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Inventory Of Unused Items

I thought I have already gotten over buying or acquiring stuff that would end up at the back of my closet or in a storage box under the bed. I am looking at the number of various bags, from designer to mid-range to recyclable to the custom tote bags. I still have plenty and I already sold and donated quite a number. That only means, I still have a lot stashed somewhere.

Bags and clothes are not the only things that are gathering dust in my closet and shelves. There are books and DVDs, all original. I’m not sure whether I’ll donate the books or sell them. My daughter insists to sell them so we can make money out of them. I am beginning to lean on that suggestion. We could use the money as savings for her education. It won’t be substantial but the proceeds will surely be enough to cover at least a month’s worth of grocery. That’s for sure.

Another stuff I want to get rid of are the winter clothes. We have plenty! Dubai is not even a cold place and when we have winter here, it’s mostly short-lived. However, we do use them when we travel to colder parts of the world. So, this one is a bit tricky. I might hold the thought.

There are still toys left in our closet which my daughter ceased to play. We sent a box-full of toys few years ago and I couldn’t believe my eyes how many more we have left.

I wonder if all these seldom used items will be disposed of properly. I am starting to make an inventory and will probably post some to our community online market to be sold. I just hope people won’t go stingy on me and haggle for a lesser price.

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