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Gift For Mommies

My mom recently celebrated her 65th birthday and I missed to give her a gift she really loves. I sent her money and sets of new birthday clothes she could wear. I also sent her medicines and bags because she loves bags. However, you know what else she loves? Jewelries! She has a penchant for collecting fine jewelries and I have an idea where I can buy her one.

Photo not mine

Photo not mine

My mother-in-law is also going to celebrate her 76th birthday and that is another cause for celebration. She is not much of a jewelry collector like my mom but she deserves one too to celebrate her upcoming birthday.

I will be scouting in several jewelry shops in the coming days before Eid so I can get good offers. Aside from discounts, you can get good deals for wholesale jewelry price if you buy a lot. Maybe I can score one for myself and daughter too!

My Bags Are Packed

I can’t get over my excitement! Our luggages are packed and tickets are ready. My daughter and I are nor flying to Manila until 17 June but I am making final check on what we must bring home. We do this trip annually but the previous vacations were filled with family problems back home so I wasn’t that keen to go home. This time is a different tune. I am not minding the problems back home. I want to have fun, relax and enjoy the company of the people who really matter to me.

I want it to be 17 June now. I just want to see my mom and have a nice chat with my family and friends. Aside from seeing my immediate family, I’ll be having a mini-reunion with my best buddies back in high school and in my previous office. I’ll be taking plenty of photos on the occasion!

Few more sleep and I’ll be seeing my family again. Yey!  :clap:

Happy Mother’s Day 2011

Photo credit: charterct.com

To all the moms (including myself) out there who unselfishly give a part of their heart to all they love…

Happy Mother’s Day and you deserve all the recognition in the world for being a great mother.

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