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The Ultimate Work At Home Bundle is Here

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Are you a stay-at-home mom or dad and wants to contribute something to the family’s household income without sacrificing your family, and time? Well, here is the answer to that –

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What You Need To Qualify For Debt Consolidation

Many people suffer from stress that is brought on by their debts, and these times can be very nerve-wracking, especially if you have a family. There is a wealth of advice freely available on the moneysmart.gov.au website which you may find useful if you are struggling with your personal finances. One option that may be open to you is to consider a consolidation loan, which will lump all of your debts into one easy manageable monthly payment, which can also potentially save you money by paying less interest. However, these types of loans are not suitable for everyone, and there are criteria to match to qualify for this kind of loan. So, who will quality for a consolidation loan?

Owners Of Collateral

If you have collateral, then you will find that it is much easier to get accepted for a loan. There are many people across the country each year that will get refused a loan because they do not have any collateral. If you own a vehicle or property, then this can be used as security against any loan that you take out. It is worth pointing out though that if you default on the loan, then you will also be at risk of losing the item that you put up as collateral against your loan.

People With Good Credit History

You will also find it easier to get loans for debt consolidation from Debt Fix or similar companies if you have a good credit history. You will often find that having no credit history is considered just as bad as having an atrocious one by the financial institutions, so if you have things like a car loan, mobile phone, or other forms of small credit, then this can help you to get a consolidation loan if you require one.

Those Who Earn A Decent Living

You will find that it is also much simpler to get a consolidation loan if you have a good job that pays well. Many people will get refused for a consolidation loan if their amount of debt is 40% or more of their total earnings, so having a good salary will make it easier to lend money when you need to. Of course, it is also simpler to get into debt when you earn more money as many companies will make it easier for you to run up large bills, so it is something with which you need to be careful.

Applicants Who Don’t Have Too Much Debt

You will be the perfect applicant for a consolidation loan if you have collateral, earn a respectable wage, and also do not have too much debt already. As mentioned above, finance companies do not like their customers to have too much debt, so as long as their level of debt is manageable and the applicant earns a decent living, you should be able to apply for and receive a consolidation loan.

Just remember that it is worth your time and effort to shop around and make sure that you get the best deal possible, as no two financial companies are the same. With a good credit history and regular money coming into your account, getting a loan to consolidate all of your debts should be simple, helping you to get your head above water and rid yourself of debt once and for all.




Use Coupons From Groupon For Great Savings

**This is a sponsored post. All opinions expressed in this blog post are 100% mine.


Everybody loves a good savings and who wouldn’t? When money is a bit scarce these days, and the holiday season is coming, then anything we can get to save on groceries, goods, and merchandise will be much appreciated.

With savings in mind, Groupon is a good place to buy the things that you need. Groupon is not only for goods, local services, and travel offers. Groupon also has “coupons” tab in the site to venture on. You can find plenty of well-known brands with great offers to help you get your money’s worth.

Here are some of the brands that I like that are offering fabulous deals in Groupon:

Victoria’s Secret
Steve Madden
Charlotte Russe
Banana Republic
Bed, Bath & Beyond
Home Decorators
Easy Canvas Prints
One Travel
Tarte Cosmetics
Kenneth Cole
The Vitamin Shoppe

…and many more!

I am considering many of my Christmas gifts to be purchased from Groupon Coupons. I can use the coupons on my favourite brands and buy the items that I like for myself (I do have my Christmas wishlist!) and for my family and friends. I still have some items to purchase to complete my Christmas list and I am excited to take advantage of the many discounts I can get from Groupon!

If you want to stretch your budget further without feeling the pinch, Groupon Coupons is your best bet for that purpose.

Find out more about Groupon on their social sites:

Facebook Page


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Stretch Your Budget This Holiday Season With Discounted Goods at Groupon

**This is a sponsored post. All opinions expressed in this blog post are 100% mine.

I have made my Christmas list a bit early this year because I would like to really see how far I can stretch my holiday budget this time. Last year’s budget went over because my husband and I got hooked with the Black Friday deals. Next thing we know it, we were buying so much for gifts for families and friends.

I told myself that we will not make the same mistake again. Money is a bit tight this year but it doesn’t mean we cannot allocate a portion for gifts for families.  After all that we have been through the early part of 2016, I feel it is right to celebrate (albeit not as fancy as our previous holiday celebrations) to honor my late mum’s fond memories of Christmas. She loved the holidays. She loved giving gifts. She loved entertaining guests and decorating the house with festive things.  And I will certainly keep that tradition in the family.

