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Insuring Your Equine Investment and Companion

Many horse owners consider their horses to be friends first and investments second. Nonetheless, a horse is a major investment that calls for you to protect it accordingly. Along with making sure your horse has safe and comfortable shelter, plenty of nutritious food, and high-quality vet care, you also can protect your equine investment by taking out an insurance policy on it. You can find out against what this policy can protect you and your horse by going online today.

Incidences Covered by Horse Insurance and Other Protective Policies

Horses are hearty creatures that can live for many years. However, even the best tended horses can succumb to injuries and illness.

When you lose a horse, you may also lose a source of income that you and your family count on throughout the year. You may use your horses for farming and ranching operations. You also may show your horses and utilize the prize winnings as a source of family income.

Regardless of what purpose you use your horse for, you may want to back it up with an insurance policy. The policy would pay out if your horse dies and you lose the income derived from it.

Along with succumbing to illness and injury, you may lose your horse in a freak accident. The policy can pay out if your horse is killed in an aircraft-related accident. It also will pay if your horse is destroyed from falling debris or in a natural disaster like a fire, flood, tornado, or earthquake.

Depending on the policy you choose, you also may be allowed to add some incidentals that may be covered by the insurance. For example, you may be covered if you add incidences like accidental shootings, animal attacks, drownings, and other disasters.

Theft Protection

Thieves know that horses are valuable animals. It is not uncommon for owners to have at least one or more horses stolen from them.

When you have a horse stolen, you likewise suffer a financial loss from which can be difficult to recover. You can recoup some or all of your losses with a high-quality equine theft insurance policy.

Horses can generate income for you and your family. You can protect against losses and also provide a backing for your investment and animal companion by purchasing a policy for your horse today. The policy can cover you if you lose your horse under normal and extraordinary circumstances.

Jewelry Wish List

I am not keen on jewelries whether they are platinum gold of not. I prefer wearing simple accessories because I do not want to be obligated to take extra caution when wearing something very valuable. Why risk it getting lost or stolen? Hence, my decision to go for fashion accessories.

My taste may be a bit eclectic but there are some pieces that I have been eyeing for some time now and I am actually saving for them as investment and heirloom to pass to my daughter. I like some pieces at Tiffany, Roberto coin pendants and also looking at sterling silver cross at joyjewelers.com. I do not have the means to buy them now nor in the near future but they are in my “wish list.” And I always make it a point to make the items in my wish list a reality.

Save Money And Cut Back On Unnecessary Expenses

I am trying to cut back on many unnecessary expenditures so we can save more than what we should. This is because my daughter is going to college in 2014, we may start the house construction as well and we will be shuffling back and forth for those reasons. And because of those reasons, I am trying to augment our household income by blogging and creating handmade cards. I have yet to set up my handmade cards’ site as I build my stock but I will get there.

If you are in the same boat as I am or at least, have other projects to do that will require a chunk of your savings or have children in school or sending a family member to school then you will relate to these tips on saving money and cutting back on unnecessary expenses that my family have undertaken. Remember, it’s not too late so start saving now.

Lessen the family trips
We love traveling and every year we do that, not just once but several times. Even if we get super low fares because we are airline staff, we still need to bring pocket money, pay for the hotel (if we’re not staying with relatives) and pay for food and tours. It takes a slice out of the savings pie so this year and onwards, the only travel we will have is back home.

Sell unwanted items at home or those barely used or not used at all
My recent summer cleaning yielded plenty of great finds that I can actually sell and make money of. I found several barely used bags, some dresses and garments still with the tags on, my daughters old toys, my fashion accessories that I no longer use, some shoes gathering dust and books read only once. If I sell them all in the flea market, I’ll probably have a decent proceeds from my unwanted stuff.

Refrain from dining out
We love to eat out because by the time we come home, we are just too tired to even lift our fingers and prepare food for cooking. However, that has to change. I have been cooking more and more as the days go by. I cannot afford to spend ridiculous amount of money for fast food when I can cook healthier and cheaper versions at home. That will certainly cut back my expense to half.

Cancel magazine subscription
I used to subscribe to crafty magazines but decided to end the subscription this year. I can get ideas anyway in the internet and I don’t need another pile of stuff to gather dust at home. This saved me $70 per year.

Buy wholesale
Yes, it may sound like it’s hoarding but it’s not. We buy our food in bulk now unlike before. We would buy 1 or 2 and go back to the mall to buy for the next weekend. We try to get those food that are packed together because they are promotional offers. Also, we go to the fish market to get our fresh seafood supply which is 25-50% cheaper than the ones sold in the groceries in town.

Don’t go shopping impulsively
Before I even go to the mall these days, I ask myself if there’s something very important I need to buy. If the answer is no then I don’t go out. Sometimes, it’s just that sudden urge to window shop that leads to spending unnecessarily that gets me in trouble. Now, I know better.

Pay off your credit cards
If you have other means to pay bigger amount every month rather than the minimum, do so. Don’t let the credit interest pile up because if that happens, it will take you several years to finish one card. If you can, close them. Retain one if you have to only for emergency cases.

Put some money towards bonds
Check the financial institutions in your community and see if they have great deals for bonds that will give you high interest yield if you invest for a period of time. We have managed to save our money in various time deposit and bonds scheme so at least, there are interests going around in each account.


Adding Jewelries

I do not fancy gold nor silver jewelries but I do buy once in a while regardless of brand or make. I see these kinds of jewelries like slane and slane, Damas, Tiffany and other known brands as a good investment.

Aside from saving money in the bank, I think it is wise to also purchase jewelries like gold and silver to add to your asset because precious stones, gold and silver have appreciating costs in the market. It will be useful in the future if you need to liquidate them for easy cash.

On Investments

We do not have that much money in the bank nor hold any stocks to liquidate in the future. We only have a pension plan and several properties to call our own to secure our future. I have been telling my husband that we should consider getting annuity rates comparison with other plans so we can invest some of our hard-earned money to secure our future.

We are looking into other types of investment. Business is an appealing choice but will require a substancial amount of capital depending on the kind of business we will pursue. On the other hand, engaging in a business will definitely bring in money regularly so we do not have to rely solely on our monthly salaries.

I am glad that we have managed to secure ourselves when it comes to properties. At least we know there is going to be a place where we can call home. The other matters on sustaining ourselves in the future will be considered and discussed so we can invest our money wisely.

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