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Fun Learning With Online Learning Apps

Students who were taught in their national language medium other than English usually have a tough time mastering English as a second or third language. English language is still widely used in many countries and when these students later travel overseas for vacation or for work, they will face difficulty when trying to communicate in proper English. I have tried using the Google Translate app to help me translate other languages to English but I find that sometimes the translated meaning may not be the same meaning as the original language. This shows how important it is to master the English language or whatever languages we need to communicate with.

Many students benefitted from subscribing to learn English online through emails but now with the advancement of technology, students can now download learning apps to learn or to improve on learning English language. These learning apps are now made available on your desktop, laptop, tablet and iPhone. For non-speaking English students learning to pronounce, spell or constructing of sentences can be very difficult. But with the many learning apps now available, learning has been made much easier and faster.


These learning apps are designed in such a way to make learning more fun. The fun ways of learning enable the students to remember easier and catch up faster. With the many videos and lectures from great teachers made available through the iPhone or the electronic devices, students can choose to listen anytime suitable to them. Learning from the best Apple learning app helps students to learn the proper grammar and idioms. It also helps them to better understand the phrases and terms which are not found in a dictionary.

Different learning app uses different learning style. Check out the various learning apps to suit your learning style. Some are designed for visual learners while others are designed for verbal learners. Some learn best with visual lessons e.g. diagrams, films, pictures, and demonstrations, whereas, verbal learners pick up faster through written or spoken explanations. There are also students who learn better through active discussions.

In order to expose students to new styles of learning, these Google Play studying apps cater to the different needs of the students. The students can either choose to use the chat room, informative lessons, listening to lecture videos or reading exercises.  The advantages of these cost saving online learning apps is the students’ access to the many videos and teaching resources prepared by great professors. These online resources provide an interesting and fun way to learn which is also very convenient to the students.

Be Careful With Your Car Bumper Stickers

We put bumper stickers to our cars for many reasons. For one, most of these stickers are colourful. They add pizzaz to our vehicles. They convey the owner’s unique personality. They add to the design. And they can can be a conversation piece. However, much as our intention is as innocent as the bumper stickers that we have displayed in our car, some of these bumper stickers can be very dangerous and leading.

I remember having a conversation with my husband one fine day while we were out shopping. We happened to pass by a stall that created unique vinyl stickers and one of them are cute stick figures to put on the rear of your car. My husband didn’t buy the idea because he said it would call so much attention and would give off unwarranted information to strangers. I didn’t get his logic that time until I saw this photo in FB.

So, let me just remind you about the potential danger of some stickers you place on your vehicle. They can give information about your family even if you don’t mean to shout it out to the universe. The photo below clearly illustrates the danger of certain bumper stickers in your car. Just be cautious and don’t give unscrupulous people the chance to put you and your loved ones in harm’s way.


(Photo credit: credit to the owner / taken from FB wall post)


3 Ways to Get More Culture

Do you enjoy the finer things in life? Would you like to speak intelligently on a broad range of topics at your next dinner party or fundraiser? It’s easier than you think to give yourself a little culture, so here are just three ways to begin your education.

1. Visit Museums

The key to enjoying a museum is to go for the exhibits and not the museum name. For example, don’t go to the Smithsonian because it’s the Smithsonian; go to the Smithsonian because it has a display or collection that interests you. This is how you’ll get the most out of a museum visit.

2. Attend Gallery Openings

Gallery openings are about more than just showing off a painting or modern sculpture; they’re about mingling with society’s elite and making like-minded friends who enjoy the same things that you do. The art is a bonus to all the shoulders that you’ll rub.

3. Dig Deeper into the News

Instead of just clucking your tongue at the evening news, dig down and start researching the topics and issues at hand. Don’t stay at surface-level observations; read about history, social trends and event backgrounds to gain a deeper understanding of the world.

These are just a few tips for becoming a better-educated and more well-rounded person. You’re the only one who can decide which path is right for you, so ponder these suggestions carefully as you start to break out of your cocoon.

How Bronze Sculptures Are Created

Photo credit: antiques.com

Photo credit: antiques.com

When creating a bronze sculpture, it is important to make sure that it has a certain level of sombreness. Even the smallest and simplest bronze sculptures demand a certain level of respect. Since bronze metal can be quite heavy, it can be a great material to sculpt with. It gives the sculpture personality and character. Whether bronze sculptures are stored in a museum upon an ebony plate, in a home, or in a public place, they need to be taken care of. These pieces should be admired, and their beauty and intricate design is usually unmatched. Many bronze sculptures are lifelike sculptures that act as outdoor monuments. Bronze does not rust, so it holds up well in all types of harsh weather conditions. Many people make fountains out of bronze, dolphins, seals, and other types of sculptures to place in their gardens. The shiny yet dull appearance of bronze makes it dimmer than silver, and the darkened glazed look that it gives adds a hint of mystery when people view things that are made out of it. These sculptures look absolutely amazing when the sun shines down upon them.

Making Bronze Sculptures for Yourself

Learning to sculpt with bronze is a time consuming task, but it will be well worth the effort if you end up finding a hobby that you love. Sculpting is very detailed, so you will probably need to take a class for beginners. Craft stores and other places such as the sculpture gallery in Notting Hill, Calken, usually offer these types of classes. These classes will teach you how to refine methods, so that you can make beautiful sculptures of anything you like. Bronze is fairly easy to work with if you know what you are doing. It can come in many shades that range in copper toned tints from light to dark. Sculpting with bronze will require a great deal of skill, because the metal expands shortly before cooling, and the artist will need to know how to work around these conditions. Even experienced bronze sculptors have trouble mastering this at times.

Being Safe When Sculpting with Bronze

Bronze sculptures require a lot of in-depth work, and it can be a long and tedious process. You will need to be fully trained to work with the metal, because there are many health and safety issues that you will need to be made aware of. You will be working with hot metals, wax, and other elements, so you will need experience so that you don’t become injured. Tools like blow torches and hot smelters will also be used, so safety always needs to come first.

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