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Protect Your Property From Mosquitoes

If mosquitoes are turning your dream of pleasant outdoor time into an itchy and potentially dangerous nightmare, fight back with My Mosquito Deleter. This simple, environmentally sound water treatment for mosquitoes can make your lawn and garden safe for the whole family.

Anyone who has ever had to contend with these tiny stinging insects knows what an annoyance they are, but what you may not know is that mosquitoes can spread so many diseases that they’re are actually among the most dangerous creatures on the planet. According to the US Centers For Disease Control, mosquitoes are responsible for more than a million deaths each year through the transmission of diseases including malaria, West Nile Virus, yellow fever, and most recently Zika Virus.

My Mosquito Deleter is uniquely effective because it was designed to take advantage of mosquito breeding practices. Though it’s widely believed that mosquitoes breed in tall grass or dense bushes, this is incorrect. Mosquitoes actually need stagnant water in which to lay their eggs, and the eggs must remain in the standing water for about a week to complete their development cycle, going through larvae and pupae stages before emerging as adults.

Even if there are no ponds or other bodies of water near your property, your outdoor areas could be at risk of infestation. Mosquitoes only need a small amount of standing water to facilitate breeding and can lay eggs in puddles, ditches, birdbaths, clogged rain gutters, and even the standing water that accumulates in potted plants, pet bowls, and toys.

The first step in eliminating mosquitoes is to remove all sources of standing water around your home and property. Then by using the My Mosquito Deleter mosquito larvae trap kit, which includes four traps that replicate mosquitoes’ natural breeding areas, you can protect an area up to an acre.

Assembly of the traps is quick and easy, and after filling them with water and adding two of the special mosquito water tablets to each one, they’re ready to go to work. Simply place the traps in shaded areas at least 150 feet apart. After two weeks, check the water level and add more if necessary; after a month, add a fresh mosquito water tablet.

The My Mosquito Deleter system is a safe, low-maintenance, environmentally friendly, and affordable way to take back your outdoor spaces and eliminate the threat of mosquito-borne diseases.

Homemade Mosquito Repellent

Photo credit: buzzle.com

It will be rainy soon in some parts of the world. People are getting ready to have their surroundings clean and water-free for the mosquitoes to use as breeding area.

One preparation to make is a safe and environment-friendly repellent you can use. Here is a recipe for a homemade mosquito repellant.


Bottle spray
essential oils
carrier oils or alcohol

For the essential oils, any of the following:
cinnamon oil
lemon eucalyptus oil
citronella oil
castor oil

Safe carrier oils to use, any of the following:
olive oil
sunflower oil
any other cooking oil
witch hazel

Mix the essential oil with the carrier oil or alcohol and place inside a bottle or plastic spray. Rub or spray the natural mosquito repellent on the skin or clothing and avoid the sensitive areas like the eyes and nostrils.

You can re-apply the natural mosquito repellant after an hour or so or after your activities. Store the remaining homemade mosquito repellent in a dark bottle and away from heat or sunlight. Re-use when necessary.

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