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Christmas Gifts For The Family

I have already prepared my Christmas gift list and lucky are those who made it in the list! Just kidding! I made the list the other day and I have been breaking my head as to what to give my family and friends with all the choices out there. I also have to put the budget in the equation as well because money is still scarce. However, I have been scrimping for almost 2 years and I feel that this is the time to spare something for my family because they deserve something special.

I have already bought my husband a gift yesterday and it is what he likes – iPad! Yes, a bit pricey but anything for the man who puts food on the table, shelter on our heads, and financial sustenance. He deserves that, big time. I am planning to buy my tech-savvy daughter a tablet too but not as pricey as the iPad. My mom is coming over for the holidays and I am checking some leather goods at GotBriefcases.com leather briefcases area. My mom has so many important documents which are just lying in her closet in one tote bag. Maybe an upgrade to a leather briefcase will be appropriate. My brother and his family will get their late Christmas gifts as well which I will send later on. There is another bundle of joy in the family coming soon and I am thinking of getting the little one a baby blanket and comforter.

My husband’s family is coming here too. So, the house is brimming and there will be a lot of people to add now in the list. My husband bought some Gap jackets in the US and other Bath and Body Works lotions and hand soaps which are great for the ladies. I have spare wallets too which I can give to my other relatives.

The Christmas list is still long. I have more shopping to do!

Drive Around Town

My Saturday is plain mommy and wife duty. I thought I would find enough time to sit back and read a good book when my hubby told me that I would drop our daughter to the Youth For Christ meeting and I would pick him up from the bowling center. All my plans just went down the drain.

I didn’t mind the favor but I was still in my jammies when husband decided to tell me. My daughter didn’t even know that she had a meeting as well. So much for smooth communication eh!

So, I had to drop my book in exchange of being the driver today. The church is far from my place. The bowling center is on the other end of the town, in the same place where we live. So going there was not an issue. My concern was the long drive to the church. I had to fight my way through serious road maniacs!  :-((

I have never been an avid fan of driving especially in this part of the world where people don’t know right-of-way and courtesy. Oh heck, they don’t know how to use the signal too. So it’s a wild guessing game here whether the big Hummer or truck in front of you will turn left or right or suddenly stop. That’s why I try my level best to avoid driving, if I can help it.

Anyway, I hope I can have a peace and quiet time for myself next week where I can just lounge in my fave jammies and read my books. That will be bliss!

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