I am glad that I managed to save enough to use to buy gifts this Christmas so I need not panic on that. I know that I can find plenty of discounted stuff from Groupon to stretch the budget further.  Aside from the gifts, we already bought Christmas decorations to spruce up the place.


Last week, I bought my first Lemax Christmas Village. We also have other decorations that need to be displayed. However, I don’t want the batteries to eat so much from the budget allocated for the gifts. So I found a really good deal from Groupon Goods to buy the batteries in bulk or even get those rechargeable ones so I don’t keep on replacing the other batteries for the decorations.


(Photo from Groupon)


I will be scouring Groupon for more great finds. Groupon has plenty to offer, from fashion, to toys, to shoes, to electronics, to household items, to travel, and even services! I don’t have to go anywhere to get the best deals because Groupon has them, and all these at the comfort at my home.

You will certainly find many items you may consider as gifts. You don’t have to break your head thinking too much of what to give because of the many selections in Groupon. Just take your pick, click on the product, and pay! Saves you gas because the goods will be delivered to you (check their shipping policies). It’s convenient and no worries on parking woes! Groupon is your go-to online shopping site for your many needs!

How about you? Have you made your Christmas gift list? Have you managed to set aside a budget for the coming holidays?


Save Money And Cut Back On Unnecessary Expenses

I am trying to cut back on many unnecessary expenditures so we can save more than what we should. This is because my daughter is going to college in 2014, we may start the house construction as well and we will be shuffling back and forth for those reasons. And because of those reasons, I am trying to augment our household income by blogging and creating handmade cards. I have yet to set up my handmade cards’ site as I build my stock but I will get there.

If you are in the same boat as I am or at least, have other projects to do that will require a chunk of your savings or have children in school or sending a family member to school then you will relate to these tips on saving money and cutting back on unnecessary expenses that my family have undertaken. Remember, it’s not too late so start saving now.

Lessen the family trips
We love traveling and every year we do that, not just once but several times. Even if we get super low fares because we are airline staff, we still need to bring pocket money, pay for the hotel (if we’re not staying with relatives) and pay for food and tours. It takes a slice out of the savings pie so this year and onwards, the only travel we will have is back home.

Sell unwanted items at home or those barely used or not used at all
My recent summer cleaning yielded plenty of great finds that I can actually sell and make money of. I found several barely used bags, some dresses and garments still with the tags on, my daughters old toys, my fashion accessories that I no longer use, some shoes gathering dust and books read only once. If I sell them all in the flea market, I’ll probably have a decent proceeds from my unwanted stuff.

Refrain from dining out
We love to eat out because by the time we come home, we are just too tired to even lift our fingers and prepare food for cooking. However, that has to change. I have been cooking more and more as the days go by. I cannot afford to spend ridiculous amount of money for fast food when I can cook healthier and cheaper versions at home. That will certainly cut back my expense to half.

Cancel magazine subscription
I used to subscribe to crafty magazines but decided to end the subscription this year. I can get ideas anyway in the internet and I don’t need another pile of stuff to gather dust at home. This saved me $70 per year.

Buy wholesale
Yes, it may sound like it’s hoarding but it’s not. We buy our food in bulk now unlike before. We would buy 1 or 2 and go back to the mall to buy for the next weekend. We try to get those food that are packed together because they are promotional offers. Also, we go to the fish market to get our fresh seafood supply which is 25-50% cheaper than the ones sold in the groceries in town.

Don’t go shopping impulsively
Before I even go to the mall these days, I ask myself if there’s something very important I need to buy. If the answer is no then I don’t go out. Sometimes, it’s just that sudden urge to window shop that leads to spending unnecessarily that gets me in trouble. Now, I know better.

Pay off your credit cards
If you have other means to pay bigger amount every month rather than the minimum, do so. Don’t let the credit interest pile up because if that happens, it will take you several years to finish one card. If you can, close them. Retain one if you have to only for emergency cases.

Put some money towards bonds
Check the financial institutions in your community and see if they have great deals for bonds that will give you high interest yield if you invest for a period of time. We have managed to save our money in various time deposit and bonds scheme so at least, there are interests going around in each account.


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