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Easy To Make Christmas Decorations On A Budget

Decorating your house for the festive holiday season like Christmas need not burn a big hole in your pockets. There are many ways to spruce up your house with the use materials and stuff which you already have in your home like last Christmas’ lights that still work, old baubles and ornaments and glass bowls, spare candles, colorful fabric felts or extra fabrics with bold prints and colors, candies, festive colored ribbons, used socks and old Christmas cards, twigs and pine cones/leaves, and the list goes on.

Here are samples of beautiful and easy to make Christmas decorations you can do as a project before the merriment starts.

(All photos are from www.digsdigs.com)

Add Pantone Colours of 2015 in Your Home

I am in awe in this year’s Pantone colour selections. I liked last year’s Marsala too but I see the colour more suited for fashion, in my opinion. Although, the Marsala colour can blend well with luxuriously dark interiors and decors, this year’s Pantone colours are very soft, soothing, calming and cool.


Pantone’s Serenity and Rose Quartz are these year’s Pantone colours for 2016. The rustic, light pink tones of Rose Quartz and the cool, light bluish with a touch of periwinkle hues of Serenity make them great perfect for homes and establishments who are after calming and soothing ambience for their decors and interiors.

Here are some nice inspirations for home decoration, renovation and interior updates with some touch of the Pantone colours of 2016.






3 Ways To Bring The Outside In This Summer

Summer has finally arrived, and wasn’t it long overdue? Summer, as I’m sure you’re all aware is the perfect time for re-decorating the home. This summer, a return to nature and wooden décor appear to be key themes that will carry through, and numerous redecorations seem to be carrying along this theme. Here are just three ways that you can capitalise on this and bring wood into your home this summer.

Wooden Floors to Brighten Up Any Entrance

Your entrance hallway is the one place where people will gain a first impression of your home. Unfortunately, as it is the place where most people enter and exit your home, it becomes grubby and tatty quickly, creating a poor first impression… especially if you have carpets.

For this reason, especially if you’re thinking about a restyle, you should seriously consider wooden floors (or laminate wooden effect ones if the budget is tight). This will instantly both take your home back to nature and make the space much more liveable. Wood allows for easy wipe down and quick cleaning, so gone are the days of mucky footprints staining the carpet. This way you’ll have a light, bright entrance hallway that will last forever.

Wooden Beds to Bring Nature into the Bedroom

The bedroom is a sumptuous boudoir in the winter, and a place to retire and relax away from the cold. However, in the summer, this is no longer the case, and you want something that is light, bright and airy: the perfect place to escape the heat of the summer sun.

Wooden beds are perfect for the effect of bringing the outside in, especially handcrafted solid wooden ones. If you team this with light, beige linen and stone coloured walls, you’ll revitalise your bedroom, celebrating the best of the British summer in the process.

Wooden Picture Frames and Accessories to Tie Everything Together

Of course, nobody can afford to entirely redecorate every single room in their home and, because of this; you need to pay attention to the little details that will tie everything together. Simple décor items like wooden furniture frames provide a completely natural look, while stone or sand based vases will help tie together elements from each room, creating a constant theme using a minimal budget.

To conclude, wood definitely looks like it will be the in vogue décor accessory this summer. From big, statement wooden furniture pieces to small and slight finishing touches, wooden décor could make all the difference to the outlook of your home this summer. So, if you’re thinking of redecorating or renovating, keep the above points to mind when you’re selecting a scheme. There’s wooden furniture for every budget, so the sky is your limit- good luck.

Get Furniture that Fits Your Lifestyle


If you are like the new breed of person, everything that you own is disposable. You don’t want to have to move from place to place hauling a houseful of furniture with you. You want to be able to move without all of the trappings, especially if you work in a fluid industry that requires going from one place to another. That makes finding the right furniture in Gulfport or wherever else you are moving really important. However, that furniture needs to be adapted to how you plan on living.

Six Months
If your job is going to require you to be someplace for three to six months, spending money on furniture may be a low priority. You are going to want to find a mattress, a chair, a desk to work at, and probably a bookcase. Add a couple of lamps, and you are good to go. The essentials are all you need, especially when you are only going to be around for a couple of months.

However, if you are uncomfortable with the transient lifestyle, you are going to want to get some more substantial furniture. Finding something that says who you are doesn’t have to be a chore. The most important thing is that you put your stamp on the place that you have moved into. You don’t want your home to feel like a motel. That means that you have to strike a balance between too much and too little furniture. Of course, the only thing that you will need to be aware of is that some assignments turn into something longer than was previously thought.

Staying Longer Than a Year
If you plan on staying any place longer than a year, you are going to need some substantial furniture in Gulfport or wherever you may be. Chances are that you will meet people that you will want to have over to your place. If it looks like you are still moving in after three months, you will be seen as a little weird. Plus, that type of living makes people a little leery of getting to know you. Who wants to get attached to someone that is just going to leave?

Types Of Christmas Tree Toppers

A Christmas Tree is one of the staples in decorations during the holiday season. It is fun to decorate the Christmas Tree with baubles, ribbons, bells, ornaments, tiny lights, sparkles and many more. However, it will not be complete without the topper.

The Christmas Tree Topper is the ultimate finisher of the decorated tree. It adds drama and beauty to the already decked tree; thus, making it more lively, interesting and entertaining.

Here are the types of Christmas Tree Toppers you can choose to cap of your decorated tree (no pun intended).


This is the most common Christmas Tree topper of all time. Some of the star toppers are affixed with LED lights to make it twinkle like the real stars. Others are shiny and golden, while some are dusted with silver, gold or other colorful glitters for that added shimmer. Some stars are made of plastic with a hollow cap on the bottom which will be used to secure on the top-most part of the tree. Others are made of metal wires with coiled bottom and others are light glass.


(photo credit: christmasgeek.com)



(photo credit: artificialchristmastrees.me)


One of the beautiful choice of Christmas Tree toppers is the Angel. It is very lovely to place on top of the Christmas Tree and the angel’s flowing garment serves as the cap to secure its place on top of the tree.


(photo credit: houzz.com)



(photo credit: thetreetopper.com)


The bow is the easiest to put on the Christmas Tree because all you require is a long and wide piece of bow to tie on the top of the tree. You can put one or plenty to have that dramatic effect, making your Christmas Tree pop with colors and dimension.


(photo credit: bhg.com)


(photo credit: etsy.com)


These are long toppers with baubles in the middle and pointy tip.  Imagine a Christmas skewer of baubles and that is how your ornament topper will look like. However, due to the creativity of many, ornament toppers may vary from the conventional baubles to different shapes and styles of toppers.


(photo credit: christmasgeek.com)


(photo credit: xmas-world.com)


Which one is your choice? I am leaning to the angel topper. I just find them so dainty.

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