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Is It Time to Seal Your Wood Deck?

Whether you’re building a new wood deck or just maintaining your old one, it’s important to protect it with a good sealer. By sealing and maintaining your deck, you will increase the wood’s strength and durability and reduce daily wear-and-tear from foot traffic.

Why Is A Sealer Important?

When wood is cut from a tree and harvested as lumber it’s no longer protected by natural oils found in tree bark. Without oils, bare wood becomes dry and brittle and prone to attacks by borer insects and termites. Water will cause bare wood to swell and sun will cause it to dry out and shrink. This process of expanding and shrinking will cause the wood to become unstable, resulting in warping, twisting and cracking. Without a proper sealer, your beautiful wooden deck will rot and collapse over time.

When Is The Best Time To Seal Your Deck?

The best time to seal your wood deck depends on several factors including the age of your deck, your climate, and your local weather conditions. For proper protection, it’s important to apply a good sealer at the right time of year.

The Age of Your Deck – If you’re building a new wood deck, you should wait at least one year before applying a sealer. New wood requires time to cure and dry properly or it won’t absorb the sealer. With new wood, protect your deck with a new wood treatment for the first year, then followup with a sealer. If you have an older wood deck, you should reseal your deck every 12 to 18 months for best year-round protection.

Your Climate – In most areas, it’s best to seal your deck in the spring or fall when temperatures are mild. If you apply sealer during the summer heat or winter cold, the sealer won’t penetrate the wood properly to provide adequate protection. For best results, check the product label on your sealer or talk to your contractor to find more details today.

Weather Conditions – Before you apply a sealer, clean your deck to remove dirt and debris. You can use a power washer, but allow the deck to dry for two or three days before sealing it. When the deck is completely dry, apply the sealer and let it dry for one or two days. Make sure to check your local weather forecast and choose five or six days with mild temperatures and no rain.

5 Things Your Kitchen Needs

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Renters everywhere know that a good kitchen is hard to find… and extremely valuable when you finally do. To really have a kitchen that works, you either need to build it to spec or use what you have cleverly. It’s also about what you bring to the space. Regardless of whether you’re renting or building, here are five things every good kitchen should have.

1. Hardware

Having the right tools for the job is essential. Manufacturer websites, like the one run by Asko, are an excellent resource when researching kitchen appliances because they cover just about everything – ovens, kitchen cooktops, fridges, and dishwashers… the lot. Knowing things like size, shape, price ranges, and even build quality in advance will allow you to get the most optimal equipment for your money.

2. Utensils

Having a wide range of quality cooking utensils is a must for any quality kitchen. Utensils can be anything from oven mitts to a quality set of kitchen knives to meat thermometers. These will facilitate the creation of any number of recipes and solve any prep problems as they crop up. Again, these tools come in all kinds of price ranges and levels of build quality, so you should absolutely spend some time researching online before making a purchase.

3. Space

One area that many people seem to forget when building a kitchen is simply having enough space to move about in. This is so important, especially if you’re building an investment property to be rented out. A kitchen should be big enough to accommodate two or three people at a time for preparation of larger meals, or just to allow people to pass through the room during prep times without causing a pileup. Again, this is a frequent concern for the long-time renter.

4. Airflow

A well-ventilated kitchen should be considered mission-critical. A properly installed rangehood above the cooktop to hoover up any smoke or steam and large windows nearby in case the rangehood isn’t able to catch it all are a must. You don’t want the house filling with smoke and accidentally setting off the smoke alarms when all you were trying to do was fry some bacon on a Sunday morning!

5. Waste Disposal

Proper waste disposal is another must-have for the kitchen, whether it’s in the form of an actual in-sink waste disposal system or just a nice, large bin nearby for tipping scraps, offcuts or vegetable peelings into. This helps you to perform that simplest of kitchen rituals: the ‘clean-as-you-go’ strategy. Cleaning up after yourself as you cook means much less washing up after the meal when you’ve got a full belly and would really rather watch some TV or go straight to sleep.

