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Make Your Home Eco-Friendly With The Use Of Organic Products

It’s a given fact that household cleaning products, such as laundry detergent and dish soap, contain chemicals that aren’t healthy for your family or the environment. Sometimes the packaging doesn’t list the potential dangers posed by the ingredients. What this means is that you could inhale chemicals that trigger an allergic reaction or get a chemical burn. it’s always a good idea to educate yourself when you buy cleaning products. Learn about the ingredients in chemical cleaners or go the organic route to avoid harmful chemicals altogether.

There are many organic and non-chemical cleaners on the market that perform just as well, if not better, than their chemical counterparts. In fact, one company brought their first organic and biodegradable product on the market in 1959. That company? Amway. That was their first product of many to offer environmentally safe ingredients and reduce or eliminate the potential for an allergic reaction. Since then, Amway has committed itself to offering the best and safest products for cleaning the home.

This commitment has come home to roost as consumers turn away from harsh chemicals. People are tired of hurting themselves and their environment just to stay clean. The infographic below talks about the rise in popularity of eco-friendly household cleaners and why. It also offers a few easy tips to help make the transition from chemical to organic cleaners and create a clean and safe home.

DIY Thanksgiving Banner



Thanksgiving is just around the bend. If you’re celebrating it with family and friends and a party is in the offing, remember that decorating for the event does not need to break your budget. You can use simple decorations to still wow your guests with a lovely Thanksgiving theme and feel. Try to DIY the banner for an added feel of Thanksgiving!

Here are some ideas and inspiration you can use for your DIY Thanksgiving banner.

Used dried leaves

This is the easiest to do! Besides, there are plenty of leaves lying around that simply shouts “Thanksgiving!” Pick up some big, dried leaves around and hang them on a string or use small wooden pegs to clip them on a string. You can also add lettering on each leaves to spell out Thanksgiving or anything you wish to use. It’s time to be crafty.


(Photo from pinterest/lovepaperpaint.com)

Use free downloadable prints from the internet

There are plenty of free downloadable prints, Free Images and patterns available in the internet for everyone. If you have a cutting machine, then you can also download plenty of Thanksgiving theme shapes to use for your banner.


(From pinterest)

Cut out photos of autumn themes

Keeping those old colourful magazines and picture books can be handy at all! Cut out shapes of Thanksgiving themes onto those glossy paper and use as your banner. Paste them on a nice backing paper for colour pop.

Tie big ribbons with Autumn colours and prints

If you have old shirts or spare fabric lying around your house, then cut them into strips and tie them onto a sturdy string to create a colourful Thanksgiving banner.



Use small pumpkins

Since it’s the season of everything pumpkin, you can get some small pumpkins you can tie on a string to create a very nature-inspired pumpkin Thanksgiving banner. You can even add letterings on the pumpkins for that extra touch.

Use yarns

Some yarns and strings can be spun like a little pumpkin just like the picture below.


(From coco29.com/pinterest)


Decorate For Christmas In A Snap Under $20 with Dollar Tree

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.


After Halloween, there are several special Holidays waiting in line for celebration. I know it’s still early to worry about that when we haven’t celebrated Halloween yet but won’t it be nice to be a bit prepared for them in advance? Why not, right?

Well, the one that is farthest from now is Christmas. And Dollar Tree has plenty of products offered to decorate your home in Christmas cheers without going overboard. We all know that money comes scarce these days and with the many other holidays lined up, money will dwindle by Christmas time.

So, decorate your home without breaking the bank with these fun and cheery Christmas holiday decors for under $20, all from Dollar Tree! Remember, these are all below $20 in a given set. They are sold in bulk and has minimum order of quantity ranging from 2-12 or more, all for $1 each. Some items can be bought individually for $1! What are you waiting for?


Christmas House Glittery Wooden Wall Sign



Decorative Wooden Nutcrackers



Christmas Plastic Jars that you can fill with those yummy Holiday treats!



