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Pretty Christmas Swags For Your Home

I love Christmas! It’s a great season to dress up your home with festive decorations. Christmas trees, wreaths, ornaments, nativity scene and lights are the common Christmas decorations you can find in a household. However, there is another Christmas decoration I love putting at home because it adds some drama and really livens up the place. That decoration is the Christmas swag.

A swag is usually a bundle of leaves with fruits, flowers that swags, sways or droops. It is usually found on homes’ doorways, staircase railings, mailboxes fireplace mantle, table top center pieces and even on window sills as decoration.

You can spice up your Christmas decors with an addition of a Christmas swag. Look at these lovely swags for inspiration.

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How to Style Your Bedroom for the Summer in no Time

Summer is knocking on the door. Have you got everything ready for the new season? Now might be time to consider a few improvements for your bedroom. If you do not want to spend weeks on enhancing its look, there is another way to go. While many people want to do some major changes to the appearance of their bedrooms, others prefer to stick with simpler and less expensive solutions. Well, there are a few things to do in order to style your bedroom the easy and time-efficient way. We suggest you have a look at this.





The quickest way to change the appearance of your bedroom is to rearrange your stuff. Start by moving things around. For example, move your books from your shelves to a cabinet near your bed. Send the stools to a different location. Change the position of your bed. You can’t imagine how much rearranging your things can affect your bedroom’s appearance. It will look so much different if you just move a few things around.



If you are looking for a new bedroom design, you will have to replace a few things. For example, start with the smaller things, such as your curtains. New curtains always freshen a room up.

In addition, take the time to select new bedding sets. This will add a different feeling to your bedroom. Replace the linens, cushions and pillows, etc. Choose bright and colorful bedding. Go for summery colors. Let nature inspire you.


Add Stuff

One thing comes and another thing goes: this should be the general rule to follow. If you took the time to remove the extras, you can enjoy more free space. How about you add some new things to doll up your bedroom?

For example, add accessories. Scented candles, knick-knacks, decorative magnets, postcards from friends, etc. Add photos on the wall next to your bed so that the first thing you see in the morning is the people you love and care about. What a great beginning of the day!

Moreover, add flowers. Nothing can uplift one’s spirit like a vase with fresh flowers straight from the garden. Their aroma, blossoms and beauty will help you start each day with a smile on your face. But you should not restrict yourself solely to fresh flowers. Why not add a few flower pots? Fresh flowers are great but they have a small vase life. Potted flowers, on the other hand, have a long lifespan.

Add more mirrors. If you can, have your mirrors face the windows. This will help lit up the room. More light means more space (at least that is how you will feel).



And finally, if you have more time, consider repainting a single wall to draw more interest to that particular part of the room. Whether it be the wall behind your dressing table or the one behind your bed, it is all up to you. Remember to use soft, soothing colors to help improve your sleep. Go with gray, beige, frosted rose, yellow, etc. The options are endless and it really depends on your personal preferences as well as the design of your bedroom.

We hope you got inspired and are ready to style your bedroom for the summer. As you can see, bedroom makeover does not have to be time-consuming, complicated or expensive. A few small changes like replacing the cushions or moving stuff around can make all the difference. Don’t forget to clean it. Dust doesn’t look well. If you want to freshen up your bedroom, this is the best way to go.


The article is kindly contributed by a team of carpet cleaners in Highgate.

Light Up The Room

Photo not mine

Photo not mine


One of the places I the home where everyone is sure to look and notice is the ceiling. The fixtures on your ceiling can illuminate the room or create a whirlwind of feelings. Many homeowners have a simple light on the ceilings in the rooms of their home. This is particularly true in the bathroom. However, there are other ways to decorate with ceiling fixtures in the other rooms of your home.

A ceiling fan with a light offers a few purposes. You can use only the light, only the fan or both. This is a good way to cool a room when it is hot without letting a lot of light in the room if you want to keep the area looking natural. A ceiling fan and light combination works in any room of the home, but you should avoid putting one in the bathroom. There are several kinds of light fixtures that you can get for rooms in the house. Teenagers sometimes want a fixture that gives personality to the room such as something bright and vibrant. An elegant fixture can be added to the living room or dining room to give a sophisticated appearance without spending a lot of time and effort.

3 Surprising Colors You’ll Love in Your Living Room


Your Home Is Your Castle

Your home is your refuge, where you retreat from the outside world. It is also your showcase that you share with family members and friends. As such, you should feel entitled to decorate your home to suit your tastes and preferences. However, many people shy away from using bold colors in their homes. There is no need to do this.

The key to successfully incorporating color into your interior décor is to follow a few basic rules. For instance, pull one of the colors from your draperies to use as an accent color for a sofa or chair. Carry different shades of a particular color from one room to the next – the deep blue of an accent chair in the living room can reflect the sky blue walls of the hallway leading to the bedroom.

You can also use color to create conversation areas. For instance, place a pair of cozy 2 seater sofas opposite of one another with a coffee table between them, like the ones at www.made.com. If you like, you can place an accent chair at a ninety degree angle to the sofas on one side. However, you should leave the other side open unless your room is sufficiently large to allow for an easy walkway between the various seating pieces.

Three popular colors for living areas are bright red, fennel green and teal blue. Each of these colors can really bring life to a room. Depending on your room, each color could be used for furnishings, walls, accent pieces or a combination of the three.

Bright Red

Don’t be afraid to use red for a wall color. Red makes an especially bold statement as a background color for a gray sofa or large-scale museum-quality painting. Likewise, a red sofa can provide the focus point for your room, with soft gray or blue accent chairs. If you’re truly the bold type, pair black leather with a red background wall. If your décor is more refined, you can still incorporate red in the form of accent pillows or as a featured color in the pattern of your draperies.

Fennel Green

This cool, soothing color can make a comfy sofa seem even more inviting. Fennel green is a versatile interior décor color which can also be utilized as a wall color, in your floor covering or included in the pattern of your draperies. You can also incorporate fennel green as an accent color for throw pillows for your sofa or chairs. Fennel green can also be incorporated into an overall green-yellow color scheme to create a room that reflects openness and brightness without seeming overpowering.

Teal Blue

Teal blue represents an excellent color for your walls. If amateur upholstery is a hobby, you can also recover a vintage sofa or armchairs with teal blue velvet. If that’s too much work, seek out fitted furniture coverings that can make old furniture look new. You can use teal blue in an overall blue-gray color theme to create a room that reflects tranquility. Blue is also an excellent basis for an overall interior color scheme.

About the author

Amy Grimshaw is an expert in paint colors. She loves helping people find the right colors for their rooms on interior design blogs.

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Benefits Of Having A Kitchen Back Splash

One thing a homeowner should avoid is having a greasy and full of grime kitchen wall especially near the stove area. This is the reason why some homeowners install a kitchen back splash made of ceramic tiles, slate, granite, glass tiles, steel and anything easy to wipe-off and clean with a de-greaser. It has plenty of benefits too in terms of big savings in cleaning materials, repainting job, and re-tiling work.

If you want to have a hassle-free cleaning in your kitchen after a serious cook-fest and don’t have a back splash right now, you may consider to have any of these incorporated to your kitchen when you do some renovations. It will not burn so much hole in your pocket but it will definitely make your cleaning life much easy. Aside from that, it will protect the wall against greases, oils and grimes so when you decide to eventually sell your property, you can still set a good price considering the clean surrounding.

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