies related to the wild west or the hill billies. It is perfect for folk, bluegrass, and country music. It has a circular body with a membrane covered by either a plastic or sometimes an animal skin. You can also find electric banjo – guitarcenter.com if you preferred an electric banjo.

Musical Instruments and Accessories

Many people are getting hooked on playing various kinds of musical instruments and that is a good thing. I think it is better to engage in music rather than get into vices that are not worthy of one’s time and effort.

If you are in the process of joining a musical band in school or learn a new hobby, you can start researching about various musical instruments and the accessories that go with them. See if your mindset is ready to pick up a new skill and follow that gut feel.

You can visit http://www.musiciansfriend.com/ site and see the many musical instruments offered. Check your budget as well and purchase the one that is best for you.

Making Beautiful Music

I have no idea on how to compose songs, nor play an instrument aside from the piano (which I am not very good at now), and make some pretty melodies that can one day become hit songs or good dance tunes.

There are people born with good ear; meaning, they hear something and they convert that into beautiful sounds. Some are born to make good music and one way to hone that is to give them the right nudge and tools to pursue their passion. Perhaps, you have a kid who loves making sounds or mixing them to create music, then give them dj remix apparatus and software so they can follow their dreams. Who knows, one day, you will be hearing your very own kid’s music playing in the airwaves!

(Photo credit: pioneerelectronics.com)

Playing The Piano

It’s been ages since I have last played the piano. I think my fingers are already stiff and needs a lot of practise to condition them again.

I took piano lessons when I was just 6 or 7 and played until I was 13. During those time, I only had 2 piano teachers who were both passionate about teaching the rudiments of playing the piano. My first teacher (unfortunately, I cannot remember her name) was a piano teacher by heart. She would give me assignments that I would practise at home. And we didn’t own any piano that time so I would practise pounding my tiny fingers on the coffee table, much to the amazement of my family.

I learned to read the worksheet and managed to moved my way up to the more complex pieces. I haven’t tried the super complex ones yet, just the mellow pieces where I could read with ease.  I haven’t tried playing pieces like heart and soul piano sheet music but I am sure, if one of my piano teachers would play this piece, they would do justice and would beautifully execute them.

I miss playing the piano. I wish I can still flex my fingers and tap the scales again. I have honestly forgotten how to read some of the notes and I couldn’t remember the terminologies now. Maybe in time and constant practise, I will remember them like they were just yesterday.

What is a School Band?

I’m sure you’ve heard of boy bands, girls bands, and rock bands. How about school bands? Well, if you’re thinking they are a group of musically inclined young people who are passionate in playing their favourite musical instrument and showcasing their talent for the whole school to enjoy and be proud of, then you’re absolutely right.

A school band consists of the band members, their conductor, and the band’s musical instruments like brass, woodwind, percussion including those nice drum sets with 14 x 12 snare drums, and the string instruments for the upper level school bands who plays at concert halls too.

School bands play on various school events like sports’ fest, graduations, awarding ceremonies, and they even play on competitions with other schools for a prize.

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