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Planning Corporate Events

It can be a challenge to create a successful corporate event where each attendee is engaged in dialogue and still having a great time interacting with others. Maintaining a balance between work and play is difficult to achieve; however, both aspects are equally important to the success of a corporate event. Here are some ways you can plan your next event while promoting employee participation, while also creating an environment that encourages some rest and relaxation as well.


Plan Ahead

Planning is one of the most important aspects of creating any successful event. You must consider which activities you would like to include, how you will schedule activities and find reasonable accommodations. A great option to consider is corporate housing rentals which usually include a full-size kitchen for meal preparation, a large living area that is perfect for afternoon meetings and a sufficient amount of bedrooms and bathrooms for each attendee. This is a great way to be able to simply focus on the event itself, rather than having to drive from place to place, which can be distracting.



It is a good idea to research different aspects of the corporate event in order to determine a realistic budget. You will need to take several factors into consideration, such as décor, entertainment, meals and travel expenses.



Try to focus on a specific message you wish to convey then build the rest of the event around that concept. A common mistake many individuals make is to include too much information during each session, which can make it difficult for attendees to be able to concentrate long enough to truly learn anything valuable. Try to add activities in-between sessions where attendees can take a short walk, get some sunshine and interact with each other. This will keep things running smoothly.

Your corporate event can be a tremendous success, as long as you remember these key areas to focus on beforehand. To top off the perfect weekend, be sure to add some great entertainment also, which is a great way to re-energize the group by breaking up a long day that is packed with plenty of sessions.

The Pallet House

With the rising cost in real estate, building materials, contractors and land, sometimes, it is best to downsize and keep things simple. This pallet house is a good example.


The house is made of recycled pallets. It has the basic necessities every home can have and one of the good things about this small house is that, you can build it in less than a day and on the size that fits your family best.

The pallet house can be installed with insulators too for those cold winter nights and plastic tarp to keep the moisture at bay during raining season.

This small house can be the solution to those refugees or homeless people. If the government can allocate a piece of land where houses such as this pallet house can be build, then there’ll be less homeless people in the street. Those who can’t afford the stellar price of housing can also build their own.






(all photos from i-beam design)

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