Christmas LED Window Candle with suction cup



Polyresin Nativity Figurines



Christmas Dangling Legs Figurines


You may also Stock up early on Christmas stockings, and holiday hats and headbands for just $1 each at Dollar Tree


Update Your Bathtub Without Replacing It


The bathroom is one area of your home that is used the most. Every day, you and your family enter this space for one reason or another. Eventually, fixtures like the tub will either need to be replaced or refreshed.

Before paying the high dollar price of replacing, why not consider bathtub reglazing Durham NC? Not only can you save money, but you can also extend the life of the bathtub.

Easy Bath Remodeling Experience

Reglazing is a durable way to improve your tub’s surface, literally. This process involves applying a thin coating that offers a fast and easy way to remodel at a fraction of what it would cost to replace the bathtub.There is never a need to remove the fixture, so you already save a tremendous amount on labor costs. Doing this is particularly a good idea if you have a tub that is hard to keep clean, one that stains easily or has chipped areas.You will improve the appearance of an older tub while also increase protection from future issues.

Looking at it from this perspective makes this type of investment really worth the price you would pay.Generally, this is something you will want done by professionals. Specialized tools such as primers and bonding agents are required to ensure the job is done properly. Of course, there are DIY options if you have the time and patience. The simple spray-on or roll-on products will not produce the same top notch results.

Call on the Professionals

If you are like most homeowners, a complete bathroom remodeling project – or even one to replace the bathtub – is not something you look forward to enduring. This is especially true if your family relies on that space daily.Hiring a professional contractor with access to better materials than you would get from a DIY kit to reglaze the tub is a better option. For starters, you will get more color choices than pre-packaged kits. Maybe there are some tints, but the majority of your options will be whites and bisques. Professionals can offer an unlimited set of customized colors.The amount of time it takes a professional to complete a project they do on practically a daily basis is significantly less than what it would take you to complete the same job. Consider the difference a few hours make compared to several days.

The final result of a reglazed bathtub is one that shines with a deep gloss. You and your family will enjoy the smooth silky look and feel of a “new” bathtub.

Protect Your Property From Mosquitoes

If mosquitoes are turning your dream of pleasant outdoor time into an itchy and potentially dangerous nightmare, fight back with My Mosquito Deleter. This simple, environmentally sound water treatment for mosquitoes can make your lawn and garden safe for the whole family.

Anyone who has ever had to contend with these tiny stinging insects knows what an annoyance they are, but what you may not know is that mosquitoes can spread so many diseases that they’re are actually among the most dangerous creatures on the planet. According to the US Centers For Disease Control, mosquitoes are responsible for more than a million deaths each year through the transmission of diseases including malaria, West Nile Virus, yellow fever, and most recently Zika Virus.

My Mosquito Deleter is uniquely effective because it was designed to take advantage of mosquito breeding practices. Though it’s widely believed that mosquitoes breed in tall grass or dense bushes, this is incorrect. Mosquitoes actually need stagnant water in which to lay their eggs, and the eggs must remain in the standing water for about a week to complete their development cycle, going through larvae and pupae stages before emerging as adults.

Even if there are no ponds or other bodies of water near your property, your outdoor areas could be at risk of infestation. Mosquitoes only need a small amount of standing water to facilitate breeding and can lay eggs in puddles, ditches, birdbaths, clogged rain gutters, and even the standing water that accumulates in potted plants, pet bowls, and toys.

The first step in eliminating mosquitoes is to remove all sources of standing water around your home and property. Then by using the My Mosquito Deleter mosquito larvae trap kit, which includes four traps that replicate mosquitoes’ natural breeding areas, you can protect an area up to an acre.

Assembly of the traps is quick and easy, and after filling them with water and adding two of the special mosquito water tablets to each one, they’re ready to go to work. Simply place the traps in shaded areas at least 150 feet apart. After two weeks, check the water level and add more if necessary; after a month, add a fresh mosquito water tablet.

The My Mosquito Deleter system is a safe, low-maintenance, environmentally friendly, and affordable way to take back your outdoor spaces and eliminate the threat of mosquito-borne diseases.

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