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Three Reasons to Avoid Fixing Your Own Clogged Drain

Nobody likes it when their drain backs up, but it happens in every home. Before you decide to put too much effort into fixing this problem, you should simply call a plumber. There are several reasons to do this, but the following are among the most important ones.
It may be a soft stoppage

This type of clogged drain is usually found in the kitchen sink drain. Lots of grease and oil build up over time creating a blockage. The problem with this type of stoppage is that once it is cleared, it will often reassemble a few feet down the drain pipe. It takes the use of a pressure hose to clear the drain with a soft stoppage. These are simple attachments that can be fitted to a common garden hose. However, it takes experience and skill to use one. In the hands of an amateur, the entire house can wind up flooded.
It may be a problem outside of your home

Many homeowners are not familiar with the basic design of a drain system. All drains in your home will route to a central location. This is usually a toilet. From here, there is a single, large main line that is connected to the sewer system. Often, when there is a drain problem, it may appear to be in your home, but the issue will be in the main line outside of your home. A common example of this is a toilet that persistently clogs or flushes slowly. In this case, the toilet may not be the problem, it may be the main line, and this is usually an issue with tree roots growing into the main drain line.
Protecting your personal safety

Although there are possibilities with do-it-yourself drain cleaning, there are safety issues you should consider. For example, the drain cleaning chemicals available off the shelf of your local store can be dangerous if handled improperly. In addition, they seldom work. Professions plumbers do not use them, so this should tell you something about their effectiveness. Also, if you need to get on your roof to access a drain through a vent shaft, it is possible to fall and injure yourself seriously. Any time a homeowner needs to get on his or her roof, it is best to call a professional, regardless of the specific job that is required.

If you have a drain that is clogged or is simply draining slowly, your best course of action is to call an orland park plumber immediately. They can fix your problem right away.

Keep Musical Instruments Well Maintained

If you play an musical instrument, it is also your responsibility to take good care of it like it is your child or your most prized possession. Musical instruments are not cheap. They are made with precision and high-grade materials to ensure their performance is not substandard and that they can produce sounds that are beautiful, and crisp.

A guitar is one of the musical instruments that require cleaning and maintenance. It has to be free from dust so its performance is not compromised. And to make it very presentable and pleasing to the eyes while in use, it is best to buy a kit use to polish guitar and keep it from the elements.

A piano will require fine-tuning regularly to ensure that the sounds of each key are how they should sound like.

A drum set will also require thorough care so that it does not get pricked.

There are many ways to maintain musical instruments. What ever is the type of instrument you have must be treated with utmost care. And if you are not familiar on how to care for your preferred choice of musical instrument, you can always check the internet for plenty of tips and resources.

Common Signs of Furnace Troubles

Your furnace controls the temperature of your home and provides you with heat in winter and on cooler days. Whether you have forced air heating or a duct system, you can turn the furnace on and off and change the temperature with your thermostat. Forced air heating uses large open vents that let warm air rise, while duct systems use blowers to push the warm air through the house. There are some common signs of furnace troubles that might indicate you need to call a repair company.


Photo credit: picsbox.biz

Photo credit: picsbox.biz


Unusual Noises

Houses make odd noises as the foundation settles and the house goes through temperature changes. You may even notice that your furnace makes some loud noises when it kicks on after adjusting the thermostat. While some noises are fine, other noises can indicate a serious problem. This includes a loud knocking or banging sound that comes from the furnace or a soft ticking sound. The noises can become so loud that you can hear the furnace running from anywhere in your home.

Lack of Temperature Control

Thermostats consist of a series of small numbers and a dial or lever that lets you increase or decrease the temperature. After adjusting the thermostat, you should hear the furnace kick on and notice warm air coming through your vents. If your thermostat does not send a signal to the furnace, it might be time to get in touch with a Pittsburgh heating & furnace repair company to repair your furnace.

Tips for Preventing a Heating Emergency

As summer gives way to the cooler temperatures of fall in Northern, VA, there has never been a better time to ensure that your heating system is ready for the rigors of winter. Here are a few tips designed to help you stay warm this winter and avoid a potential breakdown of your heating system.

Change the Filter
Furnace filters should be changed monthly. However, if you haven’t changed your filter in awhile, it’s best to do it now. Not only will a clean filter help foster good air circulation to the furnace, it will help lower winter heating bills and improve the quality of your home’s indoor air.

Schedule Preventive Maintenance
If your heating system hasn’t had a checkup since its installation, now is the time to call a professional. A professional heating and air conditioning technician will check your heating system for worn or broken parts and replace them before they become a problem. He or she will also clean the system and ensure that everything is working properly.

While changing the filter and having your heating system maintained won’t prevent every breakdown, these steps will go a long way to ensuring that you and your family remain warm and comfortable this winter. Companies like Eastern Tech Air VA can provide you with the maintenance services you need to get ready for colder weather as well as provide emergency repair services if you experience problems. Schedule your appointment today.

Why Your Aquarium Plants Need CO2

Photo credit: 05.com

Photo credit: 05.com

Of all the aquarium accessories you can buy, CO2 accessories are probably the most important pieces of kit you’ll need for a healthy aquarium.

There’s nothing better than a luscious planted aquarium that’s thriving with real plants. Many aquarium owners would prefer the real deal to artificial plants made from plastic or silk.

What’s more, real aquatic plants provide your fish with a more natural habitat. Also, if your fish are herbivores, live plants can provide them with nutritious food in between their regular feeds.

CO2 Accessories and Your Tank

Why do I Need CO2 Accessories?

So where does CO2 come in? If you use CO2 – or carbon dioxide – in your aquarium you’ll notice a huge difference in your plants.

CO2 accessories promote healthy plant growth and help turn your planted aquarium into a luxurious, verdant environment for you and your fish to enjoy.

Carbon dioxide is essential for plants to grow. The way plants work with CO2 is a wonderful, natural cycle. During the day, they take in CO2 and give off oxygen. At night-time, they take in oxygen and release CO2. This makes for a harmonious and healthy ecosystem.

Plants also grow through a process called photosynthesis – which is when plants convert light into nutrients, or food. If they don’t have enough CO2, they cannot do this and will not produce new leaves and roots.

With non-aquatic or terrestrial plants, CO2 is readily available in the air. But in the underwater confines of your aquarium, often additional carbon dioxide is required to give the plants a boost.

How to Keep My Aquarium Healthy?

In addition to CO2, the levels of light in your aquarium must be carefully balanced. CO2 and light work together during the photosynthesis process, with the light providing the energy and the CO2 driving the chemical reaction. These two elements need each other, so don’t forget how important your lighting is too.

Getting the right amounts of CO2 in your water is a fine balancing act – if carbon dioxide levels are too high, the amount of oxygen will fall.

If you ever spot your fish gasping for air at the top of your aquarium, it could be a sign that there’s too much CO2 and that oxygen levels are low. This can happen if you have lots of plants in your aquarium.

If you think that CO2 levels in your water are high, you can easily test it by measuring the PH of the water.

Quality CO2 Kits

To ensure you get the balance just right, accessories are often the best way to regulate CO2 in your aquarium.

A CO2 cylinder is a convenient way of supplying your aquarium with carbon dioxide. To ensure that the CO2 is introduced into your aquarium in just the right way, a CO2 regulator is also required. This reduces the high-pressured CO2 of the cylinder into just enough pressure to keep your aquatic life happy.

Use these in conjunction with a pH controller to ensure that the carbon dioxide level is in balance and keep your fish safe.

Remember to check your aquarium regularly if you’re introducing new CO2 accessories to your tank. If you need help choosing the right CO2 accessories, contact our aquarium specialists.

We stock a huge range of aquarium accessories, including replacement CO2 solenoid valves, pH controllers and much more.

Browse the shop at http://www.co2art.co.uk and get your tank in optimum condition.

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