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Gift For Mommies

My mom recently celebrated her 65th birthday and I missed to give her a gift she really loves. I sent her money and sets of new birthday clothes she could wear. I also sent her medicines and bags because she loves bags. However, you know what else she loves? Jewelries! She has a penchant for collecting fine jewelries and I have an idea where I can buy her one.

Photo not mine

Photo not mine

My mother-in-law is also going to celebrate her 76th birthday and that is another cause for celebration. She is not much of a jewelry collector like my mom but she deserves one too to celebrate her upcoming birthday.

I will be scouting in several jewelry shops in the coming days before Eid so I can get good offers. Aside from discounts, you can get good deals for wholesale jewelry price if you buy a lot. Maybe I can score one for myself and daughter too!

Pearls For Graduation Ball

My daughter will have her Graduation Ball this May 2014. We are all excited! And she is really looking forward to that event. I have asked her what she wants to wear for her ball aside from the usual ball gowns. This is what she has to say:

Ever since getting my first locket, I’ve taken quite a shine to jewelry. But, not that flashy and blingy types. ┬áThose are far too glamorous and eye-blinding. I like the plain ones. The more subdued-kind of jewelry. The classy and the ones with the different kind of beauty.

And then I found beautiful pearls from Reeds.com for mikimoto jewelry. Mikimoto Jewelry. When I saw these, I knew for sure that they were not only beautiful, but made me have an epiphany about my future Graduation Ball in spring.

Selling Gold For A Quick Buck

Wallets are certainly tight in our current economy, and when unexpected expenses come up, you may find yourself desperately scrounging for a way out.

One of the most surefire ways to make a quick buck is by selling off some of your prized possessions. It may not sound like a particularly thrilling prospect, but sometimes sacrifices have to be made. However, before you go hocking your television, you may want to consider parting with some jewelry or going through an old coin collection. Jewelry isn’t exactly a necessity, and you may find that you’re sitting on a great deal of pieces you don’t even wear anymore. If they are made of real gold and fine metals, you’ll be able to exchange them for a fair price with specialty merchants that cater specifically to jewelry and similar merchandise. If you live in Texas, you can find a trustworthy Houston gold buyer at HNEX.com. Indeed, there are a great many places that will buy back your unwanted jewelry and coins.

Parting with a coin collection may be difficult, especially if you’ve been collecting for quite some time. However, you may be surprised at what your items can net you, so it won’t hurt to get a quote and you can always say no to the deal. You won’t be able to take your collections with you when you’re gone, so you may as well reap the most out of them and use them in a practical way while you can. There’s no time like the present.

Gold and Silver as Investment

I am talking about gold and silver in the context of jewelry. I am not a big fan of jewelries. I prefer accessories over precious metals or gems. I don’t mind wearing fake ones too because I have the tendency to lose my precious necklaces, bracelets and rings. However, a lot of people have advised me to at least buy some and keep for the future. I can purchase cheaper gold necklaces or even silver rings to add as investment. My collection is not much. They are mostly given to me but the ones I purchased is just a handful.

I wonder if having plenty of gold and silver jewelry can help me with my finances. Gold in Dubai is a good source of money. The gold and other precious stones here are weighed so if you have old gold jewelry, you can sell them. I am not sure if silver can be sold here too. I have a friend who bought some fancy gold jewelry many years ago and sold them in a higher cost. She spent an approximate $500 for the ones she sold and she got almost 150% more.

I may buy some for the sake of keeping them for investment purpose but to wear them in a daily manner may be a different story.

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