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Young Granny

Listen up people! Don’t get too riled up with my article’s title right now because it is not me. I just want to share a funny article I read in Babble.com about a forty-something lady who will become a granny.

Shauna Glenn is the author of the article “Too Young For The G-Word” in Babble.com. She shared her insights and feelings about venturing to a new role which is normally delegated to the elderlies. I can’t help but snicker while reading her article and let a sigh of relief for myself.

My daughter is in her teens and I seriously swear, I am not ready to be a granny and I don’t want to be just too soon. I always tell my daughter how much I want to have plenty of grand kids so that whenever we have family reunions, there’ll be lots of pitter-patter of tiny feet, too much running around and that will also give me an excuse to go shopping for lots of toys for special occasions. She’ll just smile and roll her eyes in exasperation. I was assured many times by my sensible daughter that she has a long way to go before she even thinks about what I was blabbing about. Oh, thank goodness for that! She’s still a baby and I’m still a baby myself!

Motherhood VS. Career

I recently moved to a new department last end of February. So you can say I am practically new there even if I have known the people there for years.  I try my best to be early at work and not to skip any work days, as much as possible. Today is different.

My daughter was complaining last night about her aching throat and the shivers. She said she ate too much chocolate so I think it’s the tonsilitis again. Then I woke up this morning and she was feverish. I gave her medications and asked her to skip school while I get myself ready for work. And later on, I went to work.

I felt guilty while on the way to work. I kept imagining my shivering daughter, alone at home with no one to mind her while I sit at my cozy cubicle working. I managed to clock in but the moment I sat in my work station, guilt has eaten me up in whole. It was further cemented when colleagues who are mothers as well advised me to just take the off and take care of my daughter. I thought to myself, do I even have to chose between my career and daughter? It was a no-brainer and yet I went to work. So, I asked if I could go home from my supervisor. And I took off.

In normal circumstances, it is easy to gauge the value of being a mother as opposed to being a career woman. I knew the answer as soon as I saw my feverish daughter that she would be my priority and somehow, that decision buckled because I felt I owe it to my new work place to be there.  I feel so bad. How can I choose work over my daughter’s well-being?


Mom Protects Her Baby

I was going through the news yesterday and found this amazing teen-mom’s presence of mind in times of danger remarkable. The mom, a recently widowed teen, saw intruders in her home and shot one of them to death to protect her 3-month old infant. She put the baby down on her bedroom bed and gave milk to quiet the infant before she called 911 and asked permission to shoot the intruders.

I watched the video about it in Yahoo and was really surprised. She had presence of mind, calm during the situation inspite of the death of her husband on Christmas Day. She had too many on her plate to handle another catastrophe if she hadn’t decided to shoot the intruder. It was either the baby or the intruder getting hurt and certainly, she quoted saying in the interview, “it’s not going to be my baby.”

I think her maternal instinct kicked in to protect her young. I am not sure if what she has done is the best solution given the situation but I believe her intention to protect her baby is her utmost priority. If you were in the same situation, would you do the same?

Tough Love

Today I got my daughter’s mid-term report card and let’s just say, I am not very happy and satisfied. Although her grades are average, she can improve more but she’s just not doing it. The teacher even told me that she noticed how my daughter was so complacent while the others were serious with their studies.

I have been through this tough road before and my daughter knows that when I finally give an ultimatum, that is is! I have extended her ultimatum so many times since her Grade 6 days. I just don’t understand why she cannot focus on her studies while her classmates and friends can.

I asked her if she has any issues or problems she wants to discuss but she just shrugs her shoulders. I know she’s going through a phase and I have been through that too but she has to adapt too. It can’t be just a one-way road for us where the parents keep adjusting to when she is finally ready to take things (studies primarily!) seriously. I keep telling her that she will make her future for her. We, as parents can only guide her towards her dreams. But by the looks of it, my daughter is simply satisfied getting average marks, not excelling on anything, just drawing manga stuff, engaging on anime forums but never to her study.

People can’t say that my husband and I are spoiling her. As a matter of fact, she is still grounded since her Grade 7 last term because again, she did not deliver good grades when we had a deal.

I am really mad, lost and losing my patience with her. She can’t keep pulling the “teen-angst” card on us because not all teens go through a dark phase. Like I said, I have been a teenager too but then, I knew exactly what I would like to become and I never, ever treated my parents with disrespect.

I feel like throwing her stuff out of the window and just sending her home for good. I mean, I would rather spend money to a poor kid whom I don’t know than pay her exorbitant tuition fees when clearly, she is not interested to study. What does she want to do with her life then? Throw it away? Be a bum? Be supported even through our old age? Common on, we can only do so much as parents but we need to take credit too. It can’t be a one way street here!

So, I punished her and this time I am not going to feel guilty about it. I already brought her a Christmas gift but I feel she does not deserve it because all she wants, she gets. This time, my rule! If she wants something, she will definitely work triple hard to get it and she has to prove us that she deserves what ever she wants. Drill-sergeant mom or iron-clad, call me names but I don’t care anymore. I have reached the point where I have to give her tough love. How else will she learn how to prioritize and set her goals and actually achieve them… if she even has any.

Parenting is tough. It is even tougher if your only child does the exact opposite of what you silently dream him or her to become. Don’t get me wrong, I want the best for her and only the very best but with how she is performing in school and practically in everything, I am now wondering…

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