These are just a few of the things that could be considered for every kitchen, but everyone’s tastes are different. Everyone uses their kitchen for different things and that means what one person considers essential, another may not. What are your must-have items for the kitchen? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Financial Truth About Renovation: How to Remodel Your New Home on a Budget

Although property price growth in London is beginning to stall in the wake of fresh warnings from economists, the real estate market remains in relatively good health. This is good news for property-owners. Especially for those who have considered selling their home and relocating to a new geographical area. Despite continued speculation that the property market is becoming increasingly destabilised, this demographic of home-owners may be required to act sooner rather than later if they are to sell for a profit.


Photo not mine

Photo not mine

Managing Your Finances When Moving: How to Save and Make Money

It is important to remember that profit is relative, however, and that it can be influenced by reducing costs and generating additional income when relocating.

Consider the following steps towards achieving these goals: –

  1. Clear Your House and Embrace the Thrift Market

 Prior to moving, it is wise to complete an inventory of your material possessions and identify any items that will not be required in your new home. This is something that individuals and families often overlook, especially when they are moving to a new home where there is additional space and storage. It can provide you with a unique opportunity to generate additional income. You can access the thriving thrift market and sell your unwanted items for a competitive price. Although you may not make thousands, the income that you do earn can go towards work on the house and boost the profitability of your sale.

  1. Upcycle and Sell Old Furniture

 On a similar note, you may be fortunate enough to move into a furnished home with existing possessions. Even if you do not want to keep these items for personal use, you can at least consider the idea of upcycling these unwanted items where necessary and selling them on for a 100% profit. Any money that you generate from selling these items can be retained, although you will need to factor in the cost of materials and listing all items for sale on sites such as eBay. The fact that you may have to post cumbersome items of furniture may also carry a substantial cost, unless you are able to partner with a specialist and flexible delivery service such as TNT Direct.

  1. Adopt a Proactive Approach to Home Remodelling

When the time comes to renovate your new home, it is all too easy to lose control of costs and expenditure levels. This is because the combined cost of labour, materials and other accessories can quickly accumulate over time, especially if you fail to prepare a viable budget or create a financial contingency. If you are committed to saving as much money as possible, the best strategy is to adopt a proactive approach to work and identify the tasks that you can complete as an individual and without the need for employing tradesmen.

Print Coupons From Hopster For Huge Savings

We all need discounts especially on food items or anything that we regularly use at home. Coupons are one way to help in savings with the groceries and other commodities. You can print your coupons for huge discounts from Hopster. You can print coupons for foods/groceries, clothing, health and household stuff.

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Hopster offers so many coupons for your day-to-day needs and be sure to print them out and bring them with you for a good saving.

Beautiful Flowering Shrubs To Add To Your Garden

The weather is so lovely that it is inviting to do gardening once again. Although where I live, the nice weather after winter is so short that tending your garden has to be done in a hasty fashion. However, if you live in the other part of the world where spring is still on and the weather is kind, you will find yourself putting your best gardening tools out from shed for some serious gardening action and consider these beautiful flowering shrubs to add to your garden.

Adding some nice plants to your garden will liven up the area and more so, there are plenty of beautiful flowering shrubs that you may consider adding to your array of flora. Below are some common flowering shrubs you may consider:

Viburnum – Most of the shrubs flowers are in the shade of pink or white.

Photo credit: www.english-country-garden.com

Photo credit: www.english-country-garden.com


Mountain Laurel – This is a beautiful shrub with showy clusters of red, pink or white flowers which normally blooms in late spring or early summer.

Photo credit: ncgrant.blogspot.com

Photo credit: ncgrant.blogspot.com


Weigela – This beautiful plant bears lovely blooms that look like smaller version of a Stargazer Lily.

Photo credit: commons.wikimedia.org

Photo credit: commons.wikimedia.org


Rhododendron – This is one of the common shrubs but yields very beautiful clusters of flowers in various colors.

Photo credit: kensimplereview.wordpress.com

Photo credit: kensimplereview.wordpress.com

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