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Beautiful Fall Mantle Decoration

The cool breeze in the morning is ushering the coming of autumn. And all the more I am getting very excited to have our dream home constructed. Looking at beautiful pictures of houses with fireplace mantles to accommodate the decorations you can put for every season is just inviting. I found these pictures in the internet and I am saving them for inspiration. These pictures will give me the design ideas I need for my faux fireplace’s mantle.

They are all pretty and I think they will look great in our dream home.

(Photo credit: Yahoo.com)

Pink Bedrooms For Girls Who Love Pink

I am of the girly-girly type of person so it is not a surprise why I love pink. It doesn’t matter whether it’s light pink, pastel pink, hot pink and even fuschia. I just love pink.

I grew up having my own bedroom so I had the rein in designing it. I obviously had the walls painted light pink, my closets in picket fence white and the bedsheets in majestic hot mess of pink! I love pink and I have an overdose of it.

So, when I had a daughter, I bought her pink stuff, covered her beds with pink sheets and color-coordinate in her stuff with pink. My husband would always kid that my daughter sometimes would look like a walking Pepto Bismol! hahaha.

Anyway, I just want to share these beautiful rooms to you if you are like me who loves pink or if you have little misses around who wants to have pink stuff and pink themed rooms. These pictures below are great source of “pink bedroom ideas” which I got from browsing Google images. Credit goes to the owners of the pictures.

Take a look at these gorgeous bedrooms with awesome pinkness! And who knows, you might just incorporate one in your home for your little miss or maybe for your teen daughter who is as girly as can be.


Contemporary Chandelier

Lighting adds certain drama to a home. And if your home has vaulted ceiling (like my dream home!) and your ceiling has designs you want to highlight, then getting a nice chandelier to accentuate the space and dimension can enhance your home’s appearance.

I love anything modern or contemporary with a slight touch of Mediterranean like sticking to earth tones. I have been collecting pictures upon pictures of what to put in my house. I don’t have the blue print yet because we have not subdivided the property but it’s not bad to dream, right? It is in my dreams where I can stitch various designs in my head of how my house should look like, in and out.

My main concern is the vaulted ceiling in the living room as you enter the house. It is not fancy-shaped, just the regular four-corners but I want to add pizzazz to that vast space by putting a beautiful chandelier. The chandelier does not have to be very huge nor long enough to hit someone’s head. I just want it hanging prominently on a flat ceiling with a cream color.

I searched the internet for various designs and fell in love with some of them. All of the pictures have been taken from www.lightingshowplace.com and credit goes to the site and the brand owners.

Aren’t they all beautiful?


Photo credit: Home Gallery

I am fascinated with fireplace. I love the way it makes people gravitate towards the area and sit by the fireplace sipping warm cocoa in a cold, winter night.

I have been dreaming about having my own fireplace in my dream home. I already gathered photos of fireplace designs. However, living in the Philippines will hardly require a fireplace. The country is very hot and humid and even when stormy season comes, the weather is still not as cold as I want it to be. So, I decided to put a faux fireplace in my house instead. I don’t want my fireplace to be deep since I am not going to burn anything there anyway. It will be more of a focal point of the house and a decorative piece so that I can put fancy and big candles in the fireplace in lieu of the logs. I can adorn the mantle too with beautiful decorations I have gathered from my travels abroad. Then, the fireplace will be a nice place to decorate come Christmas season. You can deck it with boughs of holly or garlands or tiny Christmas lights with a beautiful Nativity scene in the middle. Ah, such a wonderful sight and a beautiful addition to compliment my dream home.

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