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Why Your Aquarium Plants Need CO2

Photo credit: 05.com

Photo credit: 05.com

Of all the aquarium accessories you can buy, CO2 accessories are probably the most important pieces of kit you’ll need for a healthy aquarium.

There’s nothing better than a luscious planted aquarium that’s thriving with real plants. Many aquarium owners would prefer the real deal to artificial plants made from plastic or silk.

What’s more, real aquatic plants provide your fish with a more natural habitat. Also, if your fish are herbivores, live plants can provide them with nutritious food in between their regular feeds.

CO2 Accessories and Your Tank

Why do I Need CO2 Accessories?

So where does CO2 come in? If you use CO2 – or carbon dioxide – in your aquarium you’ll notice a huge difference in your plants.

CO2 accessories promote healthy plant growth and help turn your planted aquarium into a luxurious, verdant environment for you and your fish to enjoy.

Carbon dioxide is essential for plants to grow. The way plants work with CO2 is a wonderful, natural cycle. During the day, they take in CO2 and give off oxygen. At night-time, they take in oxygen and release CO2. This makes for a harmonious and healthy ecosystem.

Plants also grow through a process called photosynthesis – which is when plants convert light into nutrients, or food. If they don’t have enough CO2, they cannot do this and will not produce new leaves and roots.

With non-aquatic or terrestrial plants, CO2 is readily available in the air. But in the underwater confines of your aquarium, often additional carbon dioxide is required to give the plants a boost.

How to Keep My Aquarium Healthy?

In addition to CO2, the levels of light in your aquarium must be carefully balanced. CO2 and light work together during the photosynthesis process, with the light providing the energy and the CO2 driving the chemical reaction. These two elements need each other, so don’t forget how important your lighting is too.

Getting the right amounts of CO2 in your water is a fine balancing act – if carbon dioxide levels are too high, the amount of oxygen will fall.

If you ever spot your fish gasping for air at the top of your aquarium, it could be a sign that there’s too much CO2 and that oxygen levels are low. This can happen if you have lots of plants in your aquarium.

If you think that CO2 levels in your water are high, you can easily test it by measuring the PH of the water.

Quality CO2 Kits

To ensure you get the balance just right, accessories are often the best way to regulate CO2 in your aquarium.

A CO2 cylinder is a convenient way of supplying your aquarium with carbon dioxide. To ensure that the CO2 is introduced into your aquarium in just the right way, a CO2 regulator is also required. This reduces the high-pressured CO2 of the cylinder into just enough pressure to keep your aquatic life happy.

Use these in conjunction with a pH controller to ensure that the carbon dioxide level is in balance and keep your fish safe.

Remember to check your aquarium regularly if you’re introducing new CO2 accessories to your tank. If you need help choosing the right CO2 accessories, contact our aquarium specialists.

We stock a huge range of aquarium accessories, including replacement CO2 solenoid valves, pH controllers and much more.

Browse the shop at http://www.co2art.co.uk and get your tank in optimum condition.

Taking Care Of Your Sliding Doors And Windows


If you live in a place with plenty of sliding windows and doors, you will have to stock up on lubricants to ensure that the bearings will slide off easily on the track and not grind on the railing. However, these kinds of bearings need to be maintained regularly to ensure that they stay on the track and not get rusty or jammed with dust and lints.

Here are some tips to note to keep your sliding doors and windows well maintained:

  • Regularly clean the track area by vacuuming the lints and dust coming from the environment because when they collect and settle on the tracks, those dust and lints can jam the railing and bearings.
  • Dry the railings when it gets wet with old newspaper.
  • Lift the doors and windows every now and then to check on the track for some objects or small rocks that may embed on the bearings or hardware mechanism of the sliding doors and windows.
  • Lubricate regularly after cleaning the track or railing so the bearings will slide off easily on the track.

How to Find a Trustworthy Air Conditioning Specialist

Cool air in the house is a luxury you do not want to be without during the hot summer months. Comfortable temperatures are even more prominent when there are small children, elderly, and sick household members. Keeping your AC in excellent condition is important for those reasons and many others. How do you know if your unit is working fine? You need to call a popular Texas air conditioning specialist for an inspection. Keep on reading if you need help finding a trustworthy, experienced expert for a checkup or repairs.

Talk to Friends

Most everyone knows a bunch of proprietors. Ask all the people you know if they ever called an air conditioning company for service. Your friends, coworkers, family members, and neighbors may have opted for an inspection just like you, or their unit broke down and was in desperate need of repairs. Either way, they had to call an expert for the job. Inquire why they selected that particular company. Were they pleased with the outcome?

Check Periodicals

Periodicals can be anything from the newspaper to the old-fashioned phone book. Although electronics are now governing modern consumers, many people still stick to the Yellow Pages and flyers when they need the services of a local contractor. That is why smart, keen businesses continue to pay for advertisements in those solutions.

Online Research

 We live in a society addicted to conveniences. That includes the Internet. Businesses, such as air conditioning service providers, aiming for success use this knowledge to their advantage. These clever entrepreneurs maintain well-documented websites, and have memberships with several local online business directories. These listings are similar to traditional phone books, except that they are online. This means that they can be checked by any device that has Internet access. Complete a targeted search for AC specialists. Enter your zip code to ensure that the search results concentrate on companies in your neighborhood.

Local Professionals

 An active Texas air conditioning specialist needs supplies. Materials are often purchased at local hardware stores. Ask the staff at these shops for a recommendation. Other professionals who can give you a reliable referral are home inspectors, real estate agents, and building contractors. 

How to Handle Your Carpet



(photo credit: yahoo images)

It is very important to regularly maintain your carpets so that they can have a longer life and remain free of dangerous materials for your health. If you don’t take care of your carpets, then mites, dust, and bacteria can build up in your carpets, causing those living around your carpet to get sick. Also, carpets that are not properly taken care of can wear out faster than they are supposed to, requiring you to replace them earlier than is necessary. If you want to avoid these consequences, here are some tips on how to take care of your carpet in Tempe, AZ.

Maintaining Your Carpet

First, regular vacuuming is very important in keeping your carpets clean. Chances are, you are not vacuuming your carpets enough; many  people don’t know that experts recommend vacuuming your carpets at least once a week. Areas of the carpet that see more traffic should actually be vacuumed twice a week or even once a day, depending on the amount of use. Next, regularly having your carpet cleaned is also important in proper carpet care. While vacuuming pulls out a lot of the dirt, dust, and other particles on the higher levels of your carpet, professional cleaning is necessary to get your carpets cleaned deep down. Cheaper-quality carpet shouldn’t be cleaned as often as higher-quality carpet because cleaning breaks carpet down a little bit each time you have it cleaned. On average, though, you should clean your carpets at least once a year.

How Often Should You Replace Your Carpet?

Even when you take good care of your carpet in Tempe, AZ, replacement eventually becomes necessary. After a while, your carpet can get matted down, permanent stains can take residence on your carpet, or the padding underneath can get worn down, necessitating replacement. Also, carpets aren’t really made to last longer than 10 years, so even if you are taking care of your carpets, they still have a life limit. If you notice that your carpet has any of this kind of wearing and damage or if your carpet is over 10 years old, then it probably needs to be replaced.


Signs of a Damaged Roof

(Photo credit: yahoo images and I added text)

(Photo credit: yahoo images and I added text)

You must always keep the roof of your home in good shape if you want to have a strong home. A weak roof could collapse at any moment and injure or kill those inside. A roof leak could cause water damage to your home. A hole in the roof could expose the inside of your home to the elements. Because of all these consequences, it is important to take good care of your roof, and get roof repair if you ever need it – look out for these signs and get repair if any are apparent.

Signs of a Damaged Roof

You should go out on your roof at least twice a year and walk around to inspect the entire thing closely. There are a few things you should look for. First, look for any missing shingles or anything that generally looks different than the rest of the roof. If some shingles are a different color than the others, there could be some kind of algae growing on them that will cause serious damage over time. If they seem to be rotting, they could fall away at any point and are likely going to deteriorate very quickly. Look to see if there are any large gashes in the roof that could come from contact with trees nearby or other large objects flying through the air. As you stand on the ground in your yard and walk around on the roof itself, look to see if the roof is uneven at all. It may be buckling or bunching up in some areas. This may require that you get an entirely new roof – it usually happens if the roof was not installed correctly in the first place.

Getting Good Roof Repair

When you get roof repair, you want to get it from someone who will do a good job. Speak to the professional to see if you should get a simple roof repair or whether you should replace your roof altogether. Make sure that they do a good job and keep an eye out after the work to see that the roof stays in great condition